Opal, technically a hydrated amorphous silica mineraloid, is an enigmatic substance that has entranced and bewitched people for millennia.

However, there’s more to it than just its aesthetic value since it’s a powerful spiritual stone too – and to help you understand more about it and how to harness its power, in this post, we look in detail at opal spiritual meaning.

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Opal Spiritual Meaning

1. Imagination and creativity

With its kaleidoscope of changing colors, opal is a stone that’s inextricably linked with imagination and creativity, so it can be a great aid to those who are suffering from some kind of creative block.

Simply staring into a piece of opal and contemplating the shifting iridescence can serve as a creative inspiration, calming the mind and helping to set the imagination free.

However, more than this, opal can also help absorb negative energy, leaving you in a more positive state of mind, something else that’s highly conducive to creative thinking.

For these reasons, pieces of jewelry containing opal are popular among people who rely on their creativity – such as artists, musicians and writers – and keeping a piece of opal nearby will also help unleash your creativity.

At the same time, giving opal as a gift to a creative person you know will always go down well since creative people are sure to feel the positive energy it brings while also being able to marvel at the intrinsic beauty of the opal itself.

2. Clarity of thought

Even if you don’t need to release your creativity, opal can still help improve your clarity of thought.

Opal can help bring order to your mind, which in turn will bring a deeper understanding of problems and greater insight into issues you are facing – and it will also help you make sound decisions based on rational consideration.

If you have an important decision to make, sitting quietly with a piece of opal in your hand can help you see things more clearly while understanding more fully the consequences of your decision.

This way, you can harness the power of opal to ensure you always make the right decisions based on clear contemplation of the facts rather than simply acting spontaneously or rashly and then regretting it later.

3. Purity


Opal represents purity, and it can be used to help purify your mind.

When we go through challenging periods in our lives, we can build up a store of negative emotions within ourselves such as anger, jealousy, regret or resentment.

However, it isn’t healthy to hold on to such emotions since they can pollute our minds, turning our thoughts in ever more negative directions.

This is why it’s important to be able to release such emotions to purify ourselves spiritually and emotionally, allowing us to rid ourselves of this negativity and return more balance to our being.

This may involve forgiving somebody for a wrong they have done to us, or it could be about letting go of a regret that has been gnawing away at us inside.

However, this may not always be easy, and not everyone is strong enough to do it alone – so at such times, opal can help bring us the spiritual strength we need to let go of such negativity and bring spiritual purification in its place.

4. Calmness and serenity

In the hectic modern world, it can be almost impossible to find the time to be still and at peace, and this is somewhere else opal can play a role.

We all need to take the time for calmness and serenity to connect with our inner being, and meditating or simply relaxing with a piece of opal nearby or in our hand can help bring that calmness and serenity much more quickly, more powerfully and more fully.

If you are under a great deal of stress or are suffering from anxiety or feelings of general malaise, taking the time to sit alone somewhere quiet while wearing a piece of opal jewelry or with some opal in your hand will quickly bring feelings of deep peace.

It will leave you feeling invigorated and full of energy again, ready to deal with whatever challenges you are faced with next.

5. Protection against negative energy

As a substance that has a powerful ability to soak up and dissipate negative energy and vibrations, opal can also be used to protect you against the negative auras that certain people bring when you have no other way of avoiding them.

For example, if somebody in your office exudes negative waves, you might have no choice but to work alongside them anyway.

However, by wearing some opal jewelry or by placing a small piece of opal on your desk, you will be able to protect yourself from the influence of such negativity, leaving you impervious to its effects.

Indeed, by placing some opal in your workspace, you may even help soak up some of the negativity that person is giving off, helping them become a more positive presence in the office and in their life.

6. Healing energy

Healing energy

Opal is a stone that is known to have healing properties, so if you are in need of mental, emotional, spiritual or even physical regeneration, opal can be used to help.

After going through a difficult emotional experience such as breaking up with your partner or falling out with a close friend, opal can help you find the inner strength to get past the hard times and begin to heal again afterwards

Similarly, if you or someone you know is going through a period of convalescence after an illness, opal can also help bring the positive energy the body needs to begin to mend itself.

Of course, opal can’t take the place of proper modern medical care – but alongside the treatments prescribed by your doctor, opal can give your body a boost, allowing you to heal more quickly and more completely.

7. Hope

If you know somebody who is currently going through some dark times, opal can be an ideal choice of gift since it represents hope and optimism for the future.

This could be suitable in many situations.

For example, if somebody has recently underperformed in some important exams or has been rejected for a job they applied for, opal can be the perfect gift to lift their spirits.

It will help them see that even after receiving bad news, there is always hope that things will look up again soon – and that every cloud has a silver lining.

All things happen for a reason, and sometimes if we get turned down for one job, it just so happens that an even better one falls in our lap.

The ever-changing play-of-light within the inscrutable depths of a piece of high-quality opal can be a metaphor for the unforeseen future, and opal’s ability to absorb negativity will help the person start looking on the bright side of things instead of just feeling sorry for themselves.

8. Introspection

The dancing iridescence of opal can also help us focus our minds before contemplation or meditation, and meditating with opal close by can also help us reach deeper insights during periods of introspection.

When you take the time to look inside yourself to try to know yourself better, opal can help you see more clearly, allowing you to find out things about yourself you might not have realized before.

For this reason, if you are embarking on a journey of introspection and self-discovery, consider keeping a piece of opal close to you to help you gain the insights you seek.

9. A connection to the spirit world

A connection to the spirit world

With its swirling and twinkling lights that seem to encapsulate a whole universe, opal is closely linked to the spirit world and the imperceptible realm beyond our own.

This means keeping opal close to you or wearing opal jewelry can help connect you to the spirit world, making you more receptive to messages such as angel numbers and other signs that may be sent to you from the other side.

10. Spiritual development

If you are seeking spiritual development or enlightenment, opal can also be an ally on your quest.

As we’ve seen, it can help you gain deeper insights into yourself, and it can also help you connect more closely with the spirit world – and by using it in meditation and reflection, it can also help bring you closer to spiritual awakening.

11. Good luck

Finally, opal has long been associated with good luck, and wearing a piece of opal jewelry can also help change your luck from bad to good.

Keep a piece of opal close to you whenever you need a little bit of good fortune, and this powerful mineraloid may be able to tip the odds in your favor.

A beautiful and powerfully spiritual stone

Opal is highly sought-after thanks to its unique appearance, but beyond its dancing colors and unmistakable play of opalescence, it also contains great power.

Opal is related to purity, clarity of thought, healing and positive energy, and it can be used to bring you closer to yourself or to the spirit world as you continue on your journey of spiritual exploration.

11 Spiritual Meanings of Opal pin

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