What does it mean when glass breaks you ask? Is it a good or bad sign?

Well, glass, in whatever form it takes whether as a mirror, a window in your home, or even a cup in your kitchen when it breaks can have a deep and spiritual meaning. This is majorly attributed to the fact that glass is believed to possess spiritual energy even with its sensitive nature.

Before we proceed any further, allow us to state that breaking a glass intentionally does not qualify in this regard. Also, you need to understand that glass breaking is not necessarily a bad sign.

Here we promise to explain in detail 10 spiritual meanings of broken glass.

Good Spiritual Meanings Of A Broken Glass

Good Spiritual Meanings Of A Broken Glass 

Glass breaking could mean a whole lot of things, it can either be positive or negative. For clarification and to make things easy, we have divided this section into two and separated the good omen from the bad ones.

These five interpretations indicate that when a glass breaks it is a good sign.

1. Bringing Down Barriers

As humans, it is natural that we face certain barriers that we must destroy. Most of these barriers are not physical; they are mostly spiritual or psychological.

In the physical, when we come across a barrier like a wall or a gate, there is usually an entry or a way around it but the ones in your mind can be harder to bring down. These psychological barriers are many times a result of self-doubt.

This means that just as you have a window or fence in your home that acts as a barrier, there could be an invisible barrier in your mind. When glass breaks it symbolizes the bringing down of that barrier. The broken window in your home can be a sign of good luck coming your way.

It means the walls you have put up in your head are finally coming down.

2. Transformation

Another good omen that shattered glass represents is tied to the glass being a cyclable object. When the glass shatters, it might signify that you are about to go through a significant change in your life very soon.

There may be an experience around the corner that you are about to go through. This experience may not be the easiest to go through but in the end, you are coming out of it a new person.

Remember that glass cannot return to its original form once that change has occurred. Just like the new appearance of the glass, you should accept your new self and embrace the changes that come.

3. Goodluck


When glass breaks it could also be a sign that good fortune and happy events are about to begin in your life. It means the celebration is around the corner; all you needed was a sign to prepare you for good luck.

The good luck you are about to experience has to do with abundance and prosperity because glass is made from sand and there is an abundance of this element in the world. Your good luck is here.

For good luck to manifest, the glass breaking has to be an accident on your part.

4. The End Of An Era

Some might think this to be a bad thing; however, we would like to think otherwise. Life is in stages and to every beginning, there is an end. Hence, it is very helpful when there is a signal to help you prepare for the end of a stage in your life.

At the end of every era comes the promise of a new and exciting one. When glass breaks, you know your time in a particular place or position is coming to an end and this helps you prepare ahead for the new one.

It may require you to learn a new skill or change some behaviors but there is nothing as convenient as getting all the help you can and learning to accept it when the time for change comes.

5. The Celebration Tradition

Although this is done intentionally, there is a tradition common amongst the Jews where the bride and groom break the glass. This practice is intended to infuse a moment of seriousness during the celebration.

The tradition serves as a remembrance of the destruction of the temple of the Jews. The  Babylonians destroyed the first two temples in Jerusalem after they had conquered the land and the Jews use this ritual to reflect on this sad event.

The Jews also believed that the sound of shattering glass would scare evil spirits and demons away from the wedding, preventing the guests from getting possessed during the ceremony.

Bad Spiritual Meanings Of A Broken Glass

Bad Spiritual Meanings Of A Broken Glass

Moving on, when glass breaks, it is not all good news, it can also be a sign that something bad is about to happen.

The calming fact about the bad omen is that more often than not, it is a warning sign. This sign is a wake-up call for you to pay attention to some patterns, so it does not become a problem.

1. 7 Years Of Bad Luck

The Romans believed that if your mirror is shattered, you are about to face seven long years of disappointment which usually leads to another seven years of good fortune if you survive.

This is on the premise that your image is the last one that reflects before the mirror breaks, which results in seven years of misfortune. Luckily, they had a way to reverse this like it never happened.

They believed that you could reverse the misfortune as long as you collected the shards of glass and buried them under the moonlight. Another option is to piece the glass shards to a burial ground against a headstone.

2. A Broken Glass Is A Broken Heart

Many times, when a glass shatters, it is a warning to you about a relationship that you hold dear. Although commonly attributed to romantic relationships, there are also instances where it could be a platonic relationship that means the world to you.

When glass breaks, it is a bad omen that a relationship you hold dear is coming to an end soon; hence allowing you to prepare yourself for heartbreak. One good thing about this omen is that it is a warning so you can still prevent it from happening.

In situations like these, it is best that you call your partner and have a heartfelt conversation. It might be best to end things before it becomes harder to walk away or you may be able to work out any issue that may cause the intended breakup.

Glass, with its brittleness and vulnerability, symbolizes how delicate your heart is, so you need to take action and prevent heartbreak or in the worst-case scenario, prepare yourself for the worst.

3. Loss Of A Loved One

Loss Of A Loved One

It is common for broken glass to be molded into something new and better but this is not always the turn it takes. There are times when broken glass shatters so much that it becomes irreparable as another object and returns to its original form of sand.

The only finite energy is death. Once someone dies, there is no coming back from that, so if you find that broken glass does not have the chance of being reused, it is a sign that you are about to lose a loved one.

There are cases where the glass breaks after losing a loved one, usually when you have been grieving. This sign is for you to accept the loss, move on and learn to live with that loss.

4. Weak Spiritual Protection

Many believe the glass holds spiritual energy. It is even believed that glass can serve as a portal to another world filled with spirits and unearthly forces, so one can see how a glass shattering can be a bad omen for spiritual defenses.

Anyone with spiritual defenses must design them so it is solid and impossible to break through. If the glass shatters suddenly, it is a sign that your defenses are failing and it is best that you fix it before it completely breaks.

Common ways to strengthen these defenses are strong protection spells, protection bracelets, and more commonly, burning incense.

5. Loss Of Focus

With all that there is to life, it is natural that you forget your place sometimes and tend to other affairs that do not concern you. This behavior is natural for those with younger siblings or aged parents.

You may choose to cater to the well-being of the other people around you which means that you will barely have time for yourself and neglect your problems. This behavior makes you lack motivation and the will to do things for yourself.

A glass breaking is the wake-up call you need to fix yourself. Remember that everyone has their lives to live, so you must focus on yourself and let others do the same.

Final Thoughts

In all of the interpretations possible for broken glass, it is necessary that you remember that these meanings only hold water when it happens by accident. If you break a glass on purpose, you cannot expect it to have any other meaning.

interpretations possible for broken glass

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