Colors are truly one of the most beautiful features in the physical realm, and yellow is a bright and very happy variant. When worn or used, this color captures attention due to its intensity.

It also has a rich history dating back to 45,000 BC when the yellow pigments extracted from clay soils rich in ochre were used for decorative purposes, especially in human bodies and cave walls.

Several history books have also noted the color’s similarity to gold and honey, famous for signifying opulence and wealth since you’ll find them with royals and the upper class of society in many ancient civilizations.

Since colors have so much influence on the environment, including providing texture and richness, the sight of yellow can indicate vitality, positivity, and the sweet warmth of spring.

Psychologically, yellow is associated with optimism, spontaneity, and positive energy which is why performers often wear them on stage to cheer up the audience.

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Color Yellow Spiritual Meanings

Beyond its superficial reputation and nature, yellow has a spiritual side to it. From enlightenment to caution, the spiritual meanings of colors confirms the claim that art sometimes imitates life.

In ancient religions, yellow was revered as eternal, full of strength, and imperishable. Thus, many religious folks worshiped it as they believed the sun gods wore yellow.

The color is also believed to have healing properties. This unique shade comes from multiple sources, including roots, leaves, and bark of many plants, such as

  • Dandelions
  • Celery
  • Bay leaves
  • Turmeric
  • Alfalfa seeds
  • Crocus

Buddhism sees yellow as a symbol of humility. However, like any other phenomenon in life, yellow also comes with some negativity, which will all be addressed in this guide. Here are some of the spiritual meanings of the color yellow.

1. Happiness

Yellow is believed to possess uplifting powers that help people suffering from different depressions or disorders to find joy and hope in everything. During winter, people in cold areas can surround themselves with yellow clothing and objects to create a happy energy and ward off the gloominess that comes with cold seasons.

Since yellow is closely related to sunshine that lightens up the darkest of days, the color can fill the vacuum in your soul with happiness and remind you of the beauties of life.

2. Love

Yellow flowers like sunflowers and roses when given to others signify great depths of love and commitment to such friendship. Since yellow is an intense color, the emotions associated with the color are very deep. So if you want that person around you to feel loved today, consider gifting them a bouquet filled with yellow flowers.

3. Youthfulness

The exuberance of yellow can be an indication of energy and vitality, which in turn energizes your mind, body, and soul, thus bringing the needed motivation to start your day and take on any challenges that come your way.

4. Creativity


Since yellow is an expressive tone, it is believed to help get your creative juices flowing. So, if you have a project that needs loads of creativity, uniqueness, and peculiarity, you should surround yourself with yellow tones to help you unlock your artistic and expressive side.

Even when used in paintings, yellow colors are daring and genuinely captivating. Van Gogh’s paintings contain a reasonable amount of yellow, adding to their beauty, fame, and spirituality as people draw so much positive energy from his past works.

5. Confidence

Yellow is associated with the solar plexus chakra also known as the Manipura(translated to shining gem in Sanskrit) located three fingers below the navel and is believed to control the human sense of power, identity, and confidence. The solar plexus chakra is the third energy center out of the main seven spots in the chakra system.

Now, when that chakra is in balance, your self-confidence and security get a boost, aiding productivity and positivity. The more you’re grounded in this chakra, the easier it gets to express and showcase the purest and most truthful version of yourself.

You may experience a negative impact on your self-worth if this energy is blocked due to a lack of trust in yourself and a victim mindset.

6. Hope

Yellow in relation to love may mean the individual is in a state of hope for the relationship and things to come. It influences you to spot the sweet spot in the most unpleasant situation, thus activating your positive will and encouraging you to approach life with an open and purposeful mindset.

Yellow can be the physical representation of something fresh, active, and empowering, closely associated with what you may feel at the beginning of a relationship.

Also, if you’re drawn to people with a yellow aura, it means that you’re a sucker for charisma, confidence, and a fascinating personality.

7. Knowledge

If your favorite color is yellow, you’re likely to display high intellect and enjoy mentally challenging situations that showcase your logical reasoning and brilliance. A yellow person is curious, always in a state of question, and places importance on communication, mind-stimulating conversations, and big concepts.

You can invite this color into your life by taking random trips to the library or a learning center and discovering new areas of learning that tickle your fancy or going on a road trip. Explore your yellow side by doing the things that excite your inner child and open your eyes to the sheer beauty around you.

8. Prosperity


In feng shui, yellow is considered to attract good fortune, prosperity, and progress when added to major areas of the home, apart from the pop of colors it adds to indoor decorations. Adding yellow to the northeast or bottom-left corner of your home can exude a harmonious energy, ensuring joy in your home all year round. You can visualize a warm yellow light filling your being to begin experiencing that feeling of contentment and prosperity as you journey through life.

9. A Fresh Start

Dreaming about a yellow butterfly indicates that you’re entering into a new beginning and as such you must prepare for the new phase of your life. This fresh color is the universe offering you a clean slate to write your story if you have had a tumultuous or unpleasant past.

Just like the sight of the sun indicates the start of a new day, the yellow butterfly represents a chance to start your life without carrying the mistakes of your past into the future.

10. Good Company

When you see a close associate, friend, or partner wearing a yellow dress or outfit in your dream, it may mean you’re in safe hands and a healthy association. This is important because in a world full of betrayal and doubts about friendship, seeing the color yellow in your dream is the universe’s way of telling you your friends have a pure heart and genuine intentions for you.

11. Impulsivity

In its negative state, yellow can really be the messenger of doom. The color is associated with impulse feelings, which means you’re highly likely to make a detrimental decision within seconds.

Yes, the vibrance of yellow can also indicate excess as too bright or it can easily overwhelm a project causing you to make rash and hasty decisions.

12. Aggressiveness

Plenty of people feel rage and anger when surrounded by the color yellow. Due to its brightness, when used in public spots and locations, people may complain of feeling frustration, aggression, and irritation.

Introverts have a natural aversion to the intensity of this color, which can distort their psyche as they go about their day or make them feel anxious, especially in the middle of a huge change in their lives.

13. Growth


Yellow is also connected to growth, primarily spiritual, as its radiance represents the start of a journey toward spiritual enlightenment and self-awareness. If you see yellow in your dream or spontaneously around you as you go about your day, it means your spiritual path is opening up to more positive energy. If you’re patient enough, you’ll soon begin to discover unique things about yourself.

14. Clarity

Yellow rays from the sun bring clarity to anything it shines on. Hence, yellow is believed to offer clarity and brightness to the minds of confused people to see the path ahead of them.

The sight or presence of the color yellow in your home connects you to the sun and might prepare your mind to receive instructions and guidance from the divine on the next step to take.

15. Persuasion

The sharpness of the color yellow around you may also be linked to the power of persuasion that you possess. This ability is closely linked to good leadership quality and thus may indicate that you carry this inner strength, which will come in handy for a project proposal, election campaign, or securing a vital contract to aid your leadership position.

16. Strength

Yellow may also trigger your alignment with your inner strength and resilience. Just like the ability of the sun to conquer elements of darkness and bring in a new day, the color yellow around you may be a sign for you to draw from the strength within you and not give up on your golden dream.


The radiance of yellow is indeed the least beautiful thing about it when you factor in the amazing spiritual meanings this color holds. Like the sun and the stars, this rich color allows us to see things from a much brighter perspective while supplying our lives with much needed positive energy.

16 Spiritual Meanings of Color Yellow pin

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