Natural Rubies are part of the Big Four group of gemstones, along with Diamonds, Sapphires, and Emeralds. They are the second hardest natural precious stone, right after Diamonds. The spiritual meaning of Ruby has always intrigued people because of its rarity, unique color, and beauty.

These precious stones are a red variety of Corundum minerals named after the Latin word for red (rubeus). Interestingly, they are always imperfect and come with rutile needle (silk) inclusions. They increase Ruby’s ability of light refraction and allow distinguishing the real thing from synthetics.

12 Spiritual Meanings of Ruby pin

Ruby Spiritual Meanings

Rubies are gemstones with unique and rare energy. Thanks to their incredible red color, they were well-known in the past under the nickname Inextinguishable Flame. Legend says that Kublai Khan offered an entire city for only one ruby.

Many ancient people believed in Rubies’ power and claimed that putting them beneath the skin promised immortality. They were also considered heady aphrodisiac stones with mystical and metaphysical properties.

1 Protection and prosperity

Ruby is a gorgeous, deeply red gemstone that offers protection and represents life-force energy and power. In the past, it was a stone of kings, symbolizing power, prosperity, and wealth.

It was believed this gem could attract more precious stones, accumulate wealth, and protect the owner’s properties. Ruby kept the home safe from robbery and natural disasters, including storms.

Nowadays, many people wear one or more Rubies as a talisman or jewelry, using their mystical properties for personal protection. According to old beliefs, placing this blood-colored stone on the left side of the chest near the heart provides the owner with a peaceful life and allows them to see through possible deceptions.

In many traditions, Rubies can protect the owners, their families, and their homes from evil eyes, energy vampires, and negative energy. They create a shield of positive energy, eliminate harmful influences, and even return negative energy to the origin.

2 Wealth, success, and abundance

Believe it or not, Rubies support generosity and attract abundance, success, and prosperity. They can help you make money and protect you from financial troubles by stimulating the cash flow.

These stones can support your business and leadership abilities and successfully boost your confidence. All these activities keep you active and well-organized, positively affecting your business.

They enhance mental clarity, allowing you to think better and make rational and wise decisions. Simultaneously, Ruby encourages you to be generous and help other people who are less fortunate than you.

3 Motivation and creativity

Motivation and creativity

The first associations with beautiful red Rubies are vitality and passion, which are crucial for increasing motivation. They inspire people to establish their goals and follow their dreams until achieving them.

You should wear Ruby when you want to support your imagination, increase creativity, and gain the ability to think clearly. It will make things more effortless for you, whether you are a writer, painter, or designer.

Since this precious gemstone affects creativity, you can rely on its power while solving math problems, painting a future masterpiece, and writing an essay. Besides, it can help you make the right decisions and increase your will and productivity when working on significant projects.

4 Courage and wisdom

Thanks to its bold color, many traditions consider Ruby a symbol of wisdom, courage, and determination. The so-called Gem of Wisdom supports you while striving toward your life goals and encourages you to reach them.

Rubies bring clarity, helping you determine your desires, work on their fulfillment, and overcome challenges that appear along your way. You should wear one when feeling lost and without the right direction in life.

This stone can increase your courage and energy levels, empowering you to fearlessly follow your life path. Additionally, it can help you find answers in situations that don’t seem right.

5 Passion, devotion, and commitment

Ruby’s blood-red color announces its influence on emotions, particularly love, affection, commitment, and passion. Thanks to this property, ancient people used it as an emblem of friendship, loyalty, and love.

It symbolizes courage to declare love regardless of imposed restrictions and established social norms. It can also help you give yourself entirely to your partner or lover without limitation.

Girls appreciate Rubies because they make them physically, emotionally, and spiritually attractive. That helps them find partners who respect their personalities, not only physical looks.

The purpose of this gemstone is to celebrate love and passion but also to restrain unwelcome and unseemly lust. On the other hand, it initiates sensual pleasure, stimulates sexuality, and increases sexual energy, allowing you to draw in an appropriate sexual partner.

Once you fall in love and start a family, you can use Ruby’s power to empower your reproductive system and optimize your and your partner’s fertility. That can help you conceive when you are ready for a baby.

6 Power


In the past, rubies were gemstones of kings and nobles who believed in their power to protect from psychic attacks and paranormal forces. These precious stones were so revered that word spread they could protect people from plague and even warn them of impending doom.

Many warriors brought rubies as amulets when going to battles, believing that these gemstones’ power could protect them from wounding and make them invincible. For instance, Burmese fighters even physically inserted smaller pieces as implants under their skins before going to war.

Achametis discussed dreams of rubies and their significance in the Arabic Book on Dreams, published in the 8th century. He claimed that a dream about a crown with inserted rubies promised fortune. When a king had such a dream, it meant fear and doom for his enemies.

7 Focus and balance

Rubies can be helpful when you get stuck with the less essential things in life. In such a case, they can support you in overcoming problems and make it easier for you to achieve realistic goals.

That way, you can find a purpose, give your life the necessary balance, and help you feel protected and secure. Once you establish harmony and positive thinking, decreasing your vulnerability and overcoming personal challenges will be a piece of cake.

8 Mental improvement and calmness

Ruby has astounding metaphysical properties that increase life force energy and vitality. Besides, its power strongly affects mental conditions, improving concentration, boosting motivation, and promoting a clear mind.

This stone with inherent shine encourages you to deal with stress and high pressure in your workplace or when dealing with challenging life situations. It can help you relax, calm your mind, and feel less stressed.

You can also place Ruby near your kid’s bed if they have hyperactivity issues. It is powerful in balancing energy flow, which can help them calm down and channel their excess energy.

9 Inner peace and insight

Ruby can help you reach self-realization, restore faith in yourself, and find inner peace. You can rely on this beautiful and powerful gemstone to reverse unwanted emotions and dispel anger, providing contentment and calmness.

That way, you can feel grateful for everything you get in life and understand the true purpose of your existence in this world. One of Ruby’s crucial benefits is making you feel secure despite the unavoidable ups and downs that await you throughout your life.

10 Emotional healing

Emotional healing

Ruby shares loving energy, helping you heal and forget about past hurts. You can use its energy to get the strength to eliminate anguish, suffering, and distress and let it encourage your boldness and positive emotions.

Wearing this gorgeous stone can inspire you to stand up for endangered people, regardless of whether it concerns family, friends, or strangers. It can also teach you to step forward and protect pets, other animals, and the environment.

Ruby also eliminates destructive emotions and helps to arouse love, affection, and compassion in your heart. As the best representative of romantic love, this gemstone inspires faithfulness, sensuality, and devotion to romantic relationships. Therefore, it is an ideal gift for 15th and 40th wedding anniversaries.

11 Physical healing

Thanks to its deep red color, Ruby is a stone connected with blood circulation and the heart, particularly the myocardium. It strengthens heart ventricles, detoxifies blood and lymph, reduces blood pressure, and helps treat heart disorders.

It also promotes overall health. For instance, it benefits female reproductive organs, helps regulate menstrual cycles, and alleviates menstrual pain. It is recommended for treating early menopause, sexual dysfunction, and infertility.

Since this stone is highly helpful for pregnant women, particularly elderly ones, wearing it during pregnancy is crucial. It also helps optimal embryo formation and later development of fetal organs.

12 Chakras unblocking

According to ancient Buddhist and Hindu philosophies, every person has seven sacred points (Chakras) on their bodies. They significantly influence emotional, mental, spiritual, and physical well-being.

Since Chakra points are connected with particular colors, gemstones of the same hue can unblock troubled ones. Rubies are red, which links them with the Base (Root) Chakra, affecting prosperity, stability, stolidity, and physical health.

Once this gemstone unblocks Root Chakra, you can be released from insecurity, sorrow, apathy, and physical weakness. However, be careful with its use since overactivation and overstimulating the Root Chakra can cause distress in susceptible people. On the other hand, it can make short-tempered people greedy.

12 Spiritual Meanings of Ruby pin

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