Many of us associate insects with negativity and look at them with repulsion. That’s understandable given how different insects and people are physically but it is important to note that some insects – quite a few in fact – have had very positive symbolism throughout the ages and in the many different human cultures.

Such symbolism is usually tied to a specific type of beetle, of course, such as the scarab beetle or dung beetle in ancient Egypt, the black beetle in southern Africa, and others.

We can’t go over every separate beetle specie in a single article but we can cover the main aspects of beetle symbolism and what does it mean when a beetle lands on you.

Spiritual Meanings of A Beetle Landing On You

Spiritual Meanings of A Beetle Landing On You

According to almost every ancient culture, from the ancient Egyptians to the Native Americans, the beetle animal totem is an important reminder of strength, endurance, and the perseverance of life in the face of adversity and change. Here’s a quick breakdown of these key spiritual meanings.

  • Strength and power beyond what seems possible – many species of beetles are famous for their tremendous strength compared for their size compared to other animals in the animal kingdom. This has been known by every ancient culture too, hence why beetles are a universal symbol of extraordinary strength and power.
  • Progress and change always and forever – like many other insects, beetles are also strongly associated with change and transformation, as well as with one’s life journey and progress. This is why most beetles also symbolize both change and life’s essence in many cultures, including things such as resurrection, rebirth, and immortality.
  • Good luck and spiritual transformation – good fortune is also a standard part of a beetle’s symbolism, especially in a spiritual sense. While many people today are freaked out by beetles as they are by other insects, traditionally, finding a beetle in an unusual place meant that your fortunes will be looking up in the near future.
  • Endurance and constitution through the harshest trials – probably the most obvious characteristic of beetles is just how tough they are. Essentially the tanks of the insect kingdom, beetles’ thick exoskeletons are so strong that the only predators of these insects tend to be mammals, birds, and reptiles that are large enough to nullify this powerful advantage. Needless to say, that toughness has become quite symbolic.
  • Compassion and softness under a harsh outer shell – another key characteristic of beetles that’s become very symbolic throughout the ages lies in the beetles’ compassion, intellect, cooperation, as well as both literal and figurative softness. In that sense, people are often said to have a beetle spirit animal if they are tough on the outside but a good-natured softie on the inside.

What does it mean when a beetle lands on you?

What does it mean when a beetle lands on you? (Spiritual Meanings)

In and of themselves, beetles tend to symbolize mostly positive traits. Now, let’s see whether it is a sign of good luck or bad luck if a beetle lands on you – here are 10 common interpretations.

1. You need to make some changes in your life

As a symbol of transformation, change, and renewals, when beetles land on you, that’s a clear sign that it’s time for you to start making those changes you know you’ve been postponing for a while. This can apply to anything from physical and lifestyle to spiritual changes – it’s different for every person.

And, yes, this process can be difficult, turbulent, and time-consuming but that’s all the more reason to start it at the appropriate time. In that sense, the meaning of a beetle landing on you is that of a call to action.

2. Some changes are going to happen whether you want them to or not

Not all changes and transformations are purposeful or wanted but they often happen anyway. A beetle landing on you is often a sign that – whether or want it or not and whether you’ve planned for it or not – change is coming.

That change can be anything from an unmitigated disaster to an unexpected jackpot. Usually, however, it is a sign of an incoming spiritual transformation of an aspect of your life and personality that has been in need of improvement. So, the best reaction to that sign is to rely on your wisdom, instincts, intuition, and improvisational creativity, and make the most out of this inevitable change.

3. You should stick to your core beliefs and integrity

You should stick to your core beliefs and integrity

Change and transformation don’t mean that you’ll suddenly become a whole new person. Instead, these things tend to happen one step at a time. So, when a beetle lands on you to signify an incoming change, that can also be understood as a sign that you should stick to your core personality traits and beliefs throughout this period of change.

In other words – you should be ready to look for the right compromise between the aspects of yourself you want to be changed or improved and the core belief, trait, and passion of your life you should hold on to.

4. Your life is in a mess and you need to get out of it as soon as possible

A beetle landing on you is sometimes more than just some abstract “call to action”. Very often, it can serve as a wake-up call, similar to a sudden bad dream. This is usually the case when the arrival of the beetle is especially peculiar, timely, or fortuitous, as well as when the species of the beetle is one associated with especially positive traits such as a scarab or a ladybug.

In other words, when something like that happens, it’s a sort of the last call for you to make some drastic and very major changes as soon as possible.

5. You have a purpose in life and you need to keep pursuing it

Also related to the overall theme of change and transformation, a beetle landing on you is seen as a symbol for you to not give up on your life’s mission, dream, or goal, and to keep pursuing it with as much persistence and spiritual power as you can muster.

In essence, this is a sign not so much to initiate some type of change but to stay on the road of transformation that you’ve already begun and not give up on it.

6. You’ve been idle for a while – it’s time to get moving again!

You’ve been idle for a while – it’s time to get moving again!

The typical beetle spiritual meaning can also be seen as a call to restart the process of transformation that you paused a while back. This is, of course, quite normal – even though life is inherently transformative and ever-changing, we are only humans and we need the occasional break.

No break should last forever when the metamorphosis you’re “breaking” from is important, however, so, a beetle landing on you is a sign that it’s time to get on with it again.

7. You have to persevere and you will

A beetle flying or landing near you can also be seen as mere support from your power animal during a time of intense change and turmoil. Modern pop culture may have conditioned us to view butterflies flying around us as symbols of hope – and they are that too – but encounters with beetles are also a sign to find the necessary stability and resilience to get through the storm.

That’s both because of their symbolism as harbingers of change and transformation and because of them having exceptionally hard shells and awesome constitution for their size.

8. You can find – and should look for – positives in the worst situations

Beetles may be awesome but they are also notorious scavengers, like many other insects. As such, many beetles – and dung beetles in particular – have become symbolic of always looking for gifts in your surroundings, no matter how harsh your current circumstances might be.

9. It’s time to use your strength to your advantage

The beetle spirit animal is also a great source of inspiration for knowing when is the right time to press on. Beetles are well-known not only for their physical prowess but also for knowing when to use it, when to wait, and when to back off. So, a beetle landing on you can be a clear-cut sign that now is the time to press on.

10. Teamwork can make anything possible

While some beetles are solitaire animals, many of these bugs are team players or know when to look for cooperation even if they are normally independent. So, while they are not as interconnected as ants or bees, most beetles have the right understanding of teamwork in a time of need. As such, a beetle reaching out to you can be a symbol that you should reach out to someone else to help you enact the change you’re looking for.

In conclusion

The symbolic meaning of these fascinating creatures can vary a bit depending on where on the planet you are. Almost universally, however, the beetle totem animal is associated with strength, change, and transformation.

So, if a beetle lands on you on its own accord, the most likely interpretation is that you are about to – or should – go through some changes and you also can and should muster the necessary strength to do so.

In conclusion

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