The ankh (crux ansata, cross with a handle) was a prominent Egyptian cross symbol of a supernatural presence. Its look reminded people of the Christian cross with a teardrop on the top instead of the vertical bar, and it was sometimes used as a scepter.

In ancient times, it was considered the ultimate gift of life, the key of the river Nile, and a symbol of Egyptian gods and pharaohs. Nowadays, you can find several other ankh spiritual meanings. For instance, it is still a symbol of eternal life, wisdom, fertility, life after death, and immortality.

11 Spiritual Meanings of Ankh pin

Ankh Spiritual Meanings

The ankh had a deep spiritual meaning in ancient Egypt, representing divine energy, immortality, eternal life, and a perfect balance of male and female energies. It carried a crucial spiritual message, highlighting the necessity of spiritual balance for every human being.

This ancient cross was also a reminder that human life on the earth was not limited to only physical existence. People considered this symbol a connection between a physical life, death, and the promised afterlife.

Egyptians believed this symbol had divine energy, so they used it to secure a long and happy life, blessing, protection, and the afterlife. Priests regularly used them during sacred rites, and pharaohs always had one with them as a form of protection and proof of their divine origin.

According to most Egyptologists, the ankh represented a union of two Egyptian gods, Osiris and Isis. The Osiris crossbar with the Isis loop on top symbolically described their genitals fusion, representing their combined powers.

1. Divine energy and immortality

The ankh was an ancient Egyptian symbol of the afterlife and immortality, making it a crucial talisman for the pharaohs and the clergy. They truly believed that holding this cross-type could provide them eternal life, guidance to the afterlife, and access to life after death.

One of the essential beliefs in this ancient culture was that the loop represented the eternal nature of the soul that allowed its journey through numerous lives. While it was associated with the spiritual realm and immortal soul, the crossbar symbolized the physical human body and the material world.

Their combination was a reminder of a continuous life cycle, and the ankh was a key that unlocked the gates to immortality. It allowed the soul to go on a long journey after the person had died and eventually rebirth after reaching the afterlife.

You could see this symbol in the hands of Egyptian deities connected with the afterlife, including Osiris, Anubis, and Isis. Besides, the ankh was inevitable during mummification and accompanying rituals.

2. Symbol of eternal life

In ancient times, Egyptians considered the ankh the key to eternal life because of its connection with gods and goddesses who were givers of life. They kept the ankh in their hands as a pledge of promise about enjoyment in a long and eternal life and to show their dominion over humans’ life and death.

Many considered the ankh a key of the Nile because this river was a source of all life for this ancient civilization. It also symbolized the gateway to the afterlife. Having this item in hand allowed a connection between the divine and earthly realm and provided the regeneration of life after physical death.

The ankh could give people meaning in spiritual life and a chance to keep a connection with the source of life. It also provided prosperity, health, and immortality, symbolizing the sun, air, and water.

3. Protection and power

Protection and power

Nowadays, many people use the ankh cross for protection because of its divine power and possibility to provide the owner with a long and fulfilled life. Since it can prolong your life, you should wear it to protect yourself from accidents and diseases.

This cross also symbolizes protection from poverty and sickness, keeping you safe from spiritual attacks, lousy luck, and negative energy. Wearing an ankh talisman can help alleviate negative thoughts that can distract you during life.

Nowadays, many people have an ankh tattoo to keep them safe from sickness and to support recovery. Some believe that this atypical cross has the power to reveal the cause of illness and help them heal.

4. Fertility

Ancient Egyptians connected the loop on the ankh with female genital organs, while the lower straight part stood for males. Traditionally, it was a fertility symbol, representing intercourse between a couple in love who wanted to have a baby.

Besides symbolizing fertility and sexual union between females and males, it united their energies. It also provided harmony crucial for a man and woman while joining together.

This atypical cross was associated with the mother of all living beings, the goddess Isis. Thanks to its direct connection with the baby to come, you could wear this talisman to help prevent a possible problem with conception.

5. Balance and harmony

Thanks to a combination of the loop and straight crossbar, the ankh signifies the union of opposites. While the vertical bar represents the masculine aspect, the loop at its top symbolizes the feminine one.

That way, this cross unites feminine and masculine powers and energies, achieving the balance between these two opposing forces. Its elongated vertical part symbolizes strength, power, and stability as principles of masculine energy.

On the other hand, the loop represents creativity, intuition, and nurturing, traits associated with feminine energy. Their unbreakable bond is the only thing that can create new life.

The ankh also balances light and darkness and life and death, symbolizing the importance of harmony in everyone’s life. According to ancient Egyptians’ belief, balance is critical for a prosperous and meaningful human existence on the earth.

6. Ancient wisdom

Ancient wisdom

Ancient Egyptian symbolism included the ankh, the reign’s supreme emblem that combined a T-cross with a loop at the top. According to this ancient nation, this symbol encapsulated the essence of life and death, connecting them into an eternal circle.

Even though the ankh looked simple and discreet, it was much more than a mere symbol. Its implications were profound, magnificent, and mystique, carrying the essence of existence and life meaning. This unusual cross was so important that the Egyptians revered it as the basis of all ancient human wisdom.

7. Love and good luck

Besides mystical and profoundly spiritual symbolism, the ankh also represents love and good luck. It promises deep emotions and announces positive events in life, particularly to those who have almost lost hope that something nice can happen to them.

This cross with a loop talks about the love between two people, so you can use it as a promise of a new relationship and encouragement never to give up. It also symbolizes mutual respect, love, and connection between couples who have been together for a long time.

8. Hidden knowledge

Egyptians truly believed that the ankh was the spiritual key to all hidden human knowledge. It combined two crucial elements. On one hand, the loop showed no beginning and end, symbolizing the eternal soul.

On the other hand, the straight part represented death in a spiritual sense. That made the ankh a key necessary for unraveling the mystery of earthly life, unavoidable physical death, the afterlife, and immortality of the soul.

9. Spiritual growth and creativity

Spiritual growth and creativity

One of the crucial meanings of the ankh is emotional growth, creativity, and spiritual development. Besides representing the cyclical nature of life, this cross supports the entire mental and physical transformation from each individual’s birth to their death, afterlife, and rebirth.

The ankh also symbolizes the creative power of the universe, life-giving force, and fertility. It supports regeneration and multiplication, improving your love life and productivity in business.

Many believe that hanging an ankh in your office releases positive energy throughout the space. That way, this ancient Egyptian cross can improve your business, quickly multiply your professional results, and bring you increased profit.

10. Healing

According to old beliefs, the ankh has multiple healing powers, increases life force, improves health, and cures every disease. Only its presence in someone’s home keeps household members safe from sickness and provides good health.

Basically, this symbol can transmit divine energy to humans, keeping them vital and their bones strong. There are numerous testimonies of hurt people who felt instant pain release after placing the ankh cross on their injuries.

Even nowadays, therapists use the powerful Egyptian cross to remove diseases from the human body and improve their energy system. The ankh loop helps remove chakra blockages, allowing patients’ life energy to flow freely.

Besides physical benefits, like treating chronic diseases, boosting the immune system, and supporting fertility, this cross also promotes spiritual and emotional healing. It improves calmness and enhances mental clarity.

It also enhances the energy flow throughout the human body and directs it as needed. The ancient Egyptians often combined its power with massage and herbal remedies to align chakras, gaining the best result.

11. Magical properties

Since the ankh represents life and immortality, it is a popular good luck charm and the basic cross for all good things to come. One of its crucial purposes is to ward away evil spirits and protect those who wear them from negative energy and evil thoughts.

Only а few know that ancient Egyptians also used mirrors in the shape of ankh for magical purposes and divination. Symbolically speaking, the purpose of such custom was their belief that life metaphorically mirrored death.

11 Spiritual Meanings of Ankh pin

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