People have always been interested in crystals, fascinated by their beauty and wonder. Throughout history, many magical and divine properties have been attributed to them, which is why they were used in many rituals for protection from negative forces and misused for sorcery purposes.

In addition to the rituals and practices done by priests, healers, and occultists, crystals were and are still used by “ordinary” people because of their alleged effects.

Amethyst, citrine, rose quartz, clear quartz, carnelian, aquamarine, ruby, and aventurine are some of the most popular ones. They are believed to act on the body’s energy centers with their vibration and their own energy and help with physical, emotional, and spiritual healing.

For example, a yellow sapphire, or Pukhraj (in Hindi), has been called the stone of wisdom because it has the ability to make a person understand the world as a larger domain, while a natural ruby stone (also called the stone of passion) is said to act upon our body’s internal constitution. Ruby, or Manik (in Hindi), is a symbol endowed with the ability to improve one’s blood circulation, rejuvenate health, and improve paternal relationships.

Whether we’re talking about a healing crystal or a protective crystal, there is a lot of skepticism about them and their qualities. But don’t dismiss the crystals just like that, because that stuff is real.

Spiritual Meanings of Your Crystals Getting Hot

Spiritual Meanings of Your Crystals Getting Hot

Many people swear by crystals, which means there’s a lot of interest in everything about them. You probably have many questions, and one point is what does it mean when my crystals get hot?

Unless you leave it on a windowsill where it can get heated by the sunlight or near some object that emits heat energy, there’s probably no chance of a crystal getting hot for no apparent reason.

So why do they get hot? Where is the warmth coming from? Is it possible that they really work? Do they detect something? Are they trying to signal something to us?

Here are some answers to those questions.

1. Psychological Wounds Are Starting To Heal

Your crystals getting hot may mean that the wounds someone inflicted on you have begun to heal.

Of course, we’re referring to the psychological and mental pain, which in many cases can be harder to deal with than the physical because there are no clear scars that we can look at and see the progress.

When it comes to mental pain, the wounds are much deeper, and their scars are harder to get rid of. It takes a lot of effort to achieve this, and since it is mostly mental work, many people don’t even bother trying it.

However, your crystals have started to heat up, which means that you’re on the right track. When you first started, all that negative energy and thoughts made you think you wouldn’t make it this far, but you were wrong.

There’s nothing you can’t do; it’s only a matter of the amount of effort you put in. But don’t stop now – there’s more work to be done!

2. Live In The Now

Live In The Now

It is not unusual to see how some people live and move through life obstacles without being present. And while longing for some past times or a life full of expectations for the future is quite common, it is physically impossible to live anywhere but here and now.

We can’t walk out the door and go to July of two years ago, just as we can’t walk out of our home and walk into what we think will be two years from now.

Sometimes people miss moments by dwelling on the past or the future, and then they miss everything by trying to capture moments that have already passed and are gone forever.

Many people use crystals to connect with their inner selves, and when that happens, the crystals start to signal to us some things we are unaware of.

If your crystals start getting hot, it can symbolize that you must devote yourself to the present moment. Living in the present means feeling what is now without thinking about what was or will happen next.

3. The Stress Is Melting Away

Is it even possible to exist without stress? Of course not, since stress is an integral part of our biology. So don’t look at stress like it’s always harmful to you.

If you have any life experience, you know how impossible it is to escape from the stress that no one likes – the ugly one. And since this stress has recently dominated your life, you decided to do something about it.

You’ve obtained some crystals, and now you’re slowly seeing the results of that action. You sleep better, get less annoyed or into arguments with people, and you are more patient with strangers or in traffic.

Until now, you couldn’t really pinpoint what caused all this positive change, but now that your crystals have started to heat up, it’s clear. They started to do their thing and are slowly melting away all the stress that has been bothering you for weeks and months.

4. Someone’s Harmful Energy Is Trying To Penetrate Your Aura

Someone’s Harmful Energy Is Trying To Penetrate Your Aura

I’m sure you know people with whom, for some reason, you just can’t vibe. No matter how happy or cheerful they seem, you simply cannot shake the impression that something is wrong with them. There’s a certain aura of negativity around them.

And to make matters worse, the more time you spend with them, the more you notice that you, too, begin to change and become more negative. Consciously or not, such people have a bad influence on you.

If your crystals heat up, especially if it happens while you are in the presence of the person in question, it may be a sign that the crystal is trying to protect you from their harmful energies.

5. You’re Growing As A Person

No one comes into this world with all the skills, knowledge, and abilities we need to get through life with as few problems as possible. Ups and downs, constant learning, and making mistakes are some things that make this life enjoyable.

But you have to be patient and able to push through all your mistakes, failures, and tears. Many give up along the way. It especially applies to self-development. All of us, or at least the vast majority, are aware when we have some deficiencies in terms of physical skills and qualities.

However, when it comes to personality and characteristics, few people will admit to themselves and especially to others that they are not good enough or not good at all.

But you are not like that. You looked deep into your soul, saw your flaws, and decided to work on them. Little by little, you managed to eliminate many bad behaviors that were part of your personality.

You still have a lot to work on. But the process of self-development is not a race that has an end but a journey that has affected you positively. Your crystals have recognized this and are now signaling you that.

6. Positive Energy Is On Its Way

Positive Energy Is On Its Way

Do you know what it’s like to be full of good energy? Or to have that warm feeling in your heart

No matter how bad of a thing someone does to you, you simply manage to overcome it without negative consequences, learn a lesson and even find a way to look at that act from the bright side.

Or to be full of energy even after those nights when you didn’t fall asleep on time. You don’t know how you’re doing it, but you manage to keep a smile on your face from morning to night, no matter your environment.

There are another million scenarios in which this positive energy can manifest, but there is no need to go through them one by one. Instead, you will be aware of it when it appears in your body and mind. But you should know that hot crystals are a sign that this energy is coming.

7. Bring Balance To Your Life

It is difficult to find a thing that’s beneficial even if we use it in large quantities. Because of this, Buddha preached the middle path some 2500 years ago. He knew it was the best way to protect oneself from suffering and, at the same time, to reach happiness.

In today’s modern times, his words carry an even greater value because we have at our disposal thousands of old and new inventions that fight for our attention at every moment.

Unreal-tasting food and drink, games, the internet, traveling locations, virtual reality, and certain substances are just some of those things.

If your crystals heat up, it is possible they “felt” how you are harming yourself by indulging and exaggerating in certain activities. Therefore, their getting hot should serve as a warning to restore balance in your life because that is the best way for long-term success and health.


Crystals getting hot can mean a lot of, mostly, positive things. For example, it is possible that the psychological wounds you have are healing, that you are slowly getting rid of stress from your life, or that you are making progress in terms of self-development.

Of course, this event can serve as a reminder to sometimes balance our actions, but also that you should enjoy and live in the present.

And sometimes it has to do with energy – it is possible that someone’s negative energy is trying to change you or that you will soon become full of positive energy.

If you have something to add or ask on this topic, go to the comment section and do so.

Bring Balance To Your Life

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