Although sage is a valuable ingredient for making a range of tasty dishes, it’s also a plant with powerful spiritual properties.

To help you learn more about this wonderful herb and its powers, in this post, we go into the details of sage spiritual meaning.

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Sage Spiritual Meanings

1. The power to chase away negative energy

Sage has long been held to possess spiritual powers, and one of its primary uses in spiritual applications is in the driving away of negative energy.

You can easily protect your home or even your workspace in your office by hanging up some dried sage or placing some on your desk.

However, to purify a space that you feel is polluted by excessive or powerful negative energy, you can burn some sage and use the smoke to cleanse the area.

To do this, simply take a bundle of sage and light one end. You then just need to allow the smoke to permeate the space, and the sage will clear any negative energy from the area.

You can use this technique to cleanse your whole home by carrying the burning sage into every room, ensuring the smoke wafts into every corner.

This will drive any negativity from your home and provide a boost of positivity for everyone who lives there.

2. It provides protection against evil spirits and curses

As well as driving away negativity, sage can also help protect you against evil spirits – as well as against curses and spells you suspect someone might be sending your way.

Again, the best way to provide yourself with constant spiritual protection is to keep dried sage in your home – make sure you replace the sage from time to time since its powers don’t last forever.

However, if you feel you are coming under attack, you can also provide extra protection by burning sage in your home and allowing the smoke to permeate the space and fill the air.

By placing sage near your bed, you will also protect yourself from evil spirits while you sleep, ensuring they can’t harm you or disturb you by entering your dreams.

3. A healing herb

A healing herb

Sage has also long been prized as an herb of healing, and some of this is even backed up by science. For example, it is known that certain types of sage have antimicrobial and antibacterial properties, meaning it can help keep microbes, bacteria, viruses and fungi away.

It is also thought – although not yet supported by science – that burning sage may release negative ions, which can help reduce the harmful effects of positive ions.

Positive ions come from things like pet dander, dust, mold and pollution, which are all known allergens – so in theory, burning sage can help reduce the effects of conditions like asthma and certain allergies.

Finally, positive energy is also important for healing since it enables the body to heal itself naturally by itself.

Since sage can dispel negative energy and bring more positive energy to a space, placing some in a sickroom can help a patient recover from illness or injury more quickly and more fully.

4. It can be used to spiritually cleanse a space

Burning sage in a space can help cleanse a space spiritually, for example, after something particularly bad or unpleasant occurred there.

Perhaps you had an argument in your house, and you want to clean out any latent negativity and ill feeling that remains there afterwards – or maybe you feel that a particular room in your house brings you bad luck or is otherwise spiritually unbalanced and needs purifying.

Alternatively, if you bought a new house and you suspect somebody died there before – or maybe even one of your family members recently passed away there – you may decide to carry out a ritual of purification.

In any of these situations, incorporating the burning of sage and the use of its smoke in your cleansing and purification ritual will make the ritual more powerful and more effective.

5. It enhances intuition – and may be mildly psychoactive

Another traditional spiritual use of sage is as an herb that can enhance intuition, and burning it as incense before and during meditation, placing some in your meditation room or even just holding some in your hand during meditation or deep thought can all bring about this effect.

Another way to benefit from its power is to make some sage-infused tea to drink before you sit down for a period of deep contemplation.

By using sage in any of these ways, you will gain greater insight into the problems or challenges you are currently facing.

There is even some science behind this since it is suspected that sage may have mild psychoactive properties.

While it is not in the same category as something like psilocybin mushrooms, which can provide a whole different kind of spiritual experience, sage may be able to subtly alter your state of mind, making it easier for you to reach elevated levels of consciousness.

6. It can help you make contact with the spirit realm

It can help you make contact with the spirit realm

In the same way, sage can also be incorporated into your spiritual practices when you are trying to make contact with the spirit realm, perhaps in the hope of receiving messages from your guardian angel or other benevolent spirits.

This might happen if you have been receiving messages such as angel numbers but are having trouble interpreting what you are seeing.

Then, by using sage – as incense, in tea, by placing some around you or a combination of methods such as these – you will become more receptive to contact from the other side, and you may receive clearer guidance concerning the meaning of the messages.

You will also find yourself in a heightened intuitive state, which may also lead you towards the correct interpretation of the signs and omens you have been receiving.

7. You can use it to deepen your spiritual awareness through spiritual practices

Even if you aren’t seeking to receive specific messages from the spirit world, sage can help enhance spiritual practices such as meditation through enhancing your spiritual awareness.

By meditating with sage, you will be able to reach a deeper meditative state more easily. This will then provide you with deeper insight, enabling you to grow and develop spiritually and continue on your path towards spiritual enlightenment.

8. It brings strength and resilience

Placing sage around your home and the general positive atmosphere this fosters can help bring you increased strength and resilience to meet your daily challenges.

This means you will have more determination to see things through to the end rather than being tempted to give up.

One way this could be directly beneficial to you is if you hang up some sage in your home – especially in your bedroom – when you are starting a new project or taking on a new challenge.

Then, with the help of the sage, you will have more chance of reaching the end of the project or challenge and achieving the success you desire.

On the other hand, if you are already engaged in some kind of long-term undertaking and are finding yourself wavering, meditating with sage in your hand or with sage burning in the room while focusing on your goals can help give you strength and determination to reach them.

9. It provides you with clarity of thought

It provides you with clarity of thought

Another property of sage is that it can give you increased clarity of thought, so when you are faced with a situation you don’t fully understand, sage can help bring you the insight that will help you see things more clearly.

10. It enables you to act with wisdom

With a clearer understanding of situations and circumstances also comes the ability to make the right decisions and act with more wisdom.

Sage can help you with this while also calming your mind, thus making you less likely to act rashly or make spontaneous decisions.

This can be beneficial to everybody, but if you are a person who is particularly prone to doing things without fully considering the consequences, placing sage in your home may help temper your impulsive nature.

11. It relieves stress, helps you relax and aids with sleep

Finally, due to sage’s ability to reduce negativity while also calming the mind, it is an excellent herb for use during moments of relaxation or rituals of stress release.

We’ve already mentioned many ways to use sage including hanging it up and burning it, and these practices can also help you destress when you feel pressure is starting to build up.

Another option is to take a long soak in a full bathtub with some sage thrown into the water and perhaps with some peaceful music on in the background.

This is an excellent way to release your stresses and strains at the end of the day, and the sage will make the experience more deeply refreshing and invigorating.

Delicious, aromatic and powerful

As an ingredient, sage is essential in the preparation of some particularly delicious dishes, and it also has a wonderfully aromatic scent.

Furthermore, it is also a powerful herb that you can use in a range of spiritual practices and rituals. It provides protection against negativity and evil spirits, clarity of thought and deeper spiritual insight, all while aiding you on your journey towards spiritual enlightenment.

11 Spiritual Meanings of Sage pin

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