It can be unnerving to hit a bird while driving as it flies in front of cars. If you are superstitious or spiritual, you may read some meaning into it.

What does it mean when you hit a bird while driving? Do birds have any spiritual import, or is it all in your mind? There are many purported meanings to hitting a bird while driving, and not all are good. This article explains the spiritual meaning of a bird hitting your car and what you can do about it.

8 Spiritual Meanings Of Hitting A Bird While Driving

Detail Matters When Interpret The Accident (Spiritual Meanings)

Not every incident of hitting a bird means something. But people with deep superstitious beliefs postulate that hitting a bird while driving may mean something bad is about to happen. It is not a common incident, so it is understandable to have misgivings about it if it happens to you.

Therefore, keeping an eye out for possible mishaps in your life within that period may be crucial, especially if you believe the incident means something. There are a few things to consider when you hit a bird while driving, and these factors will help you determine the outcome of the incident because it does not always bode evil every time you hit a bird while driving.

Sometimes, the bird dies on impact, which is a bad omen. It may symbolize the end of a life or a grave illness. It may also symbolize that you are about to enter a season of challenges of losses in your life. So, finding out whether or not the bird dies after impact is crucial.

Other times, the bird survives the accident and flies away. If that happens in your case, it may be a sign from the universe that difficulties are about to end in your life. So, you may want to watch upcoming events, especially if you have been experiencing challenges.

Another factor is the color of the bird. Hitting a white bird may have a different spiritual meaning than hitting a black or differently colored one. White birds typically represent love, purity, and peace, so hitting and killing one may signify an end to something significant in your life.

Spiritual Meanings of Hitting a Bird While Driving

There are other significant spiritual meanings of hitting a bird with your car, whether or not it is an accident. Birds are typically considered messengers; the message they bring you depends on the encounter. So, let’s look at the possible implications of this incident.

1. A Heavenly Visit

Not all incidents of hitting a bird while driving are bad omen. Sometimes, they may mean that you will get a visit from a heavenly being, probably an angel. This is especially true if the bird survives the accident.

Similarly, it may signify the start of a new phase in the right direction. If you have had a string of bad luck, the incident may be a way of the universe telling you that you can overcome whatever comes at you. In the end, you will have victory. Therefore, ensure you check the bird after impact to see if it is dead or alive.

2. Continuous Issues

Continuous Issues

You may encounter the problem of a stuck bird after hitting it. Some do not fly away, but neither do they die, making them stuck. If you experience that, it may be a sign that the problems in your life will continue. The universe may be trying to signal that you are not out of it yet, especially if the bird is green.

The issues may be in your personal life, family, job, career, or any other aspect of your life. So, it may be wise to pay attention to things happening to you within that season and try not to get into more issues as you try to get out of the current ones.

It is not necessarily a bad sign because you are getting a heads-up that you must continue fighting for the resolutions you desire. Perchance, you have been thinking that a solution is around the corner, and while this may seem like a drawback, it removes a false sense of hope.

3. An Unexpected Surprise

The type of bird that hits your windscreen may tell you what is coming. For example, hitting a bright-colored cardinal, specifically red, may mean excellent news is coming your way. The news may come from a visitor, and they will bring only goodness, good luck, happiness, joy, prosperity, and gifts.

Cardinals are songbirds, and their songs bring joy because of their chirpiness. So, if you hit a red-colored one with your car windshield, it may be a sign of good fortune in your life. Someone is bringing something you may be waiting for, which may come as a relationship, healing, or a better career. Keeping the energy around you clean, peaceful, and pure is crucial to enable you to receive the news.

4. The Death of a Relationship

The Death of a Relationship

If you hit a bird while driving, whether it flies into your bumper or window, bad news may be looming. The news may come as the death or end of a relationship. No specific types of relationships are affected by this incident, meaning that it may be love, an office, or a family relationship.

It is not always bad news when a relationship dies, whether or not it is a natural death. Check the dynamics of the relationship during its life: was it beneficial? Were you happy? Who benefited the most? Do you feel relieved that it has ended? Answering these questions should help you determine whether or not it is a good thing.

5. An Incoming and Outgoing Sickness

You or a loved one may be on the verge of falling sick if you hit a black bird while driving. It is not necessarily a blackbird as a species, but hitting any black-colored bird may produce an omen of death. The same is true for a crow or raven. Whether or not you feel sick, undergo a checkup to ensure there are no hidden surprises. Do the same for all your loved ones and close relatives.

On the other hand, hitting this bird type may symbolize the end of a recurring sickness. It may not be for you, so check other people close to you as time passes to see if there are positive changes. The incident may also warn of something bad, so stay alert.

6. A Lack of Joy

Bright-colored birds usually symbolize happiness and joy. If you hit a yellow-colored bird, it may signify a lack of joy in your life. It does not matter whether you have sources of joy in your life; you may be about to enter a season of unhappiness. So, watch out for triggers or anything capable of removing your joy.

However, this applies only if the bird dies. In other words, you are free if it lives; you may even enter a season of happiness you did not expect. Therefore, check the bird after hitting it; do not simply drive away and ignore the sign, as it may lead to many bad omens.

7. Awareness


Being spiritually aware is a gift not many people have, and it does not mean only a few people have it; some people who do are unaware of the gift. But hitting a bird such as an owl may be a way of bringing you enlightenment or awakening you spiritually.

In some cultures, owls symbolize wisdom and knowledge, although many see them as a bad omen. Whatever the case, hitting it should make you reflect on what is currently happening in your life. Get spiritual guidance from someone you trust about the direction of your life. Overcoming difficulties and pursuing peace are crucial at this stage of your life.

8. A Need for Attention to Details

Some people do not pay attention to the fine details of things. As a result, they tend to overlook important aspects of a crucial matter, even in their lives, which may be detrimental. If you are such a person, hitting a bird while driving may indicate that you need to pay more attention, even if you do not kill the bird.

Stop and check the bird if it survives and does not fly away. Take the time to appreciate the gift of life and care for the bird until it recovers. If it dies, ensure you give it a proper burial. And if it flies away, it may be time to reflect on your life and decide what matters. Then, give it the required attention.


There are many meanings attributed to hitting a bird while driving. What you make of it depends on your personal beliefs or where you are in your spiritual growth. However, you must stop and check the bird to see if it needs help once you hit it.

Wear gloves before touching the bird and take it to a wildlife rehabilitation center. And if it flies away, the problem is solved on the spiritual and physical levels. If you are worried about the outcome of the incident, speak with a spiritual person for proper guidance.


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