There are numerous color purple spiritual meanings, including creativity, power, nobility, and wisdom. Because of this color’s rarity in nature, it has also been considered a spiritual guide and color of royalty, luxury, extravagance, and magic for centuries.

Mysterious, imaginative, and spiritual purple significantly affects human moods and behavior, encouraging ambition and pride. You can use its advantage to re-energize you for learning new skills, increase your imagination, and remove spiritual obstacles.

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Color Purple Spiritual Meanings

Ancient Phoenicians produced Tyrian purple in 1200 BCE, becoming the first to do it. They extracted it from the sea snails’ shells in small amounts, getting valuable and exceptionally sought-after color.

Nowadays, purple is widely available in numerous shades, and each one has spiritual significance and meaning. For instance, lavender is related to intelligence, dignity, tranquility, and gentleness.

Lilac is associated with innocence, youth, optimism, elegance, and romance. Interesting blue-violet (indigo) variation means wisdom, devotion, intuition, and high knowledge. However, some cultures associate this color with sadness and frustration.

If you like violet, you are probably imaginative and creative, but this color’s meaning also includes individuality, confidence, and sometimes mourning. On the other hand, ultraviolet epitomizes spiritual transformation and mystery.

Royal purple traditionally reflects respect, power, luxury, authority, and wealth. Finally, most people look for gentle mauve as a sentimentality, grace, and nostalgia symbol.

1 – Wisdom, mystery, and uncertainty

Eastern cultures, particularly Buddhists, link purple with wisdom. They particularly appreciate deep shades as triggers of introspection, which allows people a deeper understanding of themselves. In Hinduism, this color symbolizes wisdom and the ability to purify the mind and body.

This color indicates that you should use your wisdom to face and solve issues in your life instead of making reckless decisions. Taking time to think carefully and consider all aspects increases your chances of making correct decisions and avoiding things you may later regret.

Thanks to this color, you can strengthen your mind, enhance mental clarity, and perceive things more clearly. That way, you can react appropriately and timely without allowing your emotions to overtake your judgment.

2 – Deep thoughts

Besides connection with wisdom, purple is tightly linked with broad-mindedness and deep thought. This color can encourage you to take more time for reflection and have a moment to yourself despite living a modern, fast-paced, and hectic lifestyle.

One crucial necessity for people nowadays is to slip away from an offer of an indiscriminate pile of information and online content. They make thinking and making reasonable decisions pretty hard in modern society.

3 – Wealth and luxury

Wealth and luxury

Since purple is incredibly exotic and uncommon in nature, most traditions consider it a symbol of luxury and wealth. For instance, the Japanese associate this color with prosperity and great wealth for a simple reason.

Only rare flowers like lilac and lavender are purple, but using them to get this hue is impossible. Therefore, difficult preparation made this color challenging in the past, making it expensive and available only to rich people.

Even nowadays, coming across purple is often connected with money, so you can expect an unexpected gain if something like this happens. Besides, this color promises successful and profitable business ventures, but you should avoid amassing wealth without reassessing other values.

4 – Creativity

Purple is deeply connected with creativity, so it can be helpful for writers and musicians who experience a creative blockage. The best way to overcome this problem is to change a routine and surround yourself with this gorgeous color.

Even though you are not a professional artist, you can take advantage of purple and release your hidden talents. Surround yourself with this color to promote originality and discover your imaginative side.

For instance, you can bring a bouquet of lilac or lavender into your home or keep a bowl with plums or eggplants on the table to ignite your imagination. That way, you can expect their purple shades to encourage you to be original and think outside the box.

5 – Intuition, emotions, and sensitivity

You can often hear how deeply purple is related to emotions, sensitivity, and intuition. Therefore, use it to learn how to rely on your intuition while making decisions and facing various challenges in life.

Besides, you should think about surrounding yourself with this color before moving away or accepting a new job. Remember that all the answers are inside you, and the only way to choose the best for you is to listen to your inner voice.

Purple also allows you to discover your hidden sensitivity and see beneath the surface to perceive hard-to-reach truths. Nurturing empathy is the surest way to create better emotional connections, increase understanding, and develop communication skills.

6 – Balance and peace

Balance and peace

Standard purple color is a perfect combination of red and blue, representing a balance in the purest form. Therefore, this color can bring necessary spiritual equilibrium to your life track, creating an ideal mix of mental acuity and emotional clarity.

You can also connect purple with peace after eliminating fear, insecurity, and unnecessary worries. Once you understand the purpose of your life, you will be able to enjoy contentment, stability, and peace. Keeping purple flowers in your home or wearing a purple outfit can help you reach such feelings.

7 – Serenity, relaxation, and calmness

If you crave serenity and relaxation, you can use soothing properties of purple shades like lavender and lilac for this purpose. These cool hues provide a relaxing and tranquil environment, making it easier to calm the brain and eliminate tensions and restlessness.

You can paint your walls purple to improve your introspection in a peaceful atmosphere and reduce stress. However, picking the right hue of this color is crucial. While light, lavender purple provides serenity, dark ones like plum purple are too dramatic, causing the opposite effect.

8 – Power and leadership

Power is inextricably associated with royalty and great wealth, and purple excellently represents these features. If you enjoy this color, you are probably confident in your position and satisfied with your status.

Another option is that you are ambitious and aspire to high status and power. Be aware that purple reflects prestige, the intricate dynamics of power within every society, and balance between authorities and common people.

9 – Royalty and status symbol

Royalty and status symbol

Purple has been connected to royalty and nobility since ancient Egypt and Rome, thanks to the sense of majesty and grandeur it provides. In the past, the reason for this was also the high price of this color, particularly Imperial Purple.

That made it available only for Roman emperors, kings, queens, and high clergy. For instance, Julius Caesar reserved purple togas for the emperor and the most powerful men of the empire, declaring it the color of power.

Later, Queen Elizabeth I got the nickname the Purple Queen because of her attitude that only the royal family had permission to wear purple robes. In Angola, the royal family has exclusively used this color since the 18th century, signifying authority.

Even today, purple is a status symbol that represents wealth, nobility, and royalty. If this color irresistibly attracts you, you may have royal roots or can soon meet someone from high nobility. Alternatively, this color teaches you to behave more dignifiedly and show leadership when others are confused and need guidance.

10 – Divine energy and higher consciousness

Hinduism recognizes purple as a bridge between spiritual and physical realms, allowing a connection to higher consciousness and the divine. Therefore, you can use its mysterious allure to expand your awareness, receive crucial wisdom, and reach a spiritual awakening.

Purple helps people explore their own being better, understand the Universe deeper, and open their minds to higher states of consciousness. That way, avoiding limitations that impose the material world and accepting infinite possibilities in life is possible.

11 – Spiritual transformation

Since the purple color has the power to inspire people to reveal themselves, they gain a more profound knowledge of their spirituality. Take advantage of this feature, use this color for personal growth, and transform yourself into a more fulfilling human being.

Remember that purple affects your mind and body equally, providing harmony, healing, and positive growth. Use it if you need to overcome the limitations imposed by everyday life and eliminate old patterns. That can help you embrace new beginnings quicker and more effortless.

In ancient China, people associated purple with immortality and divinity, while the Byzantine Empire considered it a symbol of divine power. Interestingly, it was well-known as the Empire of Purple thanks to the popularity of imperial garments and decorations in Tyrian purple.

12 – Enlightenment

The Chinese respect purple as a symbol of spiritual awareness. If you want to reach a high level of enlightenment, you should make a tight connection with this mysterious color. Only that way is it possible to improve your intuition and unlock the secrets crucial for your spiritual journey.

Under some circumstances, purple has hypnotic properties, warning you it is time to devote to your spiritual pursuit. It is particularly vital for people with purple auras, who are exceptionally devoted to following the purpose of their souls.

12 Spiritual Meanings of Color Purple pin

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