Many people around the world are convinced of the power of the Evil Eye – indeed, this is one of the most enduring of all spiritual beliefs.

But what is the Evil Eye? What does it do and by what means? And how can you protect yourself against it? To questions like these and more, in this post, we look in depth at blue Evil Eye spiritual meaning to help you understand the Evil Eye and how to avoid its harmful effects.

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Blue Evil Eye Spiritual Meanings

1. Blue eyes are considered to have evil power in the Aegean area

Belief in the Evil Eye is a phenomenon that is widespread around the world, and it is known from as far back as we can tell – protective amulets against the Evil Eye have been discovered dating back at least 5,000 years.

The nature of this belief varies, but it usually involves the idea that somebody who possesses the Evil Eye can bring bad luck or a curse upon someone merely by looking at them or glaring at them with intent.

Alternatively, some people believe that the Evil Eye can bring a curse or bad luck unintentionally, and a common belief is that curses from the Evil Eye can be inflicted on somebody through praise rather than ill intent.

In the Aegean area, where green and blue eyes are rare, people with eyes of these colors were traditionally looked upon with suspicion and mistrust due to the belief that they possessed the Evil Eye – especially in the case of blue eyes.

In this region, the same belief persists to a certain extent to this day, and blue eyes are still considered by some to be dangerous because of their ability to bring about curses or misfortune.

2. The nazar amulet can protect against the evil eye

Due to the mistrust of blue eyes in the Aegean, amulets of protection against the Evil Eye are common there – in particular, in the form of what are known as nazar amulets.

Also known as “eye beads”, they take the form of blue eye-shaped amulets or beads. They are worn or hung up to protect against the Evil Eye as well as to absorb negative energy and to offer general spiritual protection to the wearer.

3. Protection against jealousy

Protection against jealousy

Blue Evil Eye amulets and talismans are also believed to protect against jealousy and against the evil effects that can be caused unwittingly or unwillingly through excessive praise.

For example, some people may place a bracelet of protection containing a nazar bead or other blue Evil Eye charm on the wrist of a baby to protect it against any evil that may be inadvertently brought about through the praise of good-intentioned visitors.

Similarly, if you are concerned about the praise you may receive from others, wearing such a talisman may offer you protection against the evil effects of undue compliments while also helping you remain humble and grounded.

4. Protection against negative energy

According to the old tradition, nazar amulets and beads can help soak up negative energy, and many people who follow more modern spiritual practices can also use them for similar purposes.

For example, if you hang up a nazar amulet or other similar charm in your home, it will help remove negativity from your living space, bringing more positivity to your life.

Similarly, if you work with negative people or otherwise can’t avoid spending time in the company of people with negative auras, wearing a similar amulet or a bracelet containing blue Evil Eye beads can help protect you against their negative influence.

Another option would be to place such a talisman on your desk in your office, and this will protect you against the unwelcome energy of a particularly negative boss or coworker you can’t otherwise avoid.

5. A protective amulet against willful curses

Although many people believe the Evil Eye can easily be cast by accident – and it is from this that we need the most protection – the Evil Eye can also be cast intentionally in the form of a curse by those who have the power, and a blue Evil Eye amulet can fight against this.

If you believe that somebody has cursed you or is trying to cast spells against you, wearing a blue Evil Eye talisman can help deflect the evil energies that are coming your way, making you immune to their effects and casting them back towards the one who sent them to you.

6. Protection against misfortune

Protection against misfortune

One of the ill effects of receiving the Evil Eye is that it can bring bad luck and misfortune, so wearing one of these charms can also bring protection against this.

If you have been given the Evil Eye, either deliberately or by accident, you may notice that you start to experience a series of unfortunate incidents.

For example, you may lose your purse, you may find yourself locked out of your house, your telephone may be stolen by a pickpocket or you may drop and break your favorite mug.

If one of these things happens, it can be put down to natural bad luck – but if these events keep stacking up over a number of days, you may begin to suspect that more is at play.

Your ill fortune could well be the result of you having attracted the Evil Eye, in which case, obtaining and wearing a protective amulet may help you prevent further unfortunate incidents from occurring.

7. Protection against fate or karma

In a similar way, Evil Eye amulets and charms can also be worn to protect you against the workings of fate or bad karma.

If you know you’ve done something wrong and are due for karma’s revenge, it might be a wise decision to wear an Evil Eye amulet to provide you with temporary protection.

An example of this could be if you’ve somehow wronged a friend and upset them – and as a result, you’re expecting something unpleasant to befall you in return.

Of course, the best solution in such an instance would be to right the wrong yourself and make it up to your friend, balancing out your karma before it has the chance to come back and bite you.

However, if you can’t do this immediately, you might need some temporary protection – and a blue Evil Eye talisman can help buy you the time that you need.

8. Improved communication

Although much of their power lies in protection, Evil Eye amulets and talismans have other properties, and one of them is that they can help improve communication.

If you haven’t been able to see eye to eye with a family member or friend of late, wearing a blue Evil Eye charm or placing one nearby when you talk to them may help you reconnect and start talking again.

On the other hand, if you are working on a project as part of a team but you are unable to agree on how best to tackle the project, bringing an Evil Eye charm into the meeting room – or even giving each member of the team their own amulet – may help smooth the discussion.

9. Clarity of thought

Clarity of thought

Wearing a blue Evil Eye amulet can also help you achieve more clarity of thought, so this can be an important aid when you have an important decision to make.

It can help you see things from a new perspective while also giving you a deeper understanding of the various aspects of the decision you have to make, allowing you to come to the right choice through logical and rational consideration.

10. Increased stillness and inner calm

As well as clarity of thought, blue Evil Eye charms can be used to promote stillness and inner calm. The blue color is reminiscent of a peaceful still lake or waves gently lapping on a beach, and Evil Eye amulets can help bring this sensation of relaxation to your mind and spirit.

As a result, wearing an amulet or bracelet containing a Blue Evil Eye, holding one in your hand or simply placing one nearby during meditation can help you achieve a deeper and more insightful meditative state.

For the same reason, they can also be a useful aid during meditation and other spiritual practices to help you grow and develop on your path towards spiritual awakening and enlightenment.

11. Good luck

Finally, blue Evil Eye charms can be worn, carried or displayed simply as a symbol designed to bring you good luck.

If you are hoping for a lucky break, using one of these charms can improve your chances of getting what you want – and a blue Evil Eye talisman can also make a great gift for someone who is down on their luck and needs their spirits lifting a little.

An ancient belief with as much power and relevance today as ever

As we have seen, the power of the Evil Eye is one of the oldest spiritual beliefs in the world, and even today, large numbers of people around the world are convinced of its existence.

Consequently, many beliefs and superstitions also exist for protecting against the Evil Eye, and wearing or carrying a blue Evil Eye charm is a popular way to ward off the effects of the Evil Eye while also bringing good luck, spiritual calm and inner peace.

11 Spiritual Meanings of Blue Evil Eye pin

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