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SpiritualMeanings.org online store offers a wide selection of spiritual jewelry including crystal pendants, chakra healing stones, engraved amulets, and more.

Browse healing gemstone necklaces, bracelets, and rings. Shop for jewelry featuring symbols like the evil eye, hamsa, tree of life, yin yang, ankhs, and om signs.

With fair trade handcrafted accessories from around the world, We aim to spread positivity, good energy, mindfulness, and personal growth through our products.

Our Guides

SpiritualMeanings.org Blog is dedicated to providing information on the spiritual meanings behind a wide variety of spiritual and mystical concepts.

SpiritualMeanings.org covers topics ranging from angel numbers, auras, chakras, dream symbolism, gemstones, gods & goddesses, moon phases, numerology, palmistry, tarot cards, witchcraft, and more.

Each topic has its own page with detailed descriptions of the spiritual meanings and significance behind symbols, numbers, colors, animals, plants, stones, etc.

SpiritualMeanings.org aims to be an extensive resource for people interested in understanding the deeper spiritual context surrounding many aspects of life and the universe. The information is presented in a clear and easy-to-understand format.