Jade is doubtlessly one of the most beautiful stones that the Earth provides for us, and high-quality jade and the objects made from it can be worth eye-watering amounts of money.

However, our fascination with jade doesn’t come from its aesthetic value alone since it’s also an incredibly powerful stone – and to help you learn more about why, in this post, we go into the details of jade spiritual meaning.

11 Spiritual Meanings of Jade pin

Jade Spiritual Meanings

1. Immortality

According to ancient Chinese beliefs, jade was associated with the soul and immortality, and one of the most striking examples of how jade was used as a result of this is found in jade burial suits.

These are thought to have been popular during the Han dynasty (202 BCE – 9 CE and then 25–220 CE), and they consisted of many small pieces of jade that were joined together with wire to make a full-body suit for the deceased.

They would have represented a significant expense for the departed and their family, so only the richest members of society could afford them.

However, they were believed to bestow eternal life on the deceased, so this was a price those who could afford it were willing to pay.

Following on from this idea, according to modern spiritual practices, jade can be seen as representing the eternal soul.

This means wearing a piece of jade or placing a jade object in prominent view can help remind us of the fleeting nature of our physical existence compared to the eternal nature of our spirit.

2. Longevity

As well as eternal life, jade is also connected to longevity, enabling people to remain as long as possible in the physical realm before passing into the afterlife.

An interesting example of how this manifested itself in jade objects, also from China, comes in the form of jade mouthpieces for opium pipes.

According to the beliefs of the people who used them, breathing through these mouthpieces conferred a long and healthy life on the smoker.

Nowadays, few people would recommend smoking opium as a way of ensuring a long life, but the jade the mouthpieces were made of is still thought to have the same life-preserving powers.

As a result, rather than smoking opium through a jade mouthpiece, we would recommend wearing a piece of jade jewelry – perhaps in the form of a bracelet with jade beads or as a pendant – to enjoy similar benefits.

Alternatively, placing jade ornaments in your home will also ensure you and all the other people who live there are able to enjoy long and prosperous lives.

3. Fertility


Jade has also long been connected with fertility, and people have turned to it for millennia as an aid to conceiving.

In Japan, this idea was prevalent as long as 7,000 years ago – one suggestion is that the green color of jade and its connection with nature and all things that grow is one reason for this.

This means if you are trying to have a baby, wearing a jade charm may increase your chances of receiving happy news.

Of course, if you are having trouble conceiving, this is no replacement for modern medicine and the advice of a professional fertility specialist since they can run tests to see why you aren’t getting pregnant and offer medical solutions.

However, sometimes nature simply needs a little help to work its magic, and at such times, charms like those made of jade can’t do any harm and may well help to speed up the process.

4. Health and virility

A piece of high-quality jade almost seems to glow with vitality, and jade can also help you maintain your body in a state of robust good health – when coupled with a healthy diet and active lifestyle, of course.

Jade is also thought to help with ailments of the kidneys and the nether regions – one name for a type of jade, “nephrite”, is ultimately derived from a Greek word meaning “kidney”.

Similarly, it’s connected to male virility, so it can be used by men to boost their libido when worn as a bracelet or as an amulet.

Alternatively, placing a jade object near your bed at night can also help boost your prowess in nighttime activities.

5. Nobility and a connection to traditional Chinese values

In ancient China – and even today – jade was prized and highly sought-after, occupying a similar position in Chinese culture as gold or diamonds in the West.

As such, only royalty and the wealthy nobility could afford it, and for this reason, it is associated with wealth and noble values.

According to Chinese tradition, this involves ideas such as respect for one’s parents, the importance of family, harmony and benevolence, all important Confucian ideals.

Since jade is so deeply associated with the Far East and with China specifically, wearing a piece of jade can be symbolic of such ideals.

For non-Chinese, jade can also be worn or displayed as a symbol of one’s affinity for or spiritual connection to Chinese culture or traditional values.

Alternatively, jade can also be taken as a symbol of more generally perceived noble values, such as courage, honor, discipline and fidelity, and wearing a piece can serve as a reminder to live one’s life according to such values.

6. Purity


Many people think of jade as typically being a green stone, but it exists in other colors – and in ancient China, one of the most sought-after varieties was so-called “mutton fat” jade.

This type of jade displays a white hue, and like many white objects, this can be seen as a symbol of purity.

This means jade – especially white jade – can be worn to represent this, and placing a piece of jade nearby or even holding it in your hand during meditation or a ritual of purification can make the meditation or ritual more effective.

7. Inner peace and tranquility

Jade is also a stone that can promote inner peace and tranquility, and as such, it can also be incorporated into spiritual practices such as meditation to help you achieve a state of calm.

When used in this way, after reaching a place of peace and tranquility within your meditative state, you will gain a greater insight into the truths you seek, leading you to deeper spiritual understanding and higher levels of spiritual awareness.

8. Protection against negativity and negative influences

If you need to protect yourself against negativity and negative influences, jade is also a stone that has this power.

You can protect yourself against negativity during your daily life by wearing an item of jade jewelry at all times, but if you need to protect yourself against more specific negative influences in a particular location, placing a small jade ornament there will be more effective.

For example, if you feel you are suffering from being in proximity to the negative aura of one of your coworkers, you might choose to place a piece of jade on your desk to help deflect their negativity while you are in the workplace.

9. Protection against accidents and bad luck

Protection against accidents and bad luck

By driving away negativity, jade can also help provide protection against accidents, unfortunate events and general bad luck.

This could be especially useful if you feel a particular location has become unlucky for you – for example, you may recently have broken a mug, cut your finger and burned a meal in your kitchen, all within the space of a few days.

When something like this happens, negative energy or spiritual imbalance in that room may be contributing to your run of bad luck there, and placing a piece of jade in the kitchen could help prevent future mishaps.

10. Confidence

If you have been suffering from a lack of confidence of late, jade can also be a powerful stone to help return some of your self-assurance.

Perhaps something has happened recently that has caused you to doubt yourself or experience feelings of low self-esteem, in which case, wearing a piece of jade jewelry can help restore your self-worth.

On the other hand, if you are about to do something that’s making you nervous – like delivering a speech in front of a large audience – wearing jade jewelry or carrying a small jade object during the event will help you perform to the best of your abilities.

11. Deep sleep and protection against bad dreams

Finally, due to its calming effects, jade is also useful for those who have trouble sleeping.

By meditating with a piece of jade in your hand to calm you before sleep and then wearing a piece of jade jewelry during the night or placing a jade item underneath your pillow, you will find it much easier to fall asleep, and your sleep will be deeper and much more refreshing.

At the same time, the jade will also help protect you against bad dreams and nightmares, allowing you to wake up invigorated and ready for whatever the new day has in store for you.

A beautiful stone with great spiritual power

As we’ve seen, far more than just being a pretty stone, jade is associated with potent spiritual power, a power that has been prized and sought after for millennia.

It is connected with longevity, the eternal spirit, virility and fertility and it can also bring the kind of mental stillness and clarity that are conducive to growth and development on the path towards spiritual enlightenment.

11 Spiritual Meanings of Jade pin

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