None are as bold, eye-catching, and daring as red when it comes to colors. That is why it is a color widely associated with emotions, horror, and love. The color has so many spiritual meanings that it is the most expressive color.

Whether you are a fan of the color red or not, you might wonder what the spiritual meanings of red are.

Spiritual Meanings Of The Color Red

Spiritual Meanings Of The Color Red

Suppose you see a woman walking towards you. She is dressed from her head to her toes in red. She has even colored her hair red. “What does this say about the kind of person she is”, you might wonder. Red is such a fascinating color that we can’t help but wonder what the spiritual meanings of red are.

Here are the possible spiritual meanings of red:

1.   Emotions

It is no surprise that the color red is an emotionally charged color. As a result, the color symbolizes a wide array of emotions. Here are the feelings that red symbolizes:

  • Anger

Of course, most of us will think of the color red. In fact, there is an expression that says that we are so angry that we see only red. That would imply that the color has nearly overtaken our emotions. That is because red is such a vibrant color that awakens our feelings.

  • Confidence

Red has the fantastic ability to make us feel more confident. As a result, we might be tempted to jump into action when we wear red. There is a reason why a red suit is regarded as a power suit. You feel unstoppable while wearing it. So, if you have an important meeting coming up and you want to come across as a confident go-getter, dress in red.

  • Energetic

The color red can energize us. As a result, it symbolizes energy. Suppose you are tired after work and don’t feel like working out. Put on your favorite red tee, and you might feel much more excited to get pumping. Understandably, red has become a very popular color for sports teams since it shows power, determination, and, most of all, unlimited energy.

  • Love

It is no surprise that the color red symbolizes love and passion. Hearts have been drawn in red for centuries. We buy red roses to show that special someone just how much we care. Women have been using red lipstick for decades. In fact, if a woman wears red lipstick, she automatically seems to have a mysterious quality. She intrigues those around her with her red lips.

Red is a color that can stir powerful emotions within us all. For that reason, it symbolizes emotions.


2.   Powerful Effects

Since red is regarded as a warm and powerful color, it can significantly affect us all. These include:

  • Drawing attention

If you want to stand out in a room, wear red. No other color pops as well as red. Therefore, choose a red outfit if you want to get noticed. Our eyes naturally gravitate towards the color red, and so, if you have the opportunity to shine or steal the spotlight, consider wearing red.

  • Caution

Less exciting than drawing attention, the color red is also a cautious color, informing us in no subtle way that there is something wrong. For example, suppose you are someone that freaks out at the sight of blood. In this case, you’ll understand exactly how the color red warns us to be cautious in life.

Of course, all drivers know that red is a signal to stop when you are at a red light. However, red goes much further than that for cautionary warnings. We often meet red signs, which will imply a need to process with caution. “Why are these signs printed in red?” you might be asking. Well, it’s simple. Red is the most eye-catching color of all.

  • Stimulation

Put a variety of toys in front of a baby, and the odds are high that the red toy will be chosen. Red is a stimulating color that awakens our senses and makes us feel like we want to explore more of it.

  • Provoking emotions

As mentioned earlier, red has the extraordinary ability to awaken our emotions. The color red can make us feel angry, anxious, or frightened more easily. For that reason, it is not always a popular choice for home decor since people prefer feeling at ease while sitting in their living rooms. However, red has the unique ability to add excitement and vibrance to a room with a few simple red touches.

If you consider a home makeover, always keep in mind that red can provoke unexpected emotions. But, of course, that doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t use red at all, but rather keep it well-balanced to make the rooms feel welcoming and light.

3.   Positivity

The color red is such an exciting color because, on the one hand, it symbolizes anger and fear, but on the other hand, it is perhaps the most optimistic color of all. People who like red are usually positive in life. They are determined, goal-driven, and passionate.

4.   Vitality

The color red is an intense color that refuses to be ignored. As a result, it represents vitality. Red lovers enjoy a natural drive, and they tend to be active people who don’t give up easily.

5.   Sexual awakening

Sexual awakening

Red is the color of love, and as such, it represents sexual awakening and drives. Studies show that men are more drawn to a woman in a red dress than one wearing a black dress. Why is this? Well, because red awakens our sexual drives.

6.   Excitement

Imagine yourself being the most excited you have ever been. Now translate that feeling into a color. Chances are you chose red. Since red awakens our emotions similarly to being in an excited state, we are programmed to associate the color red with feeling excited.

7.   Strength and power

Since red is a color that boosts our confidence, it symbolizes power and strength. In fact, people who love red and wear red regularly are more likely to succeed in their careers. This is because the color red stimulates our sense of worth on a deep, emotional level. That is why you feel so much more in charge when you are wearing a piece of red clothing.

Even just a red scarf can boost someone’s confidence significantly. As a result, you might find that you are more productive and receive more compliments on days when you wear something red.

8.   Danger

Part of the reason why red is such an exciting color is that it has an element of danger. If we think of risk, the odds are high that red flashes into our minds.

9.   Aggression

Along with danger, the color red represents aggression and uncontrollable impulse. That is why very aggressive animals will often have a red shine in their eyes in horror movies. Likewise, consider bullfighting. The red flag awakens aggression within the bull that has captivated our attention repeatedly.

It is said that naturally aggressive people should avoid wearing the color red as it can boost their aggression even further.


10.  Dominance

As mentioned earlier, red can make someone feel and seem powerful. As a result, it isn’t surprising that one of the spiritual meanings of red is dominance. Similar to animals’ battle to reign, humans fight for power for supremacy, too. Therefore, red has become associated with a leader; that is why it is frequently seen when it comes to royalty.

11.  Luck and prosperity

The color red represents good fortune in China. Therefore, it is customary to give red envelopes to loved ones during special holidays like Chinese New Year. Similarly, red is considered to bring good luck in Japan. In fact, brides wear red kimonos on their wedding day so that their union will be a lucky and blessed one.

12.  Death

Contrary to parts of Asia where red is regarded as prosperous and lucky, in Africa, it is considered the color of the dead. This isn’t unexpected since blood is red, and blood loss symbolizes the end of life. As a result, it is customary for the mourning to dress entirely in red. Contrary to this, in the Bible, the color red represents life since birth was a very bloody affair in those days.

13.  War

Since red is so closely related to fire and blood, an interesting spiritual meaning is war. This stems back to the Ancient Egyptians, who considered red the color of conflict and violence.


Have you ever wondered why the color red catches your eye every time? An outstanding study was done by the University of Ohio where it was found that contrary to other colors, the color red focused behind our retinas. This phenomenon forces our eyes to become convex so that the color can focus properly. As a result, however, red objects then take a front role in what we see.

Whether you love red or not, it is a color with significant spiritual meanings that shouldn’t be ignored. For example, if you have an important interview, be bold and choose something red. You’ll notice the difference in your confidence.

13 Spiritual Meanings Of The Color Red


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