When you go through life, it can sometimes feel like you are seeing the same kind of symbols or objects constantly. Some people will put this down to coincidence, while others will believe there is a deeper spiritual meaning behind it.

Have you recently felt like you’ve been seeing hearts or heart symbols everywhere you go? If you have then it’s perhaps time to stop putting it down to coincidence and start considering what it could mean. Today, we’re going to help you on this journey by providing you with some answers.

Spiritual Meanings Of Seeing Hearts Everywhere

Spiritual Meanings Of Seeing Hearts Everywhere

1. Love is all around us

The first possible meaning behind you seeing hearts everywhere is that it’s the universe’s way of telling you that love is everywhere. Perhaps you’ve recently been going through a tough time, where you’ve been getting bogged down by the negative aspects of life. Well, this is a message to remember that love is everywhere, too.

The importance of focusing on love and positivity over hate and negativity is huge. It is literally the difference between living a happy life full of love or a sad life full of spite and hatred. Perhaps recently you’ve been drifting between these two states – this is a sign to always choose love as it is a powerful emotion that can bring you great joy.

Love doesn’t always have to be in the form of another person. It can be the love you have for a pet or the love you have for your favorite sports teams. It is all around us in various shapes and sizes and can bring immense happiness to our lives. Once you learn to focus on this love, you should see an upturn in your happiness.

2. Time to consider your relationship status

If you are seeing love hearts or the heart symbol every day of your life then it could be a sign to consider your relationship status. After all, a love heart is typically seen as a symbol of love.

It may well be that you’re in a long-term relationship that hasn’t been going too well recently. This is a sign to make a decision – either end the relationship if that’s going to make you happier or put all your energy into making it work. Alternatively, the romance could be going incredibly well. These hearts are a signal that maybe it’s time to ask for your partner’s hand in marriage or take the relationship to the next level in another way.

On the flip side, maybe you’ve been casually dating someone for a while and have been wondering whether to make the situation more official. The sighting of love hearts everywhere could make you realize your deep love and affection for this person and could give you the nudge you need to make the relationship ‘official’.

3. You have a secret admirer

You have a secret admirer

Another possible meaning for seeing hearts everywhere in your general day-to-day life is that the universe is letting you know that you have a secret admirer. It’s always nice to know that someone finds you attractive, and this attraction may well lead to something more serious in time.

Perhaps someone new has recently started at your workplace and they’ve been showing some interest in you. If you’ve been too oblivious to notice the signs then this is the universe’s way of giving you a nudge in the right direction.

In the coming weeks, pay closer attention to the people in your life. Look out for signs that they may be attracted to you and act on it if the feeling is mutual. This could be as simple as sending them a text message or asking them out on a date.

4. Importance of individuality

You’ll be surprised to hear that the sighting of hearts everywhere doesn’t always have to symbolize something to do with love. Instead, they can symbolize the importance of individuality, which means showing off your personality.

This is because you’ll very rarely find two love hearts that are the exact same. They come in all sorts of shapes and sizes, from love hearts on valentine’s day cards to love heart emojis on Facebook messages and everything in between.

The fact that each love heart you see is likely to look slightly different from one other is a reminder of the importance of individuality. You may have been worrying recently that you are too ‘different’ from other people around you. This could be to do with your interests or a new look that you’ve decided to embrace.

Use these sightings as a reminder to love the person that you are and to welcome these ‘different’ personality traits. These make you unique, which is a good thing.

5. Someone is looking out for you

Someone is looking out for you

If you are a believer in God and/or the afterlife, then the repetitive sightings of hearts could be a sign that someone is looking out for you from beyond. If you’ve recently lost someone then these sightings could feel like gifts from that person. It will provide you with comfort and could help you with your grieving process.

If it’s been a while since you have lost someone close to you, then it is still nice to know that someone is looking out for you. Perhaps a grandparent who passed away when you were younger is sending you a message of love if you have been going through a hard time recently and you need a pick me up.

While it’s nice to receive this support, it’s also important to have living support systems around you. If you have been going through a rough time, then open up to friends and family – they will be able to provide you with the compassion and love you require to get through it.

6. It’s time to visit a place you love

As we’ve already touched on, love doesn’t have to always be associated with other humans and sensuality. It can be unrelated to attraction and sex, but rather passions for hobbies, places, and physical objects.

The sight of hearts appearing left, right and center regardless of where you seem to go could be a sign to explore these interests more. Perhaps you’ve been tied down recently with work or relationship commitments. This may have caused you to lose sight of your own personal interests but it’s important to start enjoying them again for your own personal happiness.

Take the sign of love hearts to start specifically making time for things that you have a passion for. Perhaps there is a part of the world that you have a close bond to, either through family ties or because you’ve been there in the past and loved it. Book a trip there and start enjoying the things that make you happy again.

7. You are growing as a person

You are growing as a personAnother reason why you might be seeing hearts everywhere you go is that you are growing as an individual. Perhaps these love hearts have always been there but you’ve been too ignorant to spot them.

For those of us who are generally more negative about life situations, we’re more likely to spot bad omens, but for those who are more positive then good omens such as love hearts are more frequently spotted.

If you have recently gone through a period of difficulty but have come out the other end feeling more positive about life than ever, then it is only natural that you start seeing positive symbols such as love hearts in your day-to-day life. This is simply a signal that you have fully evolved from your days of negativity and that you are ready to embrace all the good things that are going to come your way.

8. It’s time to forgive

Showing someone forgiveness if they have wronged you is a signal that you are rising above hate and embracing love. It’s very easy to become bitter when someone betrays you, and in certain cases, they may well deserve this bitterness. However, feeling like this constantly is going to end up turning you into a vindictive and nasty individual.

Seeing love hearts everywhere could be a sign that it is time to let go of this hatred and forgive those who have wronged you. The upside of this is that not only will you gain closure on the situation, but you will also feel at peace again.

Forgiveness doesn’t mean that you have to suddenly become close with those who have wronged you again, it just means that you release your inner hatred towards them.

Some people even believe that love hearts are an emblem of truth, just to emphasize the point of forgiving those who have lied to you or misled you in the past.

Final Words

To conclude, seeing love hearts everywhere can have profound meaning for your life and the direction that it is heading. While many people see love hearts as feminine symbols related to love and tenderness, they can also be symbols related to individuality and forgiveness. We hope that the information provided in this article has helped you to understand what it could mean for you personally if you are seeing love hearts everywhere you go.

8 Spiritual Meanings Of Seeing Hearts Everywhere

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