Did you recently learn to read your aura? Well, if your aura happened to be colored green, congratulations! A green aura is connected to the heart chakra and indicates new beginnings and good health.

The aura color’s hues, tones, and strength are essential in determining your aura’s precise spiritual meaning. Moreover, the position where your aura is located is also quintessential.

Don’t be alarmed by all these complexities, as we have included all these basics in this post. Read on to find out green aura spiritual meanings!

Spiritual Meanings of Green Aura


Spiritual Meanings of Green Aura: Based on shades of the aura

1.   Light green aura spiritual meaning:

A light green aura means that you’re a budding self-care enthusiast. You’ve just entered the world of healing and growth.

Just as the color of budding young leaves, the color light green represents renewal and growth. This aura tells you to put your maximum effort to groom yourself, take enough me-time to heal and attain your inner peace, and always strive to be a bit better than you were yesterday.

2.   Emerald green aura spiritual meaning:

Like the beautiful emerald color, the one who possesses this colored aura is beautiful and lovable. They act like glue in the surrounding social relationships and hold everyone together harmoniously.

In fact, people are naturally attracted to you and your aura. You make people feel comfortable; they can pour out all their sorrows and frustrations in front of you, and you’ll fill them with love and brightness instead. You are a natural healer.

In order to appreciate and nourish your emerald green aura, you must allow yourself to enjoy your relationships fully. Spend as much time possible with your loved ones.

The combination of light green with a bluish underlying hue in the emerald aura tells you that you are on the path of spiritual enlightenment. Individuals with emerald green aura are also generally inherently lucky.

3.   Dark green aura spiritual meaning:

We are well aware that a green aura, in general, signals healing and growth. However, the underlying black hue in a dark green aura holds the individuals with this specific aura from expressing their green aura personality trait.

They want to grow, learn, and love. They crave attention. However, they are unable to allow anyone to get closer to them. These pent-up frustrations and anxiousness in them birth jealousy and negative emotions.

Therefore, if you have a dark green aura, you must learn to curb your negative energy. Spending time with nature, meditating, and letting go of unrealistic high standards will aid you in keeping your negativity under restraint.

4.   Lime green aura spiritual meaning:

Lime green aura is a stunning blend of yellow and green aura. People with this aura have the best traits of both.

The yellow hue in the aura fuels your creative and imaginative abilities. And at the same time, you are thoughtful, and you are hungry for growth. Your artistic skills leave everyone awestruck. Moreover, you are always one step forward in coming up with creative solutions to real-life problems.

What’s more, individuals with a yellow-green aura are further believed to be naturally lucky. Be it winning a contest or a lottery, or just bagging

Lime green aura meaning

5.   Turquoise aura spiritual meaning:

Those with a turquoise aura, commonly known as a blue-green aura, are blessed with the best of both worlds. This aura means that you are an empathetic person driven by a humanitarian purpose. Aqua aura individuals are compassionate, and they make others feel comfortable and heard.

This aura commonly blesses those who are great teachers, healers, motivators, and guides. They inspire people to grow and transform themselves into better versions. If you possess this aura, you’ll be able to sense a green aura around your body with a hint of bluish hue around your head.

6.   Bright green aura spiritual meaning:

Many confuse a bright green aura with a dark green aura. The major distinction between these aurae, as the name suggests, is the brightness and glow that bright green features.

Individuals with bright green aura face their life challenges heads on instead of complaining and whining about them. They are content with their life achievements and what life has offered them to date. Furthermore, they are experts in handling personal, familial, and social relationships.

7.   Glittery green aura spiritual meaning:

You’re probably a social butterfly if you have a glittery or shimmery green aura. Individuals with shimmery green aura have high social batteries and are able to build strong and healthy social relationships.

In fact, their charismatic and social skills awestruck everybody in the social circle, and people love to spend time around them.

Such individuals enjoy and strive for the limelight. Furthermore, their social and communication skills and the ability to make people comfortable and influence them also make them great leaders.

Glittery green aura meaning

8.   Apple green aura spiritual meaning:

People with apple green aura are appreciated and adored for their benevolence. In relationships, apple green aura individuals are almost always the ‘giver’. These individuals are highly sensitive towards others’ needs and demands and are always there for those in need.

Given the ability to heal people and make them feel loved and valued, apple green aurae are common among those involved in the medical profession. Furthermore, people under this aura are naturally nurturing and make great life partners.

9.   Muddy green aura spiritual meaning:

Similar to the dark green aura, a muddy green aura also has hues of greys in it. To help better picture this color, you can think of olive color.

The shades of darkness in this aura also triggers a few toxic traits in individuals possessing a muddy green aura. For instance, a muddy green aura tempts one to be arrogant and selfish. Such individuals are too self-consumed to be wary about others’ needs and demands.

These individuals do not trust others either and are often left alone with their own thoughts and emotions. Being aware of one’s negative traits and trying to subside them is one of the best ways to move forward for such people in order to can mitigate the aura’s harsh effects.

10.  Mint green aura spiritual meaning:

Spiritual authors claim that a mint green aura enables one to have a positive outlook in life and live in peace and harmony. On the one hand, they are adventurous and fearless. And on the other hand, they have a calm and grounded side to them.

Mint green aura is also associated with spirituality. Those with mint green aura are considered to be spiritually awakened, intelligent, and wise. Individuals who strive to grow spiritually, such as priests, clergy, and spiritual instructors, most probably have a mint green aura.

Spiritual Meanings of Green Aura: Based on the position of the aura

1.   A green aura around your heart:

Do you have a green aura around your heart? If that’s the case, it is high time you pay attention to your emotional health. Possessing a green aura around your heart is a signal that you’re feeling lonely and unloved.

You’re in the constant search for attention and validation. It is most probably a result of a long-term unhappy and unloving relationship.

A green aura around your heart

2.   A green aura around your head:

Having a green aura above and around your head signs new beginnings, growth, and healing. You might have a new exciting venture idea in your mind. Or, you might have decided to start a family? Or were you thinking of embarking upon a new career? Or, you might be willing to grow spiritually?

Look around for green color and their meanings around you, as they often hint you towards your next big step.

A green-colored flyer in the street or a conversation with a stranger wearing a green-colored shirt? Give your shot; you might be surprised with how the mystic spiritual energy leaves you hints here and there.

3.   A green area around your hands:

A green aura around your hand means that you’re blessed with a beautiful ability to heal others. Compassion and healing energy oozes out from you. You’re probably a medical practitioner or someone who sympathizes and always steps up to help people in need.

4.   A green aura around your body:

Imparting green aura from the entire body tells you that your connection to the green aura and its vibration is the strongest. Such a strong connection is associated with the person’s core values.

You are optimistic and have a strong growth mindset. You are ready to fight whatever adversities life challenges you with. You want to attract the energy of the green aura to your life. You want to heal, grow, and inspire.


Overall, a green aura blesses people with a clean slate and exciting beginnings. They strive for growth and healing.

What’s more, they not only take care of their soul but also feel equally responsible for healing others. If you possess a green aura, your compassionate nature and healing ability are truly a gift to those around you.

And, in the case you haven’t been able to figure out your aura yet, comment down below; we’d be more than happy to give you some tips!


14 Spiritual Meanings of Green Aura

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