Everyone knows that water is a source of life but do you know what it means to see it every time, even in your dreams? Besides inspiring you, do you think it could mean something bad will happen to you?

Well, it’s time for you to know. Here, we’ll cover all about water spiritual meaning.

Water is among the four things of the world that link you with the heavens. The spiritual meanings come from the look of the water in real life or dreams.

Mostly, water as a spirit speaks a lot about your feelings. Also, water shows what will happen to you today and in the future. So, read on to know about these spiritual meanings.

Spiritual Meanings Of Water


Spiritual Meanings Of Water

1. Purity

Water is something that people use to clean themselves and other things. Even if it’s dirty, there are many ways to make it clean before it also cleans you.

Today, many people can get and use clean water. It helps clean anything that comes in touch with it. Remember, it includes the floor and even our hearts.

So, it means that you can use water as a spirit to clean yourself of the wrong things you’ve done. The Christians use it as a sign of God’s care to make them pure.

You can relate it to your job or even business. Maybe you were doing something that wasn’t right or legal.

So, it’s time to use water and believe that it will make you a new person. Remember, once you have pure spirit, it’s a time to be great again.

2. Being Calm

When you are beside a calm ocean or sea, it shows that your life is smooth. Also, it speaks a lot about your peace of mind.

Sometimes, you might be going through things that take away your peace. It can be in your marriage, family, or workplace. The calmness of water shows that these things will end soon, and you’ll have peace.

Meanwhile, you should also do things that bring peace to your life. Ensure you avoid any worries, even if you have problems.

Also, water being calm shows that the soul is calm. Remember, your soul will be calm if you have peace and joy in real life.

Being Calm

3. Your Life changes

The sight of water in dreams or real life shows the ups and downs you face in real life. Your life will always face good and negative changes. So, you should be ready for anything.

You can relate these changes to the strong waves and calm water. These waves show that your soul will sometimes be troubled by the events in your life.

But when the waters are relaxed, it shows that things are going well in life. Well, it’s time to enjoy yourself.

Your business or love life can be the best example. Sometimes, the love or job will treat you well, but it can even break your heart at other times.

It’s because, like water, your life events will always move and change. Ensure you treat everything with much joy, whether in good or bad times.

4. Share Your Feelings

Water will always show a bigger picture of your feelings. In this case, it means that you are hard on your emotions, so it’s time you let them out.

When you keep spilling water accidentally, your spirit says that you are blocking your emotions. It can be that you love someone, but you keep hiding your feelings.

So, it’s time to let the person know how you feel. Also, you never know; the person might also be having the same feelings as you.

Sometimes, it can be that someone annoys you with what they do to you. Please let the person know how you feel, and the person can apologize.

You should also be ready for any bad outcome once you share your emotions. Prepare to clean yourself like when you clean a place after water spills.

5. You are moving away from Your Past

Sometimes, the sight of water speaks to your spirit that it’s time to move away from that bad past. Water will wash away your past issues and help you prepare a room for new good thoughts.

This event can be in your job, relationship, or even family. It can be the losses you got or the chances you missed to make it grow in your business. In your love life, it can be that your partner cheated on you or broke your heart.

Water tells your spirit that these bad memories will fade, so you should move away from the past. Give yourself a chance to make your life better again. But this time around, ensure you are careful with every step you take.

You are moving away from Your Past

6. Control Your Emotions

Water overflowing from a tank, cup, or place shows that you don’t know how to control your emotions. Also, it can be about floods or when water leaks from any place. Remember, you can see these things in your dreams or real life.

This failure to control your feelings can come from handling your anger. It means that you have a short temper when someone hurts you.

If you fail to control your anger, you’ll get many problems. But if you control your anger, you’ll get peace and save yourself from many problems.

Also, the water overflow, leakage, or floods show that something is a burden on your life and spirit. Look back into your life and see what bothers you.

7. You Care about Yourself

The act of you drinking clean water, whether in large or small amounts, shows that you love and care for yourself. You can see this spiritual meaning in your dream or your real life.

It shows you what know your body needs and at what time. Also, when you drink clean water, it means you care about what happens in your life.

Also, it means you are always careful with the choices you make in your career or business. If you delay or take a wrong step, it will land you too many problems.

When you dream that someone is drinking water, it shows that the person needs some emotional care in real life. Mostly, it will be someone that you know.

8. Protection and Healing

In many religions, water is a sign of protection to your soul and real life. The best example is the Catholics show have the holy water in the churches.

So, like to purify themselves, these people use water to draw a cross of their forehead for protection. Remember, they dip and draw using the right hand.

Also, Eastern Orthodox Christians drink their blessed water during morning prayers to protect their spirits. Sometimes, they can cook using a small amount of this water.

Besides protecting them, they also believe the holy water will heal their spirit and bodies. These people have some water springs that they believe in healing power.

Remember, water is among the four parts of the earth. So, it has the power to heal and protect.

Protection and Healing

9. Good Luck

In real life or even your dreams, you can see yourself spilling water. Well, you should smile because it’s a sign of good luck in life. Also, be optimistic that life will excite you in the coming days.

Sometimes, you might not see success coming because of your problems in life. But this spiritual meaning of water says that you shouldn’t lose hope.

It can be that you want to do well in your academics or workplace. Keep doing the goals you set for yourself, and things shall favor you.

There will also be challenges that you’ll face in the way. Well, you shouldn’t fear anything because you have good luck.

10. Flexible

Water also spiritually tells you to be flexible in real life. It’s the best way for you to grow and survive. Remember, water can move anywhere at any anytime.

Well, like what Bruce Lee said, free your mind and let it have no form and shape like water. When you pour water into a mug, it becomes the shape of that mug. If you place it in a teapot, it becomes the teapot.

So, it would be best if you were like water to succeed in many areas of your life. Don’t be so hard on yourself but be ready to adapt to different events in life.

Also, let your spirit be conscious and flexible like water. It will save you from many heartbreaks and problems. Remember, it can sometimes be hard to fit into every change in real life.


When it comes to spirits, the spiritual meanings of water mainly go back to your emotions in real life. Remember, the meanings come to give you the right direction to follow. They can come even in your dreams.

Also, expect water to tell your soul of the things you’ve done wrong. Well, it’s because water can help you calm down your emotions. But you should relax and believe that all shall be well.

In religions, water speaks about your purity and protection. Also, it’s a sign of healing from God.

So, have these spiritual meanings about water made sense to your life events? Do you have any other spiritual meanings about water and spirits? Feel free to share your ideas with us.

10 Spiritual Meanings Of Water


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