Rings are a bit like tattoos – while some people wear rings or get inked just because they think it looks nice, others who are more aware of the symbolism of such things are more particular about the images on their skin or the fingers they choose to adorn with jewelry.

This means that when choosing rings, you also need to know what the significance of each finger is – and to help you understand more about this important matter, in this post, we go into the details of the spiritual meaning of wearing rings on different fingers.

The Spiritual Meanings of Wearing Rings on Different Fingers (10 Meanings) pin

1. The Spiritual Meaning of Wearing Rings on Little finger

The little finger, also commonly called the pinky, may be the smallest finger on the hand, but it is no less significant than any of the others in terms of spiritual meaning or symbolism.

It is connected to the Greek god Hermes, known to the Romans as Mercury. Notably, he was the god of financial gain, commerce, eloquence, messages, divination, travelers, boundaries, luck, trickery and thieves – and the little finger is associated with many of these things.

The little finger is also connected to family – as well as to devotion – so this means wearing a ring on this finger may represent devotion to one’s family, to one’s spouse or to something else.

As the smallest finger, this finger is associated with children and childish behavior, so wearing certain rings on the little finger also be a statement of your desire to renounce childish behavior and to carry yourself with the wisdom of a mature adult.

The meaning of wearing a ring on the little finger can vary, depending on which little finger the ring is worn on, how many rings are worn and what type of ring is worn.

  • Wearing Rings on Left little finger Spiritual Meaning

Although many people nowadays understand that the ring finger is the one associated with marital status, this wasn’t always the case – in the past, if a man wore a band on his left little finger, it indicated he was married.

Since the little fingers represent devotion, it’s easy to understand why this was the case.

However, if a man wore a second ring on the same little finger, it indicated that he was also dedicated to some kind of organization like an exclusive or secretive club.

In former times, there was also another belief about wearing a single ring on the left little finger – and that’s that it indicated devotion to a more nefarious kind of organization such as a gang or the mafia.

  • Wearing Rings on Right little finger Spiritual Meanings

As well as representing devotion, the right little finger is connected to professional or educational status. For this reason, a ring worn on this finger, especially a signet ring, may indicate that the wearer holds a particular distinction in academic achievement.

Alternatively, it may also indicate that the wearer belongs to a skilled profession – such as being a carpenter or engineer.

2. The Spiritual Meaning of Wearing Rings on Ring finger

The Spiritual Meaning of Wearing Rings on Ring finger

As the name suggests, the ring finger is the one that is most closely associated with wearing rings, and in many cultures the symbolism is similar – the ring finger is connected to love and marriage, and wearing a ring on this finger tells you the person is married or betrothed.

In many cultures, wearing a ring on the ring finger is a well-established custom to demonstrate your marital status, so it’s important to be aware of whether people in your culture wear a ring on the left hand or the right hand for this purpose

This will help ensure you don’t wear one on this finger if you are not married or engaged unless you choose to do so deliberately for reasons of your own.

This finger is also connected to balance and stability, so choosing to wear a ring on this finger can also have a connection to these qualities.

  • Wearing Rings on Left ring finger Spiritual Meanings

In many – although not all – Western countries, wearing a ring on the left ring finger shows that you are married or engaged. This means you should avoid wearing a ring on this finger if this is the case where you live unless you do so with a full understanding of what it implies.

One reason people wear a wedding ring on this finger is that this is the finger that contains the Vena Amoris or the “vein of love”, a conduit that connects directly with the heart.

Alternatively, those who are not married may choose to wear a ring on this finger to symbolize abstinence or chastity.

  • Wearing Rings on Right ring finger Spiritual Meanings

In some cultures, the wedding ring is worn on the right ring finger, in which case the meaning is the same as in cultures where the custom is to wear it on the left.

In cultures that don’t wear the wedding ring on the right, choosing to wear a ring there can symbolize things like love as well as trust, connections and friendship.

3. The Spiritual Meaning of Wearing Rings on Middle finger

The Spiritual Meaning of Wearing Rings on Middle finger

Long, proud and prominent, the middle finger is a finger of strength, confidence and determination. In palmistry, it is connected to the journey of your life and the obstacles that stand in the way of you achieving your goals.

It also represents patience and tenacity to pursue your goals with the single-minded resolve required to achieve success.

Generally speaking, there isn’t too much difference between the symbolism of choosing to wear a ring on the right or left middle finger.

However, what these proud and audacious fingers represent is an expression of your personality and character, so many people choose to adorn these fingers with striking or creative rings, perhaps containing stones that are also spiritually significant to the wearer.

4. The Spiritual Meaning of Wearing Rings on Index finger

The Spiritual Meaning of Wearing Rings on Index finger

Wearing rings on the index finger of either hand makes a bold statement, and although choosing this finger for a ring is less common than some of the others, it is becoming a more popular choice.

If you wear a ring on your index finger, it tells people you are an independent spirit. You are the kind of person who leads rather than follows, and you prefer to stand out from the crowd rather than blend into the background.

It is also the dominant finger on each hand, so it is a finger of action, of dominance and of giving instructions or orders.

  • Wearing Rings on Left index finger Spiritual Meanings

Traditionally, the left index finger is one of power, leadership and authority, and many rings indicating important positions or high office have conventionally been worn on this finger.

For example, kings have traditionally worn large, unmistakable rings on this finger that mark them out as the ruler no less clearly than wearing a crown on their head.

Wearing a ring on this finger can’t avoid making you stand out, and it identifies you as a leader and the kind of person others can turn to when they need guidance or advice.

For these reasons, if you are somebody who holds a position of power – perhaps at work or in another aspect of your life – wearing a large ring on your left index finger will increase your aura of authority, helping to reinforce your position.

  • Wearing Rings on Right index finger Spiritual Meanings

Wearing a ring on your right index finger indicates decisiveness and action as well as the ability to listen to your intuition and to allow it to guide your choices.

Interestingly, according to Jewish custom, this is also where the wedding ring is worn since, according to Jewish tradition, this is considered the finger that’s closest to the heart.

It is also the dominant finger, making this the place where such an important ring is most prominently displayed.

5. The Spiritual Meaning of Wearing Rings on Thumb

Finally, there are the thumbs, and again, although this is a less common place to wear rings, the practice has become more popular in recent years.

The thumb is the digit that allows us to hold things in our hands, and as such, it represents grasping any opportunities that come our way.

It is a symbol of being open-minded and of having the courage to step outside of your comfort zone to experience new things and grow as a person.

Thumb rings are commonly made of expensive metals such as gold, and they also demonstrate confidence and a strong will as well as a certain creative urge.

Wearing a ring on your thumb is a sign of being comfortable with who you are and having confidence in your own abilities, making you the kind of person who goes out in search of what you want rather than waiting for things to come to you.

Finally, in certain parts of Asia, wearing a ring on the thumb is seen as an emblem of protection as well as a sign of bravery.

An important choice that goes beyond mere aesthetics

As we’ve seen, although wearing rings can be nothing more than a fashion choice, the fingers you choose to wear your rings on has a deeper spiritual meaning, so if you care about such things rather than just wanting to look pretty, this is something it’s important to understand.

The significance of wearing rings on different fingers varies across cultures, so this is a key concern when buying rings. However, you should also consider what the rings and the fingers you wear them on mean to you since this is perhaps the most important consideration.

The Spiritual Meanings of Wearing Rings on Different Fingers (10 Meanings) pin

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