We often wear jewelry of all types for spiritual protection, energy, and good luck. And the type of jewelry used most commonly for that is undoubtedly bracelets. What does it mean when your bracelet breaks, however? Does this mean bad luck, is there anything, in particular, you need to do or worry about?

Or are we just looking too much into things and the fact your jewelry broke just means you’ve been using it too much? Here are the 14 likely explanations from a spiritual point of view we’d like to point you toward.

What does it mean when your bracelet breaks?

Spiritual Meanings Of Bracelet Breaking

If we’re talking about scientific explanations, obviously, the reason your bracelet broke is most likely that you’ve knocked it somewhere accidentally, that it was just worn out, or that it was poorly made. And if you know that any of these is indeed the case, there isn’t much sense in looking for a spiritual explanation behind your broken bracelet.

However, often our bracelets break for no apparent physical reason – even when they are new, even when we know they are of high enough quality, and even when we haven’t knocked them anywhere. In situations such as these – and especially when the bracelet was supposed to have some spiritual powers – it’s only natural to wonder what does it mean when your bracelet breaks.

So, below we’ll lay out the 14 most like explanations for why your bracelet broke. We’ll look at the case of a broken evil eye bracelet first as that’s the most popular type but we’ll also look at other types of bracelets further down the list.

The reasons behind your evil eye bracelet breaking

We’ll kick off our list with 5 common reasons why your evil eye bracelet might have broke. Those apply regardless of what kind of evil eye bracelet you have and even work for jewelry such as an evil eye necklace or evil eye amulets.

All of these work in a similar way as they are all made with special eye-colored beads – usually blue or green – and are meant to provide spiritual protection. Evil eye bracelets simply tend to be more popular than evil eye necklaces, amulets, earrings, and other jewelry types.

1. You might have been overusing your bracelet

You might have been overusing your bracelet

The first and most likely reason why your evil eye cracks – aside from physical wear and tear or knocks – is that it has simply done its job. After all, the whole idea of evil eye bracelets is to offer spiritual protection over time and to protect you from negativity, harm, and bad luck.

Even the best charm isn’t eternal, however, so, if you’ve carried your evil eye bracelet for a while, it may just be time to get a new one. If you were wearing your evil eye bracelet on your left hand, then it likely protected you from plenty of evil spirits and negativity until it got exhausted. And, if you were wearing it on your right hand, then it kept you say from bad luck instead.

In either of those cases, the bracelet has done its job and you should simply replace it with a new one.

2. You’re facing issues that your bracelet can’t help you with

Another less positive cause for breakage would be that you’re dealing with too much – or too intense – negative energy and the evil eye bracelet isn’t enough to keep you safe. This happens when you’ve been the target of very evil people and you require an extra layer of protection – more than a mere evil eye bracelet.

3. You’ve been having too much bad luck recently

Similarly to the above, if you’ve been experiencing an inordinate amount of misfortune, it may just be that a single evil eye bracelet can’t keep up with the pressure and it broke trying to keep you safe. This can be the case if you’re the target of a strong curse or intense spiritual attacks from a powerful source.

4. You’ve started exhibiting the issues your bracelet was supposed to protect you from

You’ve started exhibiting the issues your bracelet was supposed to protect you from

You should also consider whether you yourself might have accidentally undermined the bracelet by having the negative energies the bracelet was meant to protect you from – this is often the case when we’re overcome with feelings such as envy or jealousy.

5. It wasn’t made well enough

Last but not least, your evil eye bracelet might just have been of a poor make. Every evil eye charm should not only be made well physically but also have proper spiritual threading. If an evil eye breaks for no apparent reason, the fault may be in a single evil eye bead that’s just not charged adequately and is beyond repair.

The spiritual meaning of other types of jewelry breaking

As popular as evil eye bracelets are, there are many other types of bracelets worn for their spiritual properties, most of them utilizing various types of crystals and minerals. So, if you’ve got a rose quarts heart bracelet, a crystal bracelet, or any other type break unexpectedly, here are 9 other common explanations for what that might mean.

6. A bracelet breaking at night means healing and completion

A very common experience is to wake up and find your bracelet broken even though it was just sitting there on the nightstand. This is actually good, however, as a broken crystal under the moonlight signifies completion and the end of a cycle. All that’s even more true of the crystal break was meant for healing as it means you’ll be getting better soon.

7. Jewelry breaking in the morning is a bad omen for the rest of your day

On the other hand, a broken piece in the morning or around midday is much more than just an inconvenience – it means that you’re entering the sunlight of the new day without protection and you’re likely to experience more than enough misfortunes to necessitate a new bracelet.

8. It’s time to leave your comfort zone and explore new endeavors

A spiritual protection bracelet of any kind breaking can also be seen to mean that you’ve been “overprotecting yourself” from a disaster that isn’t coming and you should, instead, get out of your comfort zone and let your soul pursue a new passion freely.

9. You’re entering a new part of your life

Similarly, a spiritual bracelet breaking can be an obvious sign that you are beginning a new part of your life and you don’t need your old bracelet shield anymore. Instead, the best choice would be to look for the right ritual and spiritual protection for this new journey you’re on.

10. You have let your guard down

There are many bracelets that offer spiritual protection such as a tiger eye bracelet and many others. In most cases, when such a bracelet breaks, it can indicate that you’re under spiritual attacks and you’ve let yourself vulnerable for a bit and your bracelet has had to compensate for your guard being down.

11. Your chakras are well-supplied with energy

Your chakras are well-supplied with energy

A chakra bracelet breaking is usually a good sign as it means the bracelet has done its job of supplying your chakras with energy and is now exhausted. You may still want to get a new one if you don’t feel your chakras are where they should be yet, of course.

12. The Universe is sending you a message

A spiritual bracelet breaking can also simply be a message from the Universe, although the exact content of said message usually depends on a case-by-case basis. It will often come with a dream, however, so it can be accompanied by an image of another adornment, a message of compassion, or almost anything else.

13. Your enthusiasm for life may be waning

A carnelian jewelry bracelet breaking usually has a very specific meaning – one about the vulnerability of your spirit and the waning of your enthusiasm for life. Such an event should necessitate drastic changes as it usually means emotional trouble such as severe depression.

14. You are about to lose a friend if your bracelet is falling off

Lastly, if your bracelet broke by randomly falling off your wrist and it was a gift from someone, the meaning here almost always is that you’re about to have a fallout with that person soon if you don’t do something fast. So, that’s usually a clear sign that you need to work on your relationship with that person.

In conclusion

An evil eye or crystal bracelet is a powerful symbol of protection which is why it’s so distressing when it happens to break unexpectedly. Obviously, the most likely explanation for the breakage is that you’ve hit it somewhere or just that you’ve let it get worn out. But there are also quite a few interesting spiritual explanations for those cases when there was no apparent physical cause.

And, even though it seems distressing when a spiritual bracelet breaks, it’s interesting how often that’s not a bad sign at all. Most of the time, the breakage means that the bracelet has done its job quite well and has either protected you from something major or has been protecting you for a very long time. In the rare cases that the breakage is a bad sign, however, it’s wise to take action as soon as possible.

In conclusion

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