Lapis lazuli has been prized by humans for millennia for its alluring colors and sometimes enigmatic appearance.

It’s also a stone that is imbued with deeper spiritual significance, so to help you understand more, in this post, we look at 11 spiritual meanings of lapis lazuli.

11 Spiritual Meanings of Lapis Lazuli pin

Lapis Lazuli Spiritual Meanings

1. Logical thought, problem-solving and a thirst for knowledge

Lapis Lazuli is a stone that is associated with intelligence and intellect, so it is a stone that can be used to promote logical, clear thinking.

If you have a particularly difficult problem to solve, placing a piece of lapis lazuli near you while you ponder the issue may help you find new ways to resolve matters that you previously hadn’t seen.

For people with cerebral jobs, placing a piece of this stone near your desk can also help you excel, reaching new levels of achievement while boosting your working efficiency.

Finally, lapis lazuli is also associated with a thirst for knowledge, so a piece of lapis jewelry would make a perfect gift for the kind of curious person who loves reading books, exploring new places and experiencing new things in a constant quest to learn more about the world.

2. Unlocking creativity

As well as being a suitable stone for those who need to do a lot of thinking, lapis lazuli is also ideal for creative people who always need to maintain their spark in coming up with new ideas.

If you are a writer, painter or musician – or engage in any other similarly creative pursuits – wearing a lapis pendant or a bracelet containing a piece of lapis lazuli will help keep your creativity flowing or help clear creative blocks whenever they occur.

At the same time, a piece of lapis jewelry or other lapis object will be a well-received gift for any creative people you know.

Its inherent energy can help with the creative process, and many people can also find inspiration in the contemplation of its absorbing blue depths flecked with gold that’s so reminiscent of the eternal universe.

3. Success


This beautiful stone has been sought after by humankind for as long as humans have existed, and rulers from around the world have placed great value on possessing it and surrounding themselves with it.

This association with rulers, royalty and the rich and powerful means it is also intimately connected to success, so if you are looking for something that will help you attain your goals, lapis lazuli could be that stone.

If you are about to give a significant presentation, attend a key meeting or take an important exam, make sure you wear a piece of lapis jewelry or keep a piece of this stone close to you.

This will help boost your positive energy and give you extra confidence, ensuring that you perform to the best abilities and achieve everything your hard work deserves.

And again, if you know somebody who needs this kind of help in an endeavor they are currently undertaking, few other stones will make a more welcome gift.

4. Truth, honesty and keeping one’s word

Lapis is a stone that represents truth, honesty and keeping one’s word, so if these values are important to you, wearing a piece of lapis jewelry can help you stay true to your ideals.

When you need to make a promise to someone, you can also give them a gift of a piece of lapis lazuli in the form of a piece of jewelry or anything else as a token that you mean to do what you say and that they can hold you to your word until you complete your duty.

For example, when saying goodbye for an extended period, you can give a piece of lapis lazuli as a token to say that you promise to stay in touch and that you’ll meet again one day.

5. Harmonious relationships and deep friendship

Many stones can represent harmonious relationships and deep friendship, and lapis lazuli is one of the most important.

This means giving this semi-precious stone as a gift can be a symbol of your enduring friendship and your intention to remain close forever – and again, it makes a poignant parting gift since it can be used to say that even though you are apart, you will still remain in each other’s hearts.

At the same time, if you are going through a difficult period with one of your close friends and have argued or perhaps are growing apart, a gift of lapis lazuli can be used to ask for forgiveness, to put past disagreements behind you and to reaffirm your unbreakable bonds.

6. Spiritual or emotional balance and the release of stress

Spiritual or emotional balance and the release of stress

Life is not always easy, and sometimes, we experience events that can throw us out of spiritual or emotional balance – and at such times, lapis is a stone that can help you return to your previous equilibrium.

During difficult times in your life – such as after going through a breakup or losing someone close to you – lapis lazuli can help bring the positive energy and spiritual support that will help you endure the pain.

Similarly, during periods of intense stress – whether at work or in your personal life – lapis lazuli can help you deal with your stress, compartmentalize it and release it in a healthy way rather than crumbling under its pressure.

In addition, when difficult events cause you to question your faith or beliefs, meditating or praying with a piece of lapis lazuli close by can help you regain your spiritual direction – or help you take a new spiritual path if that’s what you need.

7. Inner peace and positivity

Even in easier or happier moments, lapis lazuli can help you find the inner peace and positivity you need to continue to lead a happy and fulfilled life.

We don’t need to be under immense stress or pressure to benefit from moments of relaxation, calm and inner peace. On the contrary, even in these moments when everything seems fine, it’s still important to find time for physical, mental and spiritual repose.

During such moments of downtime, keeping a piece of lapis lazuli close by can help you achieve a relaxed state much more quickly, and it will also help you attain a deeper sense of inner tranquility, from which you will emerge more positive and energized than ever.

8. Self-awareness and self-exploration

Since it can help you achieve mental stillness and repose while simultaneously promoting clear thinking, lapis lazuli can also be used as an aid in meditation and deep reflection during periods of self-exploration.

By keeping a piece of lapis lazuli close to you while you meditate – or perhaps holding a piece in your hand – you will gain greater insight and understanding, learning more about yourself and finding deeper meaning in the answers to the questions you ask.

9. Connection with the universe and deeper mysteries

Connection with the universe and deeper mysteries

It’s hard to look at a beautiful piece of lapis lazuli and not think of the eternal heavens filled with stars, and as such, lapis can also symbolize a connection to the wider universe and the mysteries it contains.

For this reason, it can be worn as a reminder that we are all a part of something greater and that we should never stop seeking, even if the ultimate truth may remain forever beyond our grasp.

10. Deeper spiritual awareness and increased psychic abilities

For spiritual people, lapis lazuli can be worn as a token of their deeply held beliefs, whether that means adherence to a recognized religion or a more personal set of spiritual beliefs.

Lapis lazuli is a stone that promotes spiritual feeling, so wearing a piece can help you maintain a higher level of spiritual awareness, making you more receptive to any messages that are being sent to you from the other side.

At the same time, lapis lazuli can also enhance your existing psychic abilities, helping you understand things more clearly and allowing you to connect with other people on a spiritual level while giving you deeper insight through the power of your intuition.

11. Driving away negativity or evil spirits

Lapis lazuli has long been believed to have the power to drive away negativity, ward off evil spirits and protect people from the evil eye – beliefs that come from civilizations as old and diverse as ancient Rome and ancient Persia.

Today, some people still wear lapis for similar reasons since it can protect them from harm and negativity while helping them stay positive in all they do.

A beautiful and powerful stone

As we’ve seen, although lapis lazuli is undeniably a beautiful stone to look at, there’s far more to it than mere aesthetics. Rather, this is a powerful stone full of positivity that can help you with many aspects of your life.

It promotes clear thought and unlocks creativity while promoting positivity, honesty and friendship. It can also help you make progress on your spiritual journey while protecting you from negativity, making it a wonderful stone to own or give as a gift.

11 Spiritual Meanings of Lapis Lazuli pin

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