People have been using mirrors for thousands of years, and one of the first pieces dated back to 6,000 BCE in the regions of today’s Turkey. The first glass-made mirrors were concave or convex in shape, without precise reflection, and expensive to produce.

The first models similar to those used now appeared in the Middle age, and people have often tried to figure out the mirror facing bed spiritual meaning since then. Let’s learn something about the subject together.

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Mirror Facing Bed Spiritual Meanings

People have looked for spiritual meanings of mirrors throughout history, with particular reference to their influence during sleep. The goal was to reveal the soul’s essence besides looking at physical appearance.

Believe it or not, many cultures consider mirrors a portal to other dimensions and a source of wisdom. Therefore, they were one of the crucial tools for divination. Today, a reason to use a mirror is mainly practical, but you can also check a few techniques to balance energy in your home by using the proper mirror position.

For instance, Feng Shui is a widespread Ancient Chinese practice that precisely determines where this piece of furniture should be. Another option you can use for this purpose is Vastu Shastra, a traditional Hindu learning about design and furniture layout.

One of the oldest beliefs is that an inadequately placed mirror in the bedroom can invite spirits of water through the mirror. The problem is that no one can be pretty sure what kind of spirit a particular element has, good or bad.

Therefore, moving the mirror from the bedroom, preferably to the bathroom, seems a better choice to prevent inviting adverse spirits into the space. If that is impossible, you should try to avoid having a mirror facing the bed.

1. Positive impact

Although there are numerous negative connotations about the mirror-facing bed, there are also positive ones. For example, a mirror brings light into the space, attracts positive feelings, and brings happiness. The general view is, however, that the mirror shouldn’t look directly into the bed.

It is possible to avoid seeing the whole body by placing the mirror at a certain angle and suitable height, reducing the negative impact. If this position creates a reflection of a beautiful sky or nature, it can improve the energy of the room and make a positive impact.

2. Energy flow

There is no scientific evidence that the energy in a space can be positive or negative. However, many people rely on specific ancient practices to improve the quality of their living space.

The bedroom position in the house or apartment is crucial in this case. Besides the required furniture arrangement, used colors, and position of decorative elements, the place for a mirror is particularly significant.

Feng Shui and Vastu Shastra advocate that the mirror should never look at the bed, regardless of whether it is set to the side wall or ceiling. Otherwise, energy in the bedroom can bounce off its surface and create unhealthy disbalance.

According to these practices, such a mirror position intensifies anxious thoughts, stress, and health issues. On the other hand, a mirror-facing bed disturbs free energy flow, interrupting healthy sleep and causing uncomfortable dreams.

The crucial thing is that a mirror only reflects what already exists in the space. So, you should think of the quality of the room’s energy before hanging it in the space where you sleep.

3. Effect on sleep

Effect on sleep

​Quality sleep is crucial for human health, but achieving it is a challenging task for many people. If you believe a mirror can help, ask a Feng Shui expert for advice.

Be aware that the mirror beside your bed reflects even the slightest movement you make while sleeping, which can quickly lead to awakening. Besides, any light glare or movement from outside your room can do the same after reflecting on the mirror surface.

In some cultures, a mirror represents a portal to other dimensions. In other words, it may attract spirits, disrupt sleep, cause restlessness and nightmares, and drain energy from the sleeper.

In addition, seeing your reflection as soon as you wake up can severely disrupt your mood if you are not a morning person. There is also a belief that a dreamer’s soul wanders around the room during sleep, and seeing itself in the mirror during the night can confuse and frighten it.

4. Love

Regarding love life and couples, dual interpretations can occur regarding mirror-facing beds. For instance, an ancient belief is that mirroring and reflection of a couple in the bedroom mirror can enhance and strengthen the relationship.

On the other hand, people from most traditions believe that the mirror doubles the energy. That way, you can unintentionally attract a third-person appearance in your love life, causing infidelity.

You can reduce that impact by spiritually and energetically cleaning your mirror with salt water, holly water, or essential oils with protective properties. Oils like sandalwood, patchouli, frankincense, rosemary, lavender, and sage can symbolically help your efforts.

5. Self-awareness

The significance of the mirror in one’s life lies in the fact that it is an essential meeting of a person with his image. Looking deeper, it is the physical, emotional, and mental encounter with oneself.

You can connect this attitude with a well-known myth of Narcissus from Greek mythology. According to it, a beautiful hunter falls in love with the image of himself after spotting his reflection in the water.

Likewise, placing a mirror in the bedroom facing the bed puts your body in the spotlight, whether the scene is likable or not. For some, this may bring psychological consequences, including increased insecurities and self-criticism.

Others can begin enjoying the view and spend valuable time in front of the mirror more than necessary. Therefore, avoiding this piece of furniture in the bedroom is the worthy golden mean you should stick to.

6. Wisdom


In some cultures, there is a belief that staring into a mirror can put a person in a trance state. In this way, they come in contact with the spirits of their ancestors. That doesn’t always include negative energy but can help you develop intuition and wisdom.

For this purpose, a mirror in the bedroom as an oasis of peace can help in spiritual development. In other words, morning and evening rituals that allow you to connect with yourself through a mirror-facing bed can be significant for spirituality.

Inner growth, balanced energy, a sense of purpose, and confidence in that context can significantly impact your daily life.

7. Messages

Some believe that mirrors can transmit messages from the spiritual world as portals for connection. According to this attitude, sleeping in a mirror-facing bed can allow you to establish contact with spiritual beings.

Besides, such a position of the bed affects the dreams of those who sleep in front of it. They can be difficult, even prophetic, and reveal a secret you may not be able to handle. It is on you to remove the mirror from your bedroom or work on your spirituality.

8. Divination tool

The mirror’s reflective surface is one of the essential tools for divination and fortune-telling. During these sessions, mediums carry out certain rituals, stare at the mirror, and sometimes even fall into a trance state.

This method, called scrying, is a part of various cultures, allowing the medium to obtain messages and predictions from the dead. Interestingly, there is a difference in the type of mirror for this practice.

In most cases, scrying requires a dark mirror or a regular one painted with a black spray. The crucial thing is that it still creates reflection. Another option is an obsidian stone mirror and even a regular mirror, but without the possibility of seeing your reflection.

9. Connection with spirits

Connection with spirits

Ancient cultures believed that everything they saw in this world had spirits. In the Middle Ages, the belief was that the mirror was a portal that connected this world to other dimensions. The reflective nature of the mirror reminded people of water, which could also create an image if the surface was still.

Nowadays, you can see numerous scenes in modern movies with summoning spirits. In these situations, mirrors mediate communication and allow the spirit to pass into another dimension.

These are often terrifying scenes with unwanted spirits crossing into the modern world. Based on this, reconsidering the place of the mirror in the bedroom can be wise, particularly when reflecting on the bed. Always pay additional attention to this when designing your child’s bedroom.

10. Shape

According to Feng Shui, if the mirror is facing the bed, the effect it has on the sleeper depends on its shape. The oval or round shape of the mirror symbolizes unity and harmony, balancing the energy in the space.

If the shape is rectangular or square, it represents grounding and stability and thus affects the feeling of security. This kind of mirror also improves sleep quality.

The only mirror to avoid is a large one in front of the bed, whatever the shape is. Due to its size, it can negatively affect the energy of the space. If it is impossible to change its position, covering it during the night can solve the problem.

10 Spiritual Meanings of Mirror Facing Bed pin

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