A sunshower is exactly what it sounds like – sunshine and rain at the same time. It can happen on a sunny day when a raincloud floats past and bursts into warm droplets. It can also occur if it’s raining somewhere else and the wind blows the raindrops into a sunny, cloudless area. Lots of cultures have myths about this phenomenon so let’s learn the spiritual meaning of sunshower.

Spiritual Meaning of Sunshower

1. Unusual Weddings are Taking Place

Indigenous communities all over the world see sunshowers as signs of a distant marriage. The specifics differ. In Albania and Croatia, they say it means a Romani couple is marrying. They were sometimes called gypsies but many consider this term offensive, preferring to call them Roma or Romani. Down in South America, sunshowers mean a happy old widow is remarrying.

In many parts of Africa, Arabia, and South Asia, sunshowers represent the nuptials of unusual animal couples, like a jackal marrying a wolf’s wife or a monkey wedding a donkey. It could be a nuptial fox party since sunshowers are said to freeze free-range chicken. These poultry get so confused that they don’t run indoors to hide. Nearby foxes then enjoy a massive wedding feast!

2. A Wild Mother is Giving Birth

Asian and African folklore associates the spiritual meaning of sunshowers with childbirth. Not in humans though. It usually implies some jungle creature is having babies in the forest or out on the savannah. These include hyenas, lionesses, cheetahs, leopards, wolves, and deer. Sunshowers signify the birthing process, but they can also be the announcement of safely-delivered children.

Marriage and birthing myths seem to be the most common, so we’ll list a few more. Sunshowers could celebrate the marriage of bears, crows, rats, monkeys, hyenas, leopards, jackals, or even the devil’s daughter. Sometimes, the broader meaning implies a party in hell. This could be a carnival or a fair. It can occasionally break into a fight where the wife is beaten due to bad food.

Spiritual Meaning of Sunshower

3. The Devil and His Wife are Busy

As we hinted above, a common spiritual meaning of sunshowers involves this personification of evil. In many cultures, the devil is seen as the enemy of the gods. He’s usually a rebellious angel that got kicked out of heaven and now causes trouble on earth by tempting humans away from their deity. He also gets blamed for any misfortune or negative circumstance since he’s pure evil.

Some interpretations say a sunshower means the devil is throwing a party, kissing, or seducing his wife. Which seems nice enough … except it could lead to devil babies! This seems closely linked to the marriage and childbirth myths we’ve already mentioned. The sunshower involves all the party prep in hell, with activities like baking cakes, making pancakes, or churning butter.

4. The Witches are Having Some Fun

The role of witches in history is controversial. They were seen as women with supernatural powers who could somehow control men. These alleged abilities ranged from summoning rain to being really good at math! And many women were accused of witchery by powerful men they had rejected. These men implied their beauty was some kind of sorcery or manipulative magic.

In this context, some communities claim a sunshower indicates a witch is combing her hair, casting a spell, or making herself pretty so she can set a snare. Maybe she’s getting married or attending that celebration in hell that we mentioned earlier. She may also be dancing with her friends in the coven, or the devil may be waltzing with his grandmother, who was also a witch.

11 Spiritual Meanings of Sunshower

5. Tragic Communities in Mourning

The mixture of sunshine and rain could sometimes symbolize death and loss. It was said to indicate the passing of a grandmother, especially if her grandkids were already orphans. Or it could imply the funeral of a witch coven somewhere at the far ends of the world. The distance assured safety for innocent people who wouldn’t accidentally disrupt this malevolent burial.

It could also indicate the death of a lawyer as the devil claimed his soul. In these scenarios, rain comes from the tears of mourners. Or it might be a ceremony seen as false, such as the birth or baptism of an illegitimate child, whether it was an unwed mother or a brothel resident. These women were often denounced as whores, so blessing their babies created unholy sunshowers.

6. Tears of Joy in Heaven

At the other extreme, the heavenly hosts might cry with happiness when a tailor or a nobleman died and joined their ranks. Possibly because both classes were linked with clothing and beauty since the body is a temple. It could also prove a powerful lieutenant or aristocrat had cleared his soiled name by paying off his debts. The happy showers washed his reputation and cleansed it.

On the other hand, the sky cried with the family when a rich person died. Some traditions refer to sunshowers as liquid sunshine or ghost rain. These terms feel familiar given the contexts we’ve listed so far. They suggest the ritual cleansing and celebration of the holy people that have crossed over. They also make sense given the mixed emotions of celebrating love, life, and loss.

7. Marital Troubles in the Underworld

Sometimes, the spiritual meaning of sunshowers is driven by the clash between warm sunshine and gloomy rain. This leads to suggestions like the devil punishing his wife. He wanted more food than she served him, or she oversalted the dish. This is sometimes extended to zombies and other monsters upset with their women. Or it could be a jealous fight between their party guests.

This meaning is often violent to represent the rainfall shadowing the warmth of the sun. It may include ideas of the devil beating his wife to marry his daughter, attacking his mother or mother-in-law, and bleaching his grandmother with wet cloth and sunlight. Medieval Europe considered the Romani religion heathen, so any weddings within their community could cause a sunshower.

8. Unexpected Blessings Have Unfolded

In communities where jackals, wolves, and foxes were feared or revered, the spiritual meaning of sunshowers was far more banal. It was said to show a fox having a bath or a wily wolf doing his #NumberOne. It could also show this wild canine getting the sweats from fever, illness, or a tummy ache. These were all comforting thoughts since the wild dog was too busy to be a bother.

But these beautiful distractions could come in other ways too. We started the list with a widow or old lady whose fortunes turned at her wedding. Sunshowers can indicate other unexpected boons such as a poor man finding wealth. Also, we mentioned wild cats giving birth, so it sometimes suggests an urban feline is meeting her lover. Some pretty kittens are on the way!

9. Growth, Abundance, and Good Fortune

Plants need sunshine and rain to grow, so sunshowers can promise a successful harvest. In some places, the phenomenon is called mushroom rain since fungi thrive under these conditions. But sunshowers can generally indicate the wealth and riches that come from fruitful farming. It also suggests the angels are bathing, which offers all kinds of bounty and blessings for mortals below.

Usually, marriage is the epitome of prosperity and good fortune. Especially with the blessings of babies. So the spiritual meaning of sunshowers can demarcate the birth of a Turkish baby in Malta. Elsewhere, it celebrates the wedding of ghosts, angels, or even a paranormal pairing between a spiritual being and a mortal. These scenarios invite health and wealth for all involved.

10. Hidden Messages That Need to be Unfurled

Earlier, we mentioned the devil bleaching his female relatives. This was done by draping wet fabric in the sun multiple times to lighten and whiten it. It seems painful and can point to one negative interpretation of sunshowers. They were sometimes described as blind rain or the lying sun. This explained the deceptive quality of this phenomenon and could be a sign of subterfuge.

Water in general – and rain in particular – represents cleansing, rebirth, and emotion. Spiritual sunshowers expose any hidden or suppressed pain, loss, and grief. You need to let something go before the warm sun can heal you. Release the love you’ve lost so you can embrace your life. It could be a new romance that might lead to marriage and babies, just like all the samples above.

11. Protection and Pleasure from the Divine

A rainbow is the promise of a heavenly embrace. And rainbows are a common occurrence during sunshowers. In this sense, the rain, sunlight, and rainbow all remind you that your divine guides are pleased with you. They’re showing their presence and their support in a given area of your life. Who was with you when you experienced the sunshower? Which person popped into mind?

Did you want to call someone or send them a picture? Did a certain image, object, project, or thought unexpectedly reveal itself? That concept could be linked to the rainbow and sunshower. Talk to your higher helpers and guardian spirits so they can clarify the direction they endorse. It could be a timely signpost of something or someone they want you to pursue, and they approve!

The Spiritual Message of Sunshowers

As we’ve seen, sunshowers are all about balancing duality. Sunshine and rain. Birth and death. Weddings and funerals. Mortals and ethereals. Joy and grief. Misfortune and luck. Pain and healing. Sunshowers are brief but their effects are long-lasting and can be quite transformative.

Some say sunshowers can heal ailments like sore eyes. Others say a baby washed in this water will speak sooner, and money washed in a sunshower will multiply and be protected from theft. Do you know any other spiritual meanings of sunshowers? Tell us about them in the comments!

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