Spiritual Divination Cone Crystal Quartz Necklace


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This unique unisex pendant is an excellent tool for emotional awareness and self-care. The raw natural crystal quartz is wire wrapped in a minimalist copper triangle setting. Track your daily mood by moving the crystal point along the mood spectrum engraved on the triangle: from low vibration feelings like anger on one side, to high vibration feelings like joy on the other. Wearing this pendant helps you tune into your inner world and encourages mindfulness, presence, and self-reflection. With a 20cm chain, this thoughtfully designed pendant allows you to keep your emotional wellbeing close to your heart. A meaningful gift for a loved one or yourself.




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Green turquoise, Opal, Rhodonite, Blue sodalite, Red goldstone, White crystal, Obsidian, Tiger eyes, Amethyst, Malathite, Snowflake jasper, Blue turquoise, Cherry quartz, White howlite, Rose quartz, Blue goldstone, Labradorite, Red jasper, Unakite, Green aventurine, Lapis