Every eclipse is a cosmic event that occurs during a Full Moon when the Sun, Earth, and Moon align. Most people can feel the remarkable spiritual energy of this event, particularly a total lunar eclipse that lasts approximately a few seconds to almost two hours.

Even though this event is not particularly rare, the lunar eclipse spiritual meaning is always significant because it affects people’s moods and emotions. It can also help you to become a part of the cosmic plan and see things more clearly than usual.

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Lunar Eclipse Spiritual Meanings

The lunar eclipse (Blood Moon) has deep spiritual meaning in the modern world, cleansing the world and bringing new beginnings to each human being. It was similar in ancient times, and people living then considered this natural phenomenon a powerful omen.

Ancient Egyptians linked the lunar eclipses with Horus, their sky god whose left eye symbolized the moon at night, while the right one represented the daily sun. Ancient Greeks considered this event a divine message that brought warnings to humans.

The Mayans impatiently waited for the lunar eclipse as a period for connecting with their ancestor spirits, cleansing their souls, and renewing. The Chinese recorded each celestial occurrence and linked it to the ruling dynasty. They considered this particular event crucial for astrology, predicting the emperor’s fate.

1 – Letting go of the past

The lunar eclipse has a huge energy potential, peaking during the total eclipse. It is the best time to reconsider and cleanse your emotions by releasing old, deep wounds, overcoming pain, and getting rid of negative patterns.

Take advantage of this period to eliminate anything that bothers you for a long time, reveal deeply hidden suffering in your subconscious, and reset your mind. Be aware that you deserve to be happy, and the lunar eclipse encourages you to let that happen.

It illuminates everything invisible in the dark, revealing everyone’s intentions and character. Therefore, this moment offers you a unique opportunity to give up some people and abandon things that make you miserable and unsatisfied.

No matter how hard it may be, it is necessary to release yourself as you grow and follow your spiritual path. The lunar eclipse is a reminder to accept that everything is transient and surrender to the flow of life.

2 – Change and transformation

In some traditions, the lunar eclipse is an invitation to new beginnings. Even though most people find it hard to end old habits, break burdensome relationships, and give up insincere friendships, cutting off ties is sometimes necessary.

Use the wisdom you gained in the previous period, embrace change, honor inevitable life cycles, and cut off sources of negativity. That is the best way to transform yourself and clear your emotions and mind, like cleaning your home of dirt and unnecessary things.

Don’t be afraid of the unknown, although it can sound uncomfortable and frightening. Following the same path means stagnation in every aspect of your life. On the other hand, occasional change allows you to make space for new people, valuable experiences, and unique opportunities.

3 – New beginnings

New beginnings

Every time you see the lunar eclipse, it is a new chance to change your life while connecting with the Divine. Be mindful of the natural cycles, life stages, and seasons, and accept them as a welcome change.

The energy of the moon moving inside the earth’s shadow is enormous and has the power to end the previous cycle successfully and announce the new one. It offers you an opportunity to let go of the sorrow, difficulties, and breakdowns from the past and happily wait for the future after outgrowing them.

4 – Balance, personal growth, and renewal

Native American tribes traditionally consider lunar eclipse through the concept of balance. It includes the unity of diversities, like feminine and masculine, light and dark, good and evil, and inner and outer worlds.

Every lunar eclipse symbolizes the union of these opposite terms, using them as a perfect opportunity for spiritual awakening and personal growth. Such duality is not bad and teaches you that without one part of your personality, the other one wouldn’t be possible.

Find harmony inside you and make the balance between conscious and unconscious or spiritual and material in your life. The lunar eclipse teaches you the positive sides of changes and breaking free from stagnation.

Renewal is possible only after getting over old patterns and inactivity and starting a new, better phase in your life. Embracing change is the only way to discover new opportunities and gain experiences different from the known ones.

5 – Hope

The lunar eclipse shows that there is always a solution to each problem and light at the end of every tunnel. This natural event happens when the earth blocks the sun’s rays, teaching you that the absence of light never denies its existence.

In other words, there is hope even if you can’t see it at a particular moment. Consider a lunar eclipse as an encouragement, consolation, and promise that something good awaits despite the current hard times. Just be patient, believe, and wait for your moment.

6 – Emotions, mindset, and intuition

Emotions, mindset, and intuition

In most cultures, the first associations with the moon are emotions, femininity, and intuition. You can expect the lunar eclipse to amplify human energies, particularly when it concerns overly sensitive and highly emotional people.

During this period, you can expect a deeper understanding of your emotions, an improved mindset, and increased spiritual growth. Your unconscious may also bring to light all repressed feelings, unresolved issues, and hidden desires.

One of the advantages of the lunar eclipse is the power to allow you to see how your mind can block your success and progress. It forces you to change your old way of thinking and start noticing possibilities wherever you go.

7 – Hidden desires

Your primary goal is to find harmony within yourself and fulfill your desires. Sometimes, people tend to hide their true desires and aspirations. There is no need to be ashamed of them, and the lunar eclipse is a time when the Universe reveals them for your good.

That is the only way to release your emotions and try your best to make your dreams come true. For instance, the energy of the lunar eclipse can help you find the courage to open your heart to a loved one. On the other hand, you can expect support to gain professional success despite fear and insecurity.

8 – Passion

People often connect the red moonlight visible during the lunar eclipse with passion. It can be a love desire, creative impulse, or craving for success. Interestingly, the lunar eclipse typically had the most significant influence on people without a passion for professional success.

If you are one of them, you can strengthen your resolve by sitting under the moonlight during a period when a lunar eclipse appears. Such a practice can trigger your passion and encourage you to take one more step toward fulfilling your goals.

This phenomenon also helps you explore new opportunities and take advantage of positive events. The lunar eclipse teaches you to accept all possibilities that arise and try to notice them on time.

9 – Healing


Believe it or not, the lunar eclipses can help you improve your introspection and heal both mentally and physically. Knowing your inner self better allows you to gain valuable insights and reconsider your emotions, way of thinking, and life choices.

That is a chance to discover how to live your life, understand possible limitations your behavior causes, and clearly understand your purpose, aspirations, and passions. You can expect that only letting go of past negative experiences and traumas can lead to deep emotional healing.

10 – Messages from the Universe

The lunar eclipse can help you in your efforts to connect with the divine and a higher consciousness. The lunar energy increases during this period, becoming more vital and powerful.

That can open your pathways and offer guidance from the Universe, directing you where you exactly need to be. So, if the only way to improve your life is to leave what you find comfortable and safe zone, let’s be it.

11 – Loss and bad omen

According to the Bible, the lunar eclipse symbolizes the Judgment Day. The predictions say you should expect the sun to turn to darkness and the moon to become blood-like. Dreaming about this event always warns you of your sins.

The darkness that appears during the lunar eclipse sometimes indicates a loss. In some traditions, losing light is considered a bad omen. Such interpretation was common in the past but still exists in some cultures.

People are afraid of the unknown, so the absence of light associates them with something horrible and scary. Therefore, many traditions believe that the lunar eclipse indicates a challenging period people need to face.

However, you should look at this natural phenomenon as an opportunity to change and transform instead of something catastrophic. Let bad things go, prepare for upheaval, and accept potential renewal in the following period.

11 Spiritual Meanings of Lunar Eclipse pin

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