Few things in this world happen by chance, and for many people, a deeper spiritual meaning can be found in all kinds of natural phenomena, like the appearance of a rainbow, seeing various animals or certain numbers cropping up repeatedly during our daily lives.

Some people also believe that having itchy palms can predict the future, and what is being foretold depends on which hand is itching. So to help you interpret the signification of this common sensation, in this post, we discuss itchy left or right palm spiritual meanings.

Spiritual Meanings of Right or Left Palm Itching

Eliminate any medical possibilities first for itchy palms (Spiritual Meanings )

Eliminate any medical possibilities first for itchy palms (Spiritual Meanings )

If you have an itchy palm, either in your left hand, your right hand – or both – it’s important to eliminate the possibility that it may be down to an underlying medical condition or another more mundane cause before you start thinking about a deeper spiritual meaning.

This is because an itchy palm can be a symptom of a range of conditions, and while some are relatively benign, others can be more serious.

If you have an illness, you may require medical treatment, so a correct diagnosis is essential. Here are some of the common medical reasons for itchy palms that you should consider before you start thinking about whether your itchy palms have a deeper significance.

1. Hand eczema

Thought to affect up to around 10% of Americans, hand eczema is usually caused by exposure of the skin to chemicals or moisture.

People at risk are those who do certain jobs that include catering, cleaning, hairdressing, healthcare and auto repairs, among others.

This means if you do a job like this and you have itchy palms, it is possible that the cause is physical rather than spiritual.

2. An allergic reaction

Another reason that some people have itchy palms is that it is an allergic reaction to something.

Allergic reactions may be due to coming into contact with many substances or materials, including metals such as jewelry, perfumes, latex gloves, soaps, disinfectants, antiseptic or antibacterial substances, dust, soil and highly chlorinated water.

If you have recently been in contact with anything like this that can cause an allergic reaction, discontinue contact and wait to see if the symptoms improve.

3. A reaction to medication

Similar to an allergic reaction, itchy palms or other parts of the body may be the result of a reaction to a medicine that you are taking.

If you experience symptoms such as these after taking medicine, especially one you haven’t taken before, you are advised to see a doctor – but you shouldn’t stop taking prescription medication without seeing a doctor first unless the symptoms are severe.

4. Diabetes

Diabetes is one of the more serious conditions that can cause itchy palms – as well as many other symptoms. Diabetes needs to be diagnosed as quickly as possible since this condition can be life-threatening if not managed correctly.

5. Cirrhosis

Another serious condition that can cause itchy palms and other symptoms is primary biliary cirrhosis. It affects the bile ducts connecting the liver to the stomach and can cause a build-up of bile in the liver.

Other symptoms to look out for include blotchy palms, nausea, bone pain, diarrhea, dark urine and jaundice, and if you identify any of these other symptoms along with itchy palms, you are advised to see a medical professional as soon as possible.

6. Nerve disorder

Conditions such as diabetes, carpal tunnel syndrome and others can cause nerve disorders in the hands, leading to itchy palms. Possibilities such as these should also be eliminated before you consider possible spiritual reasons for your itchy palms.

Folk beliefs about itchy palms (Spiritual Meanings)

If we say figuratively that someone has itchy palms, it means that they are greedy or a money grabber, and the old folk superstition about itchy palms is also related to money.

According to the belief, if you have an itchy left palm, it means that you are going to receive some money soon, while if your right palm is itchy, it means that you are going to have to pay out some money in the near future.

One possible reason for this idea dates back to the time of the Celtic and Anglo-Saxon tribes of Britain in pre-Roman times.

Back then, people believed that rubbing silver on various parts of the body was an effective cure for a whole range of ailments, and when they had itchy palms, they would rub silver coins on them.

Later, Roman fortune-tellers adopted and propagated these beliefs, and over time the association of silver coins and itchy palms gave rise to the idea that itchy palms meant money was either coming in or going out.

Is there any truth to it? (Spiritual Meanings)

Is there any truth to it? (Spiritual Meanings)

Intriguingly, there may be some truth behind the superstition since spiritualists believe that itchy palms or other areas of the body indicate a flow of energy through that part of the body.

This means that itchy palms could represent a subconscious awareness of money that is about to flow in or out through those hands.

Furthermore, since the left hand is usually considered “passive” and the right is considered “active” (because most people are right-handed), this explains why an itchy left hand foretells money to be received but the right foretells money to be paid out.

Another belief related to this is that excess energy can be expelled by rubbing your hands on wood, so if you have itchy palms, rubbing them on wood may give you some relief from this occasionally disconcerting sensation.

Others believe that rubbing your hands on wood, especially when your palms are itching, is a way of guaranteeing that more money will be heading your way soon.

Other possible Spiritual Meanings for itchy palms

While what we have just been talking about is related to folk tradition and superstition, it is true that many folk beliefs are rooted in some kind of deeper truth that has been lost, and this may well be true of the beliefs about itchy palms too.

In fact, itchy palms may not be related to giving or receiving money in the literal sense but rather, to giving and receiving in a more metaphorical sense. This is the true spiritual meaning of having itchy palms, but it has been distorted over many years.

Itchy left palm spiritual meanings

Energy forces are constantly flowing through our bodies, and the left hand is associated with passive, receiving energy. However, this doesn’t mean that you are necessarily going to receive money – instead, you could be receiving gifts or messages from the universe or a higher plane.

The energy of the left hand is where our feminine energy is concentrated, and this is associated with intuition.

For this reason, a tingling or itching in the palm of your left hand could be telling you that now is the time to listen to your intuition and heed what it is telling you.

It is quite possible that spirits or guardian angels are trying to contact you through other means such as angel numbers, but that you are currently not receptive enough to hear and understand these messages.

In this case, a tingling or itchy left palm may be an indication that you need to take the time to be calm, to reflect and to be more mindful of what is going on around you.

Then, once you achieve a more receptive state, the messages that you are being sent may become more apparent and easier to interpret.

Itchy right palm spiritual meanings

On the contrary to your left hand, your right hand is where your active, male energy is concentrated. This energy is related to being more decisive, to being proactive and doing the things that need to be done.

This means that an itchy right palm may be telling you that now is the time to use your decisiveness because at the moment, you are vacillating, and this hesitancy may be detrimental to your happiness or success.

When you experience an itchy right hand, consider the decisions you are currently faced with in your life.

Are you thinking about changing your job? Are you considering starting up or breaking off a relationship? Or perhaps you are considering moving house to another region or even a foreign country.

Decisions like these can be tough, and choosing to make big changes like these in your life can cause you to doubt yourself.

However, an itchy right palm can be an indication that the decision will turn out to be the right one, so you shouldn’t hesitate because otherwise, the opportunity may pass you by.

Both palms itching spiritual meanings

While both palms may itch at the same time for medical reasons, having them both itch at the same time for spiritual reasons is not so common.

This should be obvious because they are both related to different types of conflicting energies, so for them both to be activated at the same time may be confusing.

Is the message about being passive and open to accepting messages that come to you through your intuition or is it about being active and decisive?

While it can be hard to reconcile, this kind of sensation may be an indication that you are currently experiencing a heightened state of spiritual or psychic flux and that the energies flowing through you are more agitated and highly charged than usual.

This means you will need to find the cause of the energetic imbalance within you and resolve it to enable you to return to a state of spiritual and energetic equilibrium.

In this case, the best course of action is to take time to be calm and still and to meditate on everything that is going on in your life at the moment.

Your energies may somehow have become blocked, and it is only through deep thought, reflection and meditation that you will be able to discover why – and ultimately unblock them by taking the necessary steps in your life and relationships.

Different parts of your palms or hands itching (spiritual meanings)

Different parts of your palms or hands itching (spiritual meanings)

If you are unable to resolve itching of one or both hands through reflection and meditation alone, thinking about the precise location of the itching may also give you some clues. Here are some suggestions that may help.

1. Palm at base of pinky finger itching

The pinky finger and the part of the palm close to the base of your pinky are related to emotions, relationships and your sex life.

If this part of your left palm is itching, it could indicate that a new relationship is on the horizon, but you need to be receptive to allow the positive energy of this new person to flow into your life.

If you experience this sensation in your right hand, it means you may have a decision to make, whether that means beginning a relationship, ending one or something else.

2. Palm near wrist itching

If the palm of your left hand is itching next to your wrist, it may mean that you are insisting on retaining too much control and that you should feel more comfortable with allowing things to take their natural course.

In the right hand, it may mean the opposite, and the message is that you are allowing yourself to be pushed around too easily.

3. Palm near thumb itching

The message of your left palm itching close to the base of your thumb is that you are not being receptive enough to communication, which may lead to misunderstandings.

On the right hand, it means that you are being too reticent and need to make an effort to communicate more openly.

4. Center of palm itching

The center of your left palm itching means you need to try to be more open to everything around you because you are currently blocking out positive forces in your life.

The same feeling in your right hand means you need to work at being a more positive force in the lives of others.

Many spiritual meanings of itchy palms

So as we have seen, there are many possible reasons for your palms to itch – and first, you should make sure they are not itching for a medical reason because if they are, you should have your condition looked at.

However, there are also deep spiritual reasons why your palms may itch, and understanding the difference between the energies in your left and right hands as well as in the different parts of your hands will help you interpret the spiritual messages this can bring.

Many spiritual meanings of itchy palms


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