Malachite is a beautiful green stone containing mysterious black lines and swirls, and for this reason, it has been sought after by people around the world for as long as we can tell – indeed, the oldest malachite mines are thought to date back to at least 6,000 years ago.

However, there’s more to malachite than just pure aesthetics since it’s a stone that also possesses certain powerful spiritual properties. So to help you understand what malachite can do and how to use it, in this post, we discuss malachite stone spiritual meaning.

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Malachite Stone Spiritual Meanings

1. Protection

Among the longest-held beliefs about malachite is its properties as a stone of protection.

In many cultures – including 17th-century Spain and Victorian England – it was customary to hang pieces of malachite over a baby’s crib to protect it from evil, the evil eye and evil spirits during the night as it slept.

According to other traditions, malachite was also thought to protect young people in general as well as providing protection against lightning strikes and contagious disease.

It was even thought to protect people against the onset of depression – especially Capricorns since they were believed to be particularly susceptible.

Nowadays, people still wear pieces of malachite jewelry or place malachite ornaments in their homes for its protective properties.

As such, malachite can be used to provide protection against evil influences as well as against bad luck and ill health.

2. Help with sleep

As well as protecting babies and young people from evil, malachite was also believed to help them enjoy deep and refreshing sleep – and it can still be used for this purpose.

If you suffer from bouts of insomnia, wearing a piece of malachite jewelry while you sleep or placing a piece of malachite next to your bed or beneath your pillow can also enable you to fall asleep more quickly and then stay asleep all night.

This is why wearing malachite is popular among people who suffer from sleep disorders, and a malachite object would also make an ideal gift for someone you know who has trouble getting to sleep at night.

3. Reducing and repelling negative energy

Reducing and repelling negative energy

Part of the reason malachite is so effective at inducing deep and refreshing sleep is that it has the ability to reduce negativity and repel any negative energy that might hang over a person.

However, this can also be useful in other situations.

For example, if you find you are forced to spend time around negative people, wearing a piece of malachite can help protect you against their negative influences.

This might mean if somebody you work with exudes negativity and negative energy, wearing a piece of malachite jewelry or placing a malachite object on your desk can help protect you from the negative energy they bring.

This will provide a large degree of immunity from the effects of this negative energy, allowing you to work effectively while you are in the office and then to return home full of positivity, despite the negative aura of your coworker.

4. Healing of old trauma

Malachite is a stone of healing, and it is especially effective at helping you heal the wounds from old trauma.

If you suffer from the prolonged effects of an unpleasant experience from your past, wearing malachite will make the pain more bearable.

Similarly, if you have suppressed emotions from past traumatic events, malachite can help give you the strength to face these events and process them properly in a healthy way.

Sometimes, we can bury the feelings and emotions that are caused by awful things that happen to us – like losing a loved one or being betrayed by someone close to us.

However, these feelings and emotions remain with us, and they may start to bubble up to the surface much later, manifesting themselves, for example, in our dreams.

When this happens, it can be helpful to meditate or spend time in deep reflection and self-exploration with a piece of malachite in our hand.

Doing this will give you extra strength and courage to face the buried emotions, to confront and process them and finally to release them, leaving you feeling healed and more at peace with the events of the past.

5. Reduction of pain

Reduction of pain

Malachite can also help with the reduction of pain, whether that means mental or emotional pain or physical pain.

As well as helping you face past traumatic events by giving you strength and courage, malachite can help take the edge off the anguish these events may cause you, acting as a kind of psychic painkiller.

At the same time, when combined with proper medical treatment, proximity to malachite can help reduce the physical pain you may feel after an accident or injury by reducing negativity around you and helping you heal.

6. The “stone of transformation”

Malachite is known as the “stone of transformation”, and it is also something you can turn to during periods of change, upheaval or transition in your life.

Change can often bring with it both opportunities in your new situation and sadness at what you leave behind.

During such periods of change, wearing a piece of malachite jewelry can help you remain positive and open-minded, leaving you well placed to take advantage of any new opportunities that may present themselves while not leaving you overwhelmed by sadness at what’s lost.

7. Positivity at the start of anything new

In a similar way, malachite is also a good choice of stone to wear or keep near you whenever you are at the beginning of something new.

This could be related to something like starting a new job or moving to a new area where you don’t know anybody or have any friends.

In either of these situations – or many others like them – the key to success is remaining positive and keeping a positive attitude while rejecting negativity, and these are things that malachite is excellent at engendering.

Similarly, if you are just starting a new project or business venture, malachite can help bring you the positivity as well as the determination to see things through to the end and make sure your endeavor comes to a successful conclusion.

8. Boosting confidence and self-assuredness

At the beginning of new projects or in situations like starting a new job with unfamiliar coworkers, it is quite normal to suffer from moments of doubt or even to lose one’s confidence or self-assuredness.

At such times, malachite can also help give you the boost you need to remind you that you are more than capable of doing what’s required of you.

For this reason, wearing malachite jewelry when you walk into a new office can help fight feelings of self-doubt – and a gift of malachite given to someone you know who’s starting a new job or going into a similarly intimidating situation will always be well received.

9. Relaxation and inner calm

Relaxation and inner calm

Malachite is a stone that can help us find deeper levels of relaxation and calm when we need to take a break from the stresses and strains of our hectic daily lives.

We all have responsibilities, and we all need to work hard to pay the bills, which is why making the most of even the short moments of respite afforded to us can be vital.

Malachite is a powerful stone in this sense because when you have the chance to unwind, it can help wash away your stresses much faster, allowing you to gain deeper levels of refreshment and rejuvenation, even if your moments of downtime are limited.

10. Calm, focus and spiritual development

Malachite is a mysterious, inscrutable stone, and just contemplating a piece of it and appreciating its beauty is a good way to bring you peace and calm while focusing your mind before or during a session of meditation.

Similarly, holding a piece of malachite in your hand as you meditate can also bring extra clarity and focus, allowing you to come to a deeper understanding of your spiritual condition.

Ultimately, using malachite by holding it or keeping it near you during spiritual practices or rituals can be an aid in your quest for spiritual development, bringing greater insight and allowing deeper spiritual evolution.

11. Good luck for safe travels

Finally, malachite is well known as a stone of good luck for travelers, so if you are about to depart on a long journey, making sure you wear a piece of malachite jewelry, perhaps in the form of a bracelet of malachite beads, or carrying a malachite object will ensure safe travels.

For similar reasons, malachite is an obvious gift to give to someone who is going away – since it will offer them protection during their journey and will also serve to remind them that they remain in your thoughts throughout their absence.

Many uses besides being a pretty piece of jewelry

As we’ve seen, although malachite is undeniably extremely attractive, it is also a stone with great power and one that has many spiritual uses.

It is a stone of protection that can drive away negativity while also enhancing sleep, relaxation, mental focus and spiritual awareness. It’s also a stone that can help you through periods of transition, and it can help keep you safe when you find yourself far from home.

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