For some people, biting the tongue is a habitual behavior they exhibit when subconscious (those who suffer from bruxism know better). Some others do it to ease the impulse of pressure when under stress. Interestingly, tongue biting is beyond a habit because it has certain spiritual undertones.

With the wrong spirit, biting the tongue could be a sign of confusion, lack of discretion, bad luck, or other negative implications. In the positive context, it could mean that you’ll get a love interest or a sign that you’ll find fulfillment in an endeavor. What are the key revelations surrounding this mere act? Read on to find out!

Is the tongue spiritual

Is the tongue spiritual?

If you’re familiar with the scriptures, you’ll know that as small as the tongue might be, it can cause harmful destruction. Deception lies in the tongue so much so that kingdoms can be set against each other just by mere words of mouth.

This implies that you can cause irreparable damage with words of your mouth as the tongue is every man’s biggest weakness.

Indeed, destruction lies in the wake of a poisonous tongue. In the face of verbal attacks, negative words, sarcastic phone messages, or even hate mail, some have got demoralized to the extent of feeling dejected and doubting sound wisdom. Some that couldn’t take it committed suicide.

When on the brink of failure, the power of the tongue could reverse the situation. In the bible, words of power from the tongue were used by Jesus to conquer the devil during his temptation.

Even the Apostles healed the sick with their tongues. So, you see, if the tongue can be this significant, biting it could have profound spiritual meanings too.

Spiritual Meanings of Biting Your Tongue

At the end of the spiritual spectrum, biting your tongue could mean several things, depending on the situation. Let’s take a peek at what biting your tongue means beyond a habit:

1. Gossips and ill talks

In the first place, a tongue bite is as painful as hell. The pain is even more severe if it’s a clenching situation where the teeth suddenly jammed against the tongue. Most times, such accidents even result in severe headaches and soreness of the tongue.

The symbolism of the tongue refers to speech, while the tongue-biting experience refers to pain. If you put this together, biting your tongue indicates that you might be ruining another person with the words that come out of your mouth.

A sign of spiritual power

2. A sign of spiritual power

Also, tongue biting might mean that you’re on a prophetic edge and whatever you say at this point might come to fulfillment. In this state, you can evoke the divine protective presence of your guardian angel. It’s also accompanied by spiritual signs like the gift of tongues.

However, your tongue further needs greater control if you have this gift. Note that every fleshly fuel or drive to sin can make you lose this power. Thus, purity should be your watchword so that breakthrough and prosperity will come your way.

3. Expressing moderation

Biting the tongue means exhibiting restraint or self-control. This follows the idiomatic spiritual meaning that biting your tongue means expressing reluctance in conversations. It means demonstrating moderation in speech as not everything needs to be said.

In any situation, weigh the consequences of your words before altering them. This doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t be able to defend yourself when certain wrongs are done against you. Also, speak to set an innocent person free when accused of a wrong.

Never let anyone suffer a bad judgment if what you can say can set them free. Your stance on truth must be known by your friends, coworker, and everyone around you. In the long run, you’ll reap the benefit of truth.

Biting your tongue in other religions and cultures spiritual meanings

Common beliefs in Filipino lore about tongue biting radiate around ill talks and gossip. Biting your tongue signifies that someone is conspiring at your back or saying negative things about you. Funny enough, it is believed that this person could be fished out.

What you need to do is pick a number from one to twenty-six. The selected number is then equated with its alphabet value. This alphabet is the first initial of the person speaking ills about you. Check among your close friends for persons whose name starts with that alphabet to fish the person out.

This same spiritual meaning goes for other cultures, including Hispanics and Buddhists, who believe that the tongue is a destructive weapon. In Islam, biting your tongue is recommended if you desire long life and prosperity.

So, when you bite your tongue, it indicates that the weight of your words matters, and you must be wary of misusing them to the detriment of others. It is believed in Islam that the God of justice would rain fire on anyone who goes about talking ill of his friends and loved ones.

Spiritual meanings of biting your tongue when sleeping

Spiritual meanings of biting your tongue when sleeping

Nocturnal tongue biting usually happens in a subconscious state of sleep. It also happens when you’re under distress during sleep due to a bad dream. But when it happens, some spiritual meanings can be uncovered. It’s mostly a sign that your co-worker, a family member, or a friend is gossiping about you.

People talking about you negatively could affect or damage your reputation, especially if you’re in a contest and aiming to be the best. In a little bit of time, everything you’ve lived for could be ruined. What to do when being talked about negatively is to take a deep breath and stick to telling the truth so that the will of God can come to reality.

Another surprising revelation about biting your tongue while sleeping is that you’re a victim of dishonesty or that many dishonest people surround you.

From this, a stunning feeling could arise in you but take heart because even in the midst of the injustice, a greater voice speaks on your behalf. In the midst of spiritual warfare, you could overcome your biggest problem.

When this is the case, what can you do? (Spiritual Meanings)

When provoked by gossip or conspiracy made by people against you, give a soft response and exhibit the true wisdom Solomon manifested in that old tale. At that jaw-dropping moment when you are supposed to react angrily, give a soft answer and go your way. God’s heart would be at peace with you if you could make this your everyday life.

Biting your tongue is also a pointer to never talk ill about others. Don’t send nasty text messages or instant messages discrediting a person because you’re envious of their achievement. Those kinds of talk should only be heard only on a fool’s lips.

The first catalyst of destruction in you is your sharp tongue, which must be tamed. The greatest temptation you can fall into is to talk wrongly about another person or lie against them. The consequences of this action will come with a lot of grief. So, abate your wrath so as not to fall into this snare.

Biting your tongue and love interests (Spiritual Meanings)

When you bite your tongue, it’s a sign that someone is thinking about you in a romantic way. This implies that you’ve got yourself a secret admirer or lover. It sounds superstitious, but it’s a common belief shared by some people.

So, when you keep biting your tongue non-stop, prepare your heart to receive love, as that person might soon show up to turn your life around.

Bite your lips to guard your tongue diligently

Bite your lips to guard your tongue diligently (Spiritual Meanings)

The best way to live life is to keep your tongue in check. Don’t trap your life by speaking rudely or rashly to people. Bite your lips every time to avoid saying what you ought not to. Sacrifice your tongue to reap better benefits and bask in spiritual fullness.

If you’re a Christian, don’t be a mere churchgoer; abide by the biblical precept that admonishes to shun profane languages. According to Proverbs, guide your heart and tongue diligently because out of it comes life issues.

Practice speaking when required to speak to train yourself in the act of restraining your speech. You will avoid making derogatory or embarrassing remarks if you can keep your tongue. Also, you’ll be regarded as wise by people around you who will always be happy to confide in you.


Biting the tongue might look insignificant, but it carries heavy weight in spiritual matters. You must grow in the understanding that your tongue is a lethal weapon that could cause immense damage to other people’s lives or destinies.

Keep your tongue under subjection so that you’ll not run into trouble. When you’re biting your tongue unconsciously, it’s a call to be cautious of those around you. Know who to tell your secrets to and who not to. Be friendly to everyone as a dove but wise as a serpent. That’s a biblical injunction.


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