Aura colors are common in folklore or traditional beliefs, and in real life, it is true that we all have this aura and each color represents different meanings. 

Usually, we hear about this blue aura radiating us. But, what does it really mean when we have a blue aura? Is this blue color a good omen or a bad one?

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Spiritual Meanings of Blue Aura

In Psychology, blue means positivity, serenity, alertness, and calmness. Sometimes, it also represents confidence and intuition.

For some, understanding the meaning of the color blue aura is vital, as this reflects the way people perceive them. 

1. Follow your intuitive abilities and psychic skills

When you have a blue aura, specifically green auras turning to turquoise auras, this is a sign that your intuitions are always correct. Generally, you are one of the energy healers and you have a high level of healing capabilities.

As a blue aura is associated with healing, having this means that your personality and your genuineness suit your healing profession. You are encouraged to use this talent to do what is right and just for other people.

For healing professionals, such as nurses and therapists, having this aura means you have a soothing nature. You always offer help and positivity to your patients without having second thoughts.

2. You are an effective communicator

If you have a blue aura, specifically a light blue aura or sky blue aura, this means that you have the spiritual energy of being a communicator.

Generally, a blue aura is associated with the Throat Chakra or Fifth Chakra. In Geometry of Emotions, this blue chakra is also connected with self-expression, awareness, and truth.

However, there are some challenges as well. Because you have this unique energy field and potential, you have such responsibilities that make you feel stressed. Whenever you feel this internal pressure, you are encouraged to take care of yourself and give yourself some time to relax through meditation.

If you are a communicator, your role is to guide and help others who are seeking truth. So, how can you offer them your talents when you cannot help your own?

You are an effective communicator

When this blue aura is blocked whenever you feel exhausted, it can only lead to frustration. If you feel that you cannot speak well, aside from meditation, visualization and writing down the things you want to stay in would be helpful.

Aside from being an effective communicator, blue auras also speak of your deep-thinking skills. You know exactly what to do when people ask for help.

Usually, these deep thinkers are medical workers, teachers, and counselors.

3. You distrust yourself sometimes

If you have a dark blue aura or blue-indigo aura, this represents your distrust of yourself. Generally, dark auras are associated with the Third Eye ChakraYou are struggling and worrying because you do not know what the future holds for you. Thus, you sometimes feel that you cannot rely on your skills or capabilities.

Additionally, if you have a grayish-blue aura, this represents your insecurities in life. A grayish-blue aura is negative energy that makes you feel fearful. Instead of accepting your abilities, there are tendencies when you look at other people and compare yourself – what are the things you are not capable of?

Unfortunately, this causes you to have an impure mind, heart, and soul that does not help you in your career.

Remember, if you have an indigo blue aura, you know the truth and lies. Thus, you should always know your abilities and the things you cannot do.

4. You are highly sensitive

Having a royal blue aura means you are a sensitive person, in a positive way. You use your sensitivity to perceive possible things that may happen, and this is actually good behavior as long as it is controlled.

Additionally, if you have this colored aura, it means that you know when to empathize and be open to people. You use your instincts to find ways to deal with possible problems in the future and you never let negativity consume you.

5. You are open-minded when it comes to relationships

If you have a blue aura, this means that you are an open-minded person, and when it comes to relationships, you are an honest and reliable partner.

There are days when you are romantic and you know how to balance silly times with your loved ones, most especially with yellow aura people. You are also a supportive and protective partner and you will always do your best to make your partner feel your love and affection.

Generally, you want to give more than what you are being given. 

You are open-minded when it comes to relationships

Even in friendships, you are very loyal and helpful, even when those friends do not do the same for you.

What you are asked to do is to stay the same, but know when people are already using you. There is nothing wrong with being kind but you should also know how to value yourself.

Remember, a blue aura person knows how to speak for herself or himself. Thus, you should also be brave to stand up when you know that things are no longer working well for you.

6. Sadness is filling you up

“Oh, your aura is kind of different. Are you sad? Is there a problem?”

I always get to hear these idioms whenever I go to work after having such misunderstandings with my spouse or family members.

One time, I went to work after crying myself to bed when my father got hospitalized months before he passed away.

Even though I did not get those puffy eyes and tried to hide this emotion, especially from my mom who was already separated from my father, this sad emotion was seen by other people.

That was the time when I realized that we all have the ability to read people’s auras. Blue aura is associated with honesty and truth.

If you have cloudy shades of blue aura or muddy blue aura, this represents your sorrow and depression. When you look at yourself in the mirror, you will quickly see if you are glowing or not.

Sometimes, this blue aura is also associated with burnout. You might have been working too hard the past few days and you have already overworked and pushed yourself to the limit.

What you should do is add an orange aura, the color that can unblock your emotional flow, to your blue aura to boost yourself with positive vibes.

You can go on a vacation, take on new adventures, and do the things that you enjoy the most. Photographs allow people to read your emotions, and you do not want them to see your pain, would you?

Sadness is filling you up

Furthermore, there will be days when you interact with someone who has the same blue aura as yours. Because you want others to see you glowing, even when you are hurting, you try your best to interact with people who are hurting as well. 

Medical workers can highly relate to this because, no matter how depressed they are, they cannot show their patients the sadness they feel inside.

If you have a muddy blue aura and you are interacting with a person with this aura, you should keep on using your communication skills, calmness, and empathy. 

Eventually, when the person you are talking to feels the same, both of you will gain understanding and trust.

7. Take new opportunities, when you feel they are good for you

Generally, blue auras help us avoid danger by allowing us to feel possible harm. This means that when you are given new opportunities, you should always take them.

Anyway, you will eventually feel if these opportunities are good for you or not. You have the gut feeling if they will prosper you or hurt you.

Such opportunities include new projects, transition to a new school, moving to a new country, or committing to a new relationship.

Final Thoughts

Indeed, different shades of blue auras speak of different spiritual messages. A blue aura can be both a positive and negative color.

For bright blue auras, this color speaks about your positive personality traits and abilities. It also talks about the positive energies surrounding you.

On the other hand, dark or grayish-blue auras represent your negative emotions and mood. They allow you to reflect on your cloudy mind and how you should continually act when you are around other people.

Final Thoughts  (SpiritualMeanings)

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