When life gets rough, people tend to do all things just to get through the tough times. Some are willing to sacrifice a part of them for the sake of power and money. And perhaps, you’ve come across people who sell their souls to the devil.

While this is quite unbelievable, you may be wondering about the spiritual meanings of selling your soul. Apparently, there are different explanations and consequences when doing such a thing. So, let’s dive into this rather riveting act and learn more about the topic in general

6 Spiritual Meanings of Selling Your Soul

Why do people sell their souls? (Spiritual Meanings)

There are a lot of motives why mortals make a deal with the devil. One common reason could be their constant thirst for power or growing lust for wealth and fame. Oftentimes, this is associated with someone’s greed to be on top of others, leading to their growing desire and irrational decisions.

Some may also do it because of certain situations that they can’t ignore or circumstances that leave them with no choice. Others want to get revenge, eliminate something they fear, or just do it because of creative freedom.

Whatever the reason is, a person who makes a pact with the devil gets something, in return for his immortal soul. But unfortunately, some of these people sell their souls without knowing the grave consequences.

Before we get into the aftereffects, you must understand the depth of this act. This is so you can avoid it all costs.

Spiritual Meanings of Selling Your Soul

Selling your soul means having a pact with Satan. A devil’s pact is unlike a typical agreement because you are overstepping the boundaries of your body and your spirit.

This specific bargain signifies that you will receive something in exchange for your soul. And if you’re thinking about how this actually works, well, most people come into an agreement through a contract.

  • In written form 

To sell your soul, you have to complete a written contract with the devil. However, it’s not needed for the devil to appear before you. It may be through the devil’s representative, who then binds the contract after you give consent to all terms and conditions set by the devil.

Spiritual Meanings of Selling Your Soul

On the other hand, some also believe that you can make a pact with the devil even without a contract. This can happen if the devil personally visited you.

  • Blood Compact

To seal the deal, you need to sign the contract using your blood. The main reason why blood is used is that it serves as a definite characterization of your soul.

  • Completion of different tests

Once you complete the contract, the devil’s representative gets the contract. Then, there will be a series of challenges, normally 3 tasks for you to accomplish. This is done to prove your commitment to selling your soul.

Most of the challenges are crafted to test your character. Therefore, these aren’t typical tests but rather tough trials that often go against your principles in life.

  • Effectivity of the contract

If you successfully finish all the tests, the contract is activated. You will receive what has been agreed in the contract, depending on the agreement. It could be fame, power, wealth, and good health. And as long as the contract is valid, you can live within the years set in the devil’s pact.

What happens when your soul is sold? (Spiritual Meanings)

What happens when your soul is sold? (Spiritual Meanings)

The consequences primarily depend on the stipulations of the contract. But in general, these include a series of fleeting happiness, constant uncertainty, and grave repercussion. And when we say repercussion, we’re not referring to just a simple consequence but rather a life-and-death payback.

Below are the things that will happen once the deal is done and once your soul is sold:

1. You get what you want.

The first thing on the list is the completion of your wishes. Perhaps one of the impressive aspects when signing with the devil is that Satan never misses. The devil fulfills its promises―no excuses whatsoever.

So, if you made a pact with the devil for money, fame, or whatever you have traded in exchange for your soul, you don’t have to worry about your wish. The devil grants your wish 100%.

Do you want to be powerful? Check. Do you want to become a booming celebrity? Check. Or do you want to be famous and rich? Check. Accordingly, this brings your happiness and pleasure, but with a price.

2. Your happiness is just temporary (unfortunately!)

Fame, fortune, and influence are some of the greedy things that make a person happy. It can also boost their ego or give them fulfillment. While you achieve all of this by selling your soul, you have to take into account that this kind of happiness is just temporary.

And this is a perfect example of how the devil works in exchange for your soul. So, try to make the most out of the temporary pleasure because you’d pay the price soon. And that price is not just anything but rather your soul, which then leads us to the next consequence.

3. You no longer own your soul.

But of course, the main consequence is that the devil now owns your soul. And even if you want to cut ties or halt the contract, it’s not possible. As soon as you sign the contract with your blood and you accomplish the challenges given by the devil, this means that you have turned into a devil’s property.

Becoming the devil’s property is the price you have to pay for the material things and emotions you enjoy in the earthly world. And unfortunately, there’s no way to get out of the contract. And since your soul belongs to the devil, it means you become a slave of the devil’s command for eternity.

You no longer own your soul.

4. Your good conscience and character are tested.

Since the devil owns your soul, it won’t be long for you to be involved in acts that would challenge your moral conscience. Depending on the devil’s contract, you may be required to harm another person or even kill someone. The consequences vary accordingly, but these are generally against your will.

Some of these tasks may even be used as challenges for the contract to be valid and binding. As we’ve mentioned before, you need to complete a series of challenges set by the devil. Therefore, your conscience is already tested even before the contract started.

Despite the abomination of these acts, you have no choice but to do all of these. You are always at the crossroads but there’s nothing you can do but comply.

5. You are more in danger now than ever.

With your soul owned by the devil, it means that negative energies are all around you. The danger is looming and you can’t stop it from happening. And unfortunately, it’s not only you who is clothed with danger but also your family and your loved ones.

And if you tend to desist from the things that the devil wants you to do, just be ready for the grave consequences. It could be sickness within the family, accidents with the people you love, or simply death. All these are possible with the devil’s power.

Therefore, you should know beforehand that making a deal with the devil is already a life-threatening decision―not just for you but for your family and close friends.

6. You become more depressed and anxious.

Because of the atrocities and dangers engulfing your life, this may lead to psychological issues in the long run. After all the temporary happiness, loneliness, and regret kick in. Then, you’ll soon realize that it was a bad deal after all.

Depression is one of the common aftereffects of selling your soul. You become uninterested in everything and this largely affects the people around you. And possibly the worst consequence is ending your life because of regret and despair.

How long can you live in this kind of situation? (Spiritual Meanings)

With the devil as the owner of your soul, it means your life depends on Satan’s hands. You can live life according to the length of time on the contract. It may be a couple of years or perhaps a limited time, depending on your agreement.

On the dark side, the devil can be very unpredictable with the trials given during the duration of the contract. And if you fail to complete the task, then you have to pay the price with your soul. This means you’ll die―no questions asked.

What will happen to your soul upon death? (Spiritual Meanings)

That is an interesting question right there. If you die, what will happen to your soul? In general, the devil acquires the soul after death. From there, the devil brings the soul to hell for judgment.

The evaluation takes into account the agreements set in the contract. So, at the end of the judgment, you would either stay in hell or be released and sent to heaven. And if the former is chosen, unfortunately, it is said that you’ll suffer for eternity.


Knowing your boundaries as a human being is crucial. More than that, humility and kindness go a long way. Therefore, if you’re contemplating selling your soul, this is a sign not to continue with your thoughts.

Don’t become too obsessed with earthly possessions and temporary happiness. Because in the end, you’ll suffer more than you can ever imagine.


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