Spiritual Resin Crystal Stone Pendant


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Symbolizing unity and affection, this elegant pendant is a meaningful gift for couples. The minimalist hexagonal stone is wrapped in a silver plated copper wire setting with a classic polished finish. Its earthy neutral tones and smooth texture provide a simple yet romantic focal point. Perfect for anniversaries or everyday wear, the clean lines complement both masculine and feminine styles. The 24cm chain allows you to wear it close to your heart as a reminder of your bond. An unbranded, handcrafted piece, its simplicity speaks volumes without saying a word. Express your commitment and devotion with this understated yet thoughtful stone pendant for your beloved partner.



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Metal color

Amethyst A, Amethyst B, Lapis Lazuli A, Lapis Lazuli B, Aquamarine A, Aquamarine B, Tiger Eye Stone A, Tiger Eye Stone B, Chakra Stone A, Chakra Stone B, Gold Chakra, Amethyst C, Amethyst D, Rose Quartz C, Rose Quartz D, Citrine C, Citrine D, Tourmaline C, Tourmaline D, Aquamarine C, Lapis Lazuli C, Aquamarine D, Lapis Lazuli D, Labradorite C, Tiger Eye Stone C, Labradorite D, Olivine C, Olivine D, Garnet C, Garnet D, Tiger Eye Stone D, Fluorite C, Fluorite D, Red Agate C, Red Agate D, 7 Chakra Stone