If you’ve been hanging out with mystics and ethereal explorers, you’ve heard a lot of talk about the spiritual realm. It’s often contrasted against the physical realm or the material world. But what exactly is it? Let’s dig into the spiritual realm meaning and significance.

Spiritual Realm Meaning

1. It’s Where the Spirits Live

As humans, we have a physical body that we can see and touch. Spirits share many of our characteristics, but they’re not corporeal – they’re ethereal. This means they don’t have a body like we do. They live in the spirit realm. It’s linked to our world and interacts with us.

But spiritual forces don’t work in the physical world unless they have physical tools. This is why a spirit needs to possess or influence a mortal before it can touch or move a material object. Spirits can be good, bad, or neutral, depending on their purpose and their life path.

2. It’s a Parallel Dimension

People who believe in quantum physics have a different perspective than the rest of us. They explore alternate universes, space-time ruptures, and other dimensions. From that point of view, the spirit realm is a parallel existence that operates simultaneously with our universe.

We – humans, animals, plants, etc. – live in the physical plane aka the material realm. And spirits, as we said above, live in the spirit realm that runs parallel to ours. Under the right circumstances, we can choose to cross into their dimension and they can come into ours.

3. It’s a Place With Different Physics

Have you heard of cartoon physics? It’s a playful theory that explains why things happen the way they do in animated features. Some of its rules are, for example, some objects can run through walls while others can’t. Also, gravity doesn’t work until you notice it and get scared.

You can see these rules in action whenever Wile. E. Coyote chases the Roadrunner off a cliff or through a painted tunnel. Similarly, the physics of the spirit realm is different. They have low gravity, so spirits can fly. And most spirits can move through solids like walls and floors.

4. It’s Where Babies Come From

Before infants get into their mother’s womb, they hang out in the spirit realm. As we said, the rules of existence are different there. They have no age or gender. They exist as endless souls that are interconnected and immortal. But sometimes, they want to come into our universe.

These spirits decide which lessons they want to learn and which souls they want to interact with. They choose a set of parents to manifest their physical bodies. When a spirit leaves the spiritual realm, it chooses to forget everything so it can fully immerse itself into its life here.

5. It’s Where We Go After We Die

As humans, death scares us because we don’t know what’s on the other side. And nobody has ever come back to tell us. The process of death can also be painful, both physically and emotionally. But if you’ve ever watched a person (or an animal) die, the change is drastic.

Science explains that their heart shuts down and their blood stops flowing, which is why they turn blue or grey and ashy. But at that moment, if you’re watching closely, something seems to exit the body with that final breath. That’s their life force going back to the spiritual realm.

6. It’s the Domain of Ghosts

In human form, we have different races, ranks, genders, and other categorizations. The spirit realm has classes too, but they’re very different from ours. And on that higher plane, these segments are voluntary. Your spirit self is exactly who you choose it to be, and it can change.

For example, some spirits choose to harm mortals, so they’re demons. Some want to help us, so they’re angles. And some retain recognizable aspects of their physical form, so they’re ghosts. When you see them, you can tell they were once human but they’re no longer mortal.

7. It’s Where Our Higher Selves Hang Out

The realms of this universe are separate but parallel. That’s why we call them dimensions. So when your physical body is on this mortal plane, your soul or higher self stays in the heavens, sometimes called the spiritual realm. It can see and influence you, but you can’t always see it.

This is because – as we said earlier – you chose to consciously block out that part of yourself so you could be fully present here. But your soul is constantly on call and when you get to the predetermined point in your journey when you want to reconnect, you meditate and link up.

8. It’s the Basis for Reincarnation

Lots of religions believe in reincarnation. Some think you can come back as a bug or animal while others say all our forms are humans with different life paths. Some claim your actions in this lifetime will directly affect what you come back as e.g. mean people become insects.

Others say it’s a conscious choice, so you may decide to come back to a whole new profession so you can experience that lifestyle. Some even say they can channel their past lives or their parallel selves. But in all these scenarios, these decisions are pre-ordained in the spirit realm.

9. It’s the World of Miracles and Magic

You’ve probably heard that Arthur C. Clarke quote: Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic. It implies magic is just science we don’t understand yet. Well, science explains the ‘how’ but it doesn’t always understand the ‘why’. Consider this example.

We know asteroids killed the dinosaurs but we don’t know why the space conditions shifted. We know stars can burn out and die but we don’t know why they run out of steam. Many of these things are caused by divergent spirit physics. We interpret them as magic or miracles.

10. It’s Where We Find the Power to Manifest

In cartoon physics, a character can imagine some object in a thought bubble then pluck it out and use it. The spirit realm is similar. Its alternative physics and ethereal energy allow us to bring things into the physical realm. In that plane, you can speak abstractions into existence.

That’s why many religions believe their deity said some words and made the world e.g. ‘Let there be light!’ And this same force is used by magicians and witches when they cast spells. The power that brings things into reality comes from the magical physics of the spirit realm.

11. It’s Where Ideas and Inspiration Comes From

Artists often talk about their muse. They don’t always know where or how they got the idea for a story, a song, or a painting. Similarly, a photographer can explain how they played with lighting or composition, but can’t always explain what made them look at that specific spot.

Even scientists can tell you they tried lots of different organisms to experiment on, but they don’t know what made them pick Object A instead of Item B. These instinctual nudges come to you ‘out of nowhere’. And that ‘nowhere’ is the spirit realm, the birthplace of inspiration.

12. It’s the Place Where the Gods Are

Religious concepts say the gods made us in their image, as micro versions of themselves. But some philosophers believe the opposite, saying we made our own gods to worship, and that’s why they have our characteristics. It’s why gods can be jealous, kind, lustful, or all-powerful.

In this sense, it’s a sort of chicken-and-egg situation. Did the gods make us to live out their mortal wishes or did we make them to express our greatest desires and console ourselves for our weaknesses? Either way, deities, demons, gods, and angels all live in the spiritual realm.

13. It’s Our Eternal Resting Place

Life is hard. It can be fun and fulfilling and exciting and full of passion, but it’s not easy. The rich may be more comfortable, but they’re also worried and anxious about the less fortunate stealing what they have, so they spend millions on security and maintaining the status quo.

People who are poor and in love may believe their feelings are pure, but they’re always aware that someone wealthy can win the love of their spouses, partners, or kids. Not to mention they could sleep hungry. For both these extremes, the spirit realm promises rest and peace.

14. It’s Our Motivation to Do the Right Thing

Suffering makes very little sense. And as we said above, life is a constant struggle to survive. But the drive to make it through comes from different sources. Some move forward due to fear of losing what they have. Others are pushed by the need to accumulate more and more.

But all these motivations come from the spirit realm. It could be the terror of reincarnating as a lesser being or the hope of having a better existence in your next life. The fear of eternal punishment or eagerness for endless rewards. All these possibilities manifest in that realm.

15. It’s the Astral Plane

Astral projection is when you send your soul to another physical spot while your body stays where it is. It helps to do it with someone you trust so they can guard your physical body as you explore since someone might steal, possess, or harm you while your spirit is distracted.

This form of spiritual travel happens in the astral plane aka the spiritual realm, a parallel dimension with a limited influence on the physical plane. As you project your soul into the distance, you have to maintain your link to your body or you might get lost and be comatose.

Understanding the Spiritual Dimension

Earthlings exist in 3D aka the 3rd Dimension, which is our physical space aka the Physical Plane. We define Time as the 4th Dimension, meaning the spirit realm is the 5th Dimension. Do you have more information about the spiritual realm? Share it with us in the comments!

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