Are you drawn to spiral patterns? Do you wonder if they have deeper meanings or are simply hypnotic designs in nature and art? Get ready for some mind-blowing discoveries.

There are several spiral spiritual meanings ranging from positive to negative. As one of the oldest geometric patterns from the Celtic era, spirals are everywhere. They come in different shapes, from simple parallel curves on Snell shells to intricate spider webs.

Perhaps you’ve noticed spiral patterns around you more often than usual, which piqued your interest, don’t stress. Here are a few spiritual meanings that can apply to you.

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Spiral Spiritual Meanings

Because spirals have different patterns that give distinct auras, it’s only standard that they’ll have multiple meanings for each person. Overall, a spiral is a symbol of change, knowledge, life, and fluidity.

As one of the oldest symbols in many mythologies from Africa to Australia, Egypt, Greece, India, and Mayan, you can interpret spirals in different spiritual ways.

Here are some common spiritual meanings attached to spirals.

1. Change

A spiral is often a never-ending loop that has you spinning through stages, and that’s what change is about. It reminds you that nothing remains the same forever, whether it becomes better or worse.

Often, people associate spiral changes with negativity because it feels like a loss of control. But when you’re spiritually attuned, you’ll remember that some aspects of life are beyond your control.

When the universe or supreme being starts an action from the outward part of the spiral, it forces you into internal reflection. You can let nature take its course or get up and act at that moment!

Change doesn’t have to be bad if you’re ready to introspect and make the necessary adjustments for better results.

2. Evolution

Evolution in this context isn’t change per se but an upgrade to a higher level. You’ll find this kind of spiral in tribal African art.

If you’ve been stuck for a long time and suddenly see spiral symbols around you, prepare to evolve. It could mean a promotion at work or moving on to the next stage in your relationship.

You can also trace the patterns to form a spiritual journey from focusing on the outer consciousness of materialism to internal enlightenment. With this idea in mind, you should rest assured that evolution is a lifelong exercise.

3. Knowledge

And so the next spiral spiritual meaning is knowledge. Hinduism’s Kundalini has a spiral pattern defining a movement toward enlightenment. The Kundalini holds an energy that rises through the chakra when its owner advances in spiritual enlightenment.

4. Uncertainty


Your first instinct at seeing a spiral should be uncertainty because of its wobbly design.

Although this isn’t an absolute meaning, the twisted pattern sometimes is a foreboding of confusion. But that’s the time to explore the other spiritual spiral meanings like introspection that can lead to a rebirth.

5. Rebirth

Instead of looking from the outside, spirals can also force you to expand from your core to your outer consciousness. In this case, the person has been too self-centered and must learn to see beyond their current reality.

The old Egyptian nautilus shell, which had a spiral pattern, indicated regeneration. It reflects the heavenly bodies and is reminiscent of nature’s eternity and reincarnation.

6. Connectivity

One way to be reborn is to understand that we’re all connected like a spiral in life. It’s why ancient diviners used spiral symbols as hypnotizers, as we see in today’s medical practices. The patterns relax the mind and open it to the possibilities of the larger cosmos.

When you embrace the effect of the spiral pattern and allow your mind to connect to your surroundings, you’ll be amazed at the result.

You’ll need to have a spiral handy for this exercise. If you don’t have one, get a picture from the internet, or get creative by drawing the pattern on a surface. You can use a simple paper and pencil or go all out with a painting canvas and dollops of coloring paint.

7. Motion

As the earth orbits the planetary system, spirals are reminiscent of motion. Even the universe is constantly spiraling and creating an endless sky, so when you see the pattern, it means keep moving.

The carriers of the spiral pattern, meaning motion, are often in nature and not artificial. Look out for curled snakes, millipedes, whirlpools, tornados, ram horns, Snell shells, and seashells. Indigenous Australians also used these spirals in their tribal art.

8. Balance


Are you confused as to how a spiral pattern can mean balance? Then, cast your mind to the beauty of the ancient Chinese Yin-Yang symbol and how spirals can be fusions of opposites.

The intertwining pattern shows the harmony between negative and positive energy in the cosmos. Native American spiral patterns indicate nature’s cycle and human interdependence.

Whenever you feel yourself leaning towards one side, seeing a spiral is a good reminder that there’s another option. So, spirals are levelers that tell you balance is essential for a fulfilling life.

9. Introspection

Spiral symbols are indicators that it’s time for self-discovery. Many people live their lives without truly knowing themselves.

What do you believe in? What inspires you to keep pushing in life? How deep do your emotions run? These are necessary questions whose answers will guarantee you a well-rounded life.

So, if you feel or know that your life is disordered, it’s time to take the spiral patterns you’re encountering seriously and introspect.

10. Sacredness

A spiral sign on a doorpost, wall, or any emblem is a sign of sanctity. Once you enter a place with such a pattern, know you’re about to go on a spiritual journey. If you find an ancient book with a spiral pattern, then it’s likely sacred.

Another vital sign of a sacred spiral is the gold color. It’s typically a Fibonacci sequence found in art, architecture, and sometimes nature. The gold spiral means you’re facing a divine situation, whether from the universe or in reality.

Gentrification makes it hard to differentiate between sacred emblems and fun patterns in this modern world.

11. Beauty

Spirals remind you that there’s beauty in complexity and the most straightforward designs.

The best example of this spiral meaning is the DNA molecule’s double helix. Isn’t it fascinating how something seemingly unassuming can determine an individual’s existence? The DNA is also the basis of all human uniqueness.

Natural spirals that signify beauty are gemstones, crystals, and earth minerals. They’re gorgeous in their natural form and after getting shaped. You can see these spirals in diamonds, especially when placed under light.

In today’s world, spirals have gone beyond deep spiritual meanings to whimsical, beautiful patterns. You’ll see them as cover art on books, picture frames, patterned clothes, and more.

12. Fertility


Mayan and Aztec cultures used spirals as symbols of fertility and water. You’d find these spiral patterns on baby shawls, wooden cradles, maternity wards, and maternal clothes.

Also, in biology, collagen fibers, and muscle tissues carry spiral patterns. It indicates the strength of womanhood and the foundation of birth.

13. Clearance

Moving spirals are spiritually meant to clear blockades in energy. It’s a way to ensure the free flow of energy through chakras and create restoration. That’s why hypnotists sometimes use spinning spirals or swirls to help patients recover their lost or forgotten memories.

Spirals can be therapeutically used to heal when used rightly.

Because spirals are about balance, you must know it can cause a blockage instead of clearing it. So, it depends on who uses the spiral and their purpose.

14. Love and Unity

The Celtics used spiral knots in fashion pieces like jewelry and artistic woodwork to signify eternal love and devotion. The intricate details and connection of the patterns reminded new couples that marriages and love should be lasting.

Don’t limit your spirals to patterns, but include dancing in circles and whirls. Most romantic dances have spiral movements like the cha cha and tango. You can also buy jewelry with spiral patterns to show your unending love for your partner.

15. New Beginnings

The Maori people of New Zealand have a spiral pattern called koru. It looks like a silver fern unfurling and is popular in Maori art, both on bodies as tattoos and woodwork.

If you see someone new with a Koru tattoo or find it on a piece of clothing, something new is coming. Perhaps you’re about to move to a new area, or someone new is about to enter your life and change it.


Spirals connect us to nature and remind us of changes like the circle of life and the principle of cause and effect.

Note that the spiral’s pattern direction also holds meaning. Clockwise spirals, known as dextrogyre, move rightwards, while anti-clockwise spirals, called levogyre, spin leftward.

If the swirl moves clockwise, it’s an outward movement meant for expansion, progress, growth, and leaving your comfort zone. But if it’s anti-clockwise, then it’s time to look inward or sometimes start again by dismantling existing structures.

Understanding the many spiral spiritual meanings is about being ready to expand or compress your mind. Once you open yourself to possibilities, you can read any spiral symbol and what it represents.

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