As well as being a highly attractive stone or crystal, sodalite also possesses many powerful spiritual properties and can be used to help you in many areas of your life.

So to help you understand more about it and how to make the best use of all its beneficial attributes, in this post, we discuss 11 spiritual meanings of sodalite.

Spiritual Meanings of Sodalite

The Spiritual Meanings of Sodalite

1. Communication

One of the best-known properties and spiritual meanings of sodalite is that it represents communication, and enhancing your ability to communicate more clearly is one of its most common uses.

For example, if you are the kind of person who finds it difficult to express your thoughts or ideas effectively, you might consider placing a piece of sodalite on your desk where you work or somewhere in your home to help with your communication.

Another possibility is to wear a piece of sodalite incorporated into a piece of jewelry such as a pendant to boost your communication skills throughout the day.

Alternatively, if you have fallen out with someone or you haven’t been seeing eye-to-eye, gifting a piece of sodalite jewelry can restore the blocked channels of communication and help your relationship return to where it was before.

2. Balance

Sodalite is also known to represent balance, and this is another reason many people like to wear sodalite jewelry or place pieces of sodalite in strategic places around their homes or offices.

Some people tend to be very analytical but are unable to listen to their heart while for others, the opposite is true – instead of thinking logically, they make impulsive or rash decisions.

Being too extreme in either direction is not ideal. Rather, it is being able to balance the heart and the head that will enable you to make the best decisions and to lead the most fulfilled and rewarding life, and sodalite can help you achieve this.

Similarly, it is also important to find the right balance between the physical and the spiritual, and placing pieces of sodalite around you can help you achieve this balance.

3. Calm


One of sodalite’s most powerful properties is its ability to bring calm, and this is something else it is renowned for.

If you or somebody else has a hot temper or has anger management issues, sodalite can help calm these fierier tendencies, allowing for calm reflection rather than decisions made in the heat of the moment.

For somebody like this, a piece of sodalite on a pendant is particularly recommended.

Another use is for people who suffer from anxiety or panic attacks. Sodalite’s properties are ideal for calming such emotions, helping to bring more stability to such people’s lives.

At the same time, if you know you are about to face a particularly stressful event – such as having to give a speech to a room full of people – sodalite can bring you the calm that will help you perform to your best ability.

Sodalite is also a good option if you need to return some calm to your life if you are going through a stressful or tumultuous period – or it could make a gift for someone you know who is experiencing such difficulties.

4. Self-esteem

If you are feeling short of self-esteem, sodalite can also help to give you a boost of confidence.

This may be due to sodalite’s ability to absorb negative energy, so if you are surrounded by negative energy that’s making you feel down, keeping a few pieces of sodalite near you can help make you feel better about yourself.

This is another reason sodalite may be a kind of secret weapon for difficult moments like speaking in public since it can take away the negative energy that’s causing you to doubt yourself and help you deliver a more self-assured performance.

5. Self-acceptance

Sodalite can also help if you are having trouble accepting yourself for who you really are or if you are having any kind of identity issues.

Many people find themselves under pressure to conform or to act in certain ways for the benefit of others. However, if you are not true to yourself, it can leave you feeling like you are living a lie.

In such a situation, we can lose our sense of self-worth, and we try to hide away who we really are because we feel ashamed – and sometimes, we are capable of denying our true nature, even to ourselves.

If this is something that you can relate to, sodalite can help you face such issues and learn to accept yourself for who you really are. It can help you learn to love yourself as you are, and it can also help give you the confidence to open up more to others.

This may especially resonate with people who are dealing with issues surrounding their sexuality and the decision to come out to their friends and families. At such times, sodalite may help bring you the courage to take this frightening but important step.

6. Ordered thought, objectivity and rationality

Ordered thought, objectivity and rationality

If you are having trouble thinking clearly or ordering your thoughts, being near sodalite can help with this. As we’ve already mentioned, sodalite can help absorb negativity, leaving only positive vibrations around you and allowing you to order your thoughts.

This may be especially useful when you need to be able to consider things objectively and rationally without letting your emotions cloud your judgement.

This might be important if you need to make a big decision about your future and you want to make the best logical choice without being influenced by sentimentality.

Sodalite can also be an inspired choice of gift for somebody who always makes irrational decisions through being overemotional.

7. Intuition

Although it’s important to consider things rationally – something that sodalite can help with – it can also be necessary to learn how to listen to your intuition, and this something else that sodalite can be used for.

Following your intuition is very different from simply making quick and rash decisions – rather, it means taking the time to consider your options carefully and then listening to your instinct and intuition when making up your mind.

Learning to trust your intuition is an important spiritual skill to develop – and having sodalite nearby when you spend time in deep thought and reflection can help teach you this skill.

8. Groundedness

Sodalite can also help people stay grounded, so it can be a good gift to offer to people to congratulate them when they achieve some kind of success.

It’s a way of telling them to enjoy their success because they deserve it after all the hard work they’ve put in to achieve it – but at the same time, it helps them remain humble and tells them they shouldn’t forget where they came from or the people who helped them on the way up.

9. Absorbing negative energy

Absorbing negative energy

We’ve already mentioned that sodalite is good at absorbing negative energy, and in more general terms, it can be used to clear away negativity and bring more positivity to your life.

This means if you feel you are becoming more negative in your outlook of late – or negative people are bringing you down with them – a few well-placed pieces of sodalite can be an effective counter to this.

Sodalite jewelry can also be a good choice of gift for someone you see becoming increasingly negative because it will help free them of negative waves and bring more positivity to their life too.

10. Emotional and spiritual wellness

For people who are going through emotionally difficult periods in their lives, sodalite can be used to bring the strength needed to survive the dark times and come out shining on the other side.

For example, if somebody has recently split up from their partner, sodalite can help provide the emotional strength and support for them to process the split in a healthy way.

Sodalite can also help improve spiritual wellness.

For example, if you have been having vivid dreams that you interpret as telling you that you have some kind of repressed trauma hidden within your subconscious mind, sodalite can help you find the courage to face the past, returning you to spiritual balance and harmony.

11. Self-expression and creativity

Finally, sodalite is known to help release creativity, allowing you to express yourself more freely.

If you are an artistic or creative person but are currently suffering from a creative block, wearing sodalite or placing it near where you work may help unblock you and help your creativity start flowing again.

A beautiful material with powerful beneficial properties

As we’ve seen, sodalite is known for much more than just its beauty and can be used to bring calm, clarity of thinking, self-confidence and self-acceptance. It can also be used to unlock creativity, enabling you to release your full creative potential.

As a result, placing pieces of sodalite in your home and work area can help improve your life in many noticeable ways – and gifting sodalite jewelry is also a good way to help others in need of the kind of benefits that sodalite can bring.

A beautiful material with powerful beneficial properties

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