Finding a penny or a nickel while walking around the street may be a rare occurrence, but it could still happen! Many believe that this one-of-a-kind circumstance is associated with a positive omen. Some also think it’s bad luck. So, what does it mean when you find a nickel?

Through our detailed explanation below, you will discover its main interpretations as well as its spiritual meanings. So, let’s get started with a short introduction to nickels.

Spiritual Meanings of Finding A Nickel

What is a Nickel?

Nickel has two meanings. First, it is a five-cent coin of the United States that has been released back in the 18th century. It is made of cupronickel, which means 75% copper and 25% nickel.

On the other hand, a nickel (Ni) also refers to the chemical element found in the periodic table with an atomic number is 28. This silvery-white metal with some gold hints often originates from alloy. Because of its nature, this makes nickel compounds easy to pair with other metals and minerals.

The origins of the word nickel are quite varied, though it is believed to stem from the German word kupfernickel, which means goblin or demon.

What is the General Spiritual Meanings When You Come Across a Nickel?

In general, finding a nickel or a coin has always been associated with good luck. This could be linked to long-running superstitions and even relevant historical traces.

In some countries, they believe that finding pennies is a sign from the heavens. Locals consider this event as support and guidance from their guardian angels. However, the spiritual meaning could be altered when you pick up the nickel, especially if the tail is showing.

According to certain cultures, finding a penny holds a significant apparitional purpose. Henceforth, it’s pivotal to assess what the occurrence of finding a penny means to your life. Listen to your inner self and understand what the universe is trying to tell you.

What is the General Interpretation When You Come Across a Nickel?

On the other hand, there are contemporary cultures suggesting that you have to pick up a nickel if you find one. This could be related to the famous saying, “Find a penny, pick it up, and all day long you’ll have good luck.”

This modern interpretation may also stem from dynasties and kingdoms that consider money as a sign of power, status, and security for many centuries. Accordingly, there could be more interpretations about this occurrence, so continue reading below to unlock other key explanations.

What are some spiritual meanings and superstitious beliefs when you find a nickel?

1. Heads up is a sign of good luck.

In the past, or even up to now, people believe that the position of the coin largely influences its spiritual meaning. So, if you find a nickel heads up, this means luck is on your way. This could be related to something that you have been waiting and praying for so long.

It may be your personal or professional pursuits, including your finances, family matters, and even friendships. With a heads up, there could be new opportunities knocking at your door or drastic changes that would alter your life for the better. So, try to make use of the nickel as your symbol of good luck.

Since seeing a coin with its heads up is considered a positive sign, you are free to take the coin. However, coming across a penny tails up would have a different spiritual meaning, which is then discussed next.

2. Tails up is a sign of bad luck.

Back in time, people consider tails up as a bad omen because it blocks luck from coming your way. This reasoning may also link to other theories, which point out the clash between good and evil represented by each side of the coin.

Accordingly, a nickel heads up means luck is on your side while tails up signify the opposite. Over time, this belief has been widely acknowledged and even accepted by many. This belief further solidified the dichotomy of good and evil when finding pennies.

Tails up is a sign of bad luck.

Moreover, people reckon that if you come across nickel tails up, it’s important to change its position. Flip it over for you to reap the good elements of the coin.

Meanwhile, if you accidentally took the nickel with tails up, then you need to put it back down and ensure its head side is up. This is so the next person who might discover the coin would be lucky!

3. Energy is brewing!

Another superstitious belief when finding a nickel is that it brings energy. How cool is that? In ancient times, some believe that money holds not just luck but also invisible energy. And when the coin is passed from one owner to the other, the energy is transferred as well.

Therefore, older coins contain higher energy because several people had already possessed them. So, the next time you see a nickel, try to see if it’s an old one! Because aside from the energy, this might even be a rare find!

Well, many collectors amass special old coins because of their value. Some may even purchase these for a significant amount. The reason for that is that old coins that are beautifully preserved are scarce. And due to their scarcity, the collector’s demand goes up as well as the price!

4. Money is coming your way!

In relation to the first spiritual meaning, which is good luck, finding a nickel could mean an increase in wealth. The very presence of the nickel is said to be a fortunate capture by many. In fact, a lot of people consider it a lucky charm.

Additionally, the price of nickel metal per one metric ton settles at around 25, 658 USD last June 2022.  This adds up to the value of nickel not just based on theories but also in current times!

So, if you discover a nickel during one of your walks, evaluate your current pursuits. Be heedful with your financial undertakings and decide sensibly. And despite being a positive omen, you shouldn’t simply depend your luck on fate.

You have to do the work and take a full grip of your expenses and savings. Financial planning is crucial, especially in today’s world where a global crisis is imminent. Thus, learn how to manage your money properly.

5. You may be in control of better things.

You may be in control of better things.


And since wealth is generally tantamount to power, coming across a nickel may also highlight your own willpower. This is an important symbol that you can maximize if you are unsure of what to choose or what to do in your life.

On the other hand, power may refer to your ability to influence or manage people. Therefore, if you see nickel and you are having second thoughts about whether to accept a challenging opportunity or not, then take this as a positive sign. This may just be the perfect time to start a new chapter of your life!

Although becoming a leader is a tough one, it’s one of the best ways to improve your skills. This further enables you to learn more and gain relevant insights from other people. So, try not to miss this opportunity.

6. It is a sign of support from the spirits.

Finding a penny often come at opportune moments, when you are asking for a sign from up above. That is why ancient people consider it a gift from the gods and other good spirits. With the rare occurrence of seeing a penny, this means that the spirits are working wonderfully to clothe you with good luck.

Meanwhile, some traditions believe that seeing a penny is one of the many symbols of angelic protection. A horseshoe is another charm that is referred to as a sign of luck and protection from the heavens.

Therefore, if you have been uneasy for the past days or weeks because of certain happenings in your life, and one day you find a penny, relax because you’re in good hands! This symbolizes protection from evil spirits.

7. It means that you should live more freely.

Life can be downright stressful and uncertain. So, when you bump into a nickel while stressing out about life in general, take this as a reminder to breathe in and breathe out. Don’t be too hard on yourself because this would take a toll on your inner self as well as the people around you in the long run.

Sometimes, it’s best to give yourself enough room to explore and improve. Embark on new things that are beyond your comfort zone and be appreciative of the little things. You may not find value in petty wonders now, but soon you’ll realize their importance in your life.

So, release all stress and try to live freely as you can. People always have something to say and society always has standards to follow. Therefore, carving your own future without hurting anybody is undeniably the right path to take.


Whether you believe in good luck or bad luck, it’s still important to have your own principles and take full control of your life. Finding a nickel or any lucky charm is just part of the many wonders of life that could help you decide. But of course, the final say should depend on you.


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