For millennia, numerous cultures and communities have revered the sun and its spiritual meaning. Unsurprisingly, the sun is widely used in Astrology, one of the oldest science disciplines.

The sun is also a common symbol used in the daily horoscope we all love to (secretly) read. The sun has held a special place in our existence for millions of years with its warmness and brightness.

The sun made life on earth possible. Nothing unites and gives us a sense of oneness as the sun does. It gives warmth and light, which are essential to life. Animals, plants, and humans depend on the sun for their sheer survival.

In this article, you will find out everything you need to know about the sun symbolism.

There are different spiritual meanings and sun symbolism. The spiritual meaning that resonates with you the most will depend on your current state and the life situations you find yourself in.

So, let’s get started!

Spiritual Meanings of Sun


Spiritual Meanings of Sun

The sun is arguably the most common and unifying symbol across the different cultures, religions, and communities in the world.

The good news is the sun is associated with positive attributes of divinity, birth, harvest, prestige, and healing.

In ancient Egyptian society, the sun was associated with the ancient revered gods—Osiris, Ra, and Horus, who represent the sun’s setting, zenith, and rising.

In Christianity, the sun is the house in which Archangel Michael lives. The shining and brilliant depiction of the sun symbolizes Christ and Christ-like virtues.

Greek mythology associated the sun with the God Zeus, who symbolized vision, clarity, and perspective.

The sun symbolizes female power among the Celts, Germans, Japanese, Native Americans, and African communities. The sun espoused male power and dominance in ancient China, the one and only Yang. What is the spiritual Meaning and Symbolism of the Sun?

Let us now take a look at the various spiritual meanings and sun symbolisms.

1.  The Self

The sun is typically depicted as a circle. In the planetary and alchemical realms, the shape of the sun represents wholeness, Self, and a manifestation of God through humanity.

In astrology, the sun symbolizes the outward expression of the Self. The Self, in this case, can be God, Source, Universe, or any word you prefer to describe the overall Divine being.

The sun signifies spiritual awareness and connection to the Divine. When you need to feel more connected to the Source, call upon the sun’s power to strengthen your devotion.

2.  Personality

The sun is prominently used in astrology to predict our futures and map out our personalities.

Every month, the sun is in each of the twelve zodiac signs and goes around the zodiac in one year. According to astrology, the sun’s position in the zodiac during your time of birth can influence your personality and characteristics.

Metaphorically, the sun shines on your zodiac sign to show you off to the world, helping you bring forth your authentic Self.

If you are looking for more visibility, for example, you can tap into the sun’s symbolic power in your professional field. Opportunities for leadership, promotion, and pay rise will open up for you.

Have you been showcasing your authentic Self to those around you? If you feel like you haven’t been your true Self, now is the time to call upon the sun’s power for healing and rejuvenation of spirit so you can come back to yourself.

3.  Divine Support

Divine Support

The sun is one of the most powerful connecting points between the spiritual and material worlds. Many ancient cultures prayed to the sun to transfer their prayers and petitions to God.

In many traditions, the sun symbolizes the Divine Creator. If you are spiritually inclined, you may recognize the likes of Buddha, Jesus Christ, Krishna, Mohammad, among others, as reflections of the Creator.

The Sun symbol is a clear sign that you are not alone in this existence. You can look up to any of the earthly reflections of the Creator and find comfort and peace.

Even if you are not religiously inclined, you are always supported. Spiritual guidance is always available to you.

When you look up to the sun or any of its earthly manifestations, be reminded that your spirit guides are always with you.

4.  Control and Authority

The sun dominates the skies and stands ever so boldly towering over billions and billions of humans.

Innovative and creative as we may be, there is nothing humanity can do to deter the sun’s position or influence over us. For this reason, the sun symbolizes control, authority, and dominion.

The sun gives energy and light and nurtures animals and plants. The sun dominates our health and represents prosperity.

Unsurprisingly, in cultures such as among the Chinese, the sun represents male energy and masculine influence. The male is looked upon as a figure of authority, leadership, and control.

Call onto the sun’s power if you desire to control, prestige, authority. Females in male-dominated industries will benefit from the sun’s gift of control and authority to lead effectively.

Ask the sun to shine its light over you if you seek a position of power in politics or the workplace. The sun’s gift of authority will also come in handy in the household where peace, order, and mutual respect must be upheld.

5.  Determination to live

The sun is the Source of life. Even if all the other elements such as water, air, and fire are present, there can be no life without the sun.

The moon and all other planets look up to the Sun for Light. On earth, plants need the sun’s heat and warmth to thrive.

The sun warms and illuminates the habitats of animals big and small. Large portions of the human population depend on the sun for subsistence.

As a source and giver of life, the sun symbolizes the determination to live. Sometimes, the sun’s heat can become too intense, unleashing its wrath on animals, plants, and humans.

Only those who can bear the heat and are determined to survive will eventually live and even thrive.

Calling upon the sun’s power can restore your will to live. Meditate on the sun’s symbolism when you are on the brink of giving up.

The sun will embrace you with its warm rays, energize you, and light up the path for you. Remember, the sun symbolizes a connection to the Divine and celestial support.

So, whether you need the energy to keep going in relationships, business, or career, the sun’s power, protection, and illumination are always with you.

6.  Direction and leadership

Direction and leadership

The sun is the leader of the zodiac chart. Each month, it is in each of the 12 zodiac signs, and it orbits the zodiac in a year.

The sun’s domination of astrology and the horoscope signifies leadership, and its movement along the zodiac represents direction.

The sun’s spiritual energy can be helpful when you need a sense of direction in your life. Call upon this energy when you feel lost, scattered, overwhelmed, and directionless.

In turn, the sun will illuminate new paths for you. Where you couldn’t see a way, there will now be away. If you were unsure which subsequent steps to take, you will have greater clarity. The sun’s power turns overwhelm into order, certainty, and linearity.

7.  Joy and high spirits

The symbol of the sun with its bright, glowing rays comes to mind when you first think about the concept of happiness.

Across many, if not all cultures, the sun symbolizes joy, positivity, jubilation, and high spirits. For most people, summers are some of the joyous times all year round. The reason for this is the sun with its warmth, light, and glow.

When the sun is up in the sky, even the gloomiest of days can feel a bit less stuffy. The sun has the power to rise above the cloud, bringing happiness, peace, and all positive things.

It isn’t any wonder that a lack of exposure to sunlight can cause deep sadness and even depression. Unsurprisingly, it is recommended that you go to a place with some sunlight when you are in a low mood. The warm rays of the sun will definitely uplift you.

8.  Abundance and great harvest

Ancient societies depended on the rain and sun to grow crops. Seeds would be sown just before the rains, and families would set out to harvest their crop long after the rains have stopped, and the sun is shining down on them.

The sunny season would be a time of great harvest. The earth would reward households with fresh crops to nourish their bodies. In turn, communities would go out and worship the sun at dawn and dusk, asking for continued abundance.

The sun, therefore, symbolizes abundant blessings and rewards. Tap into the sun’s power to call in prosperity and abundance in your own life.

In silence, meditate on the sun’s power and its ability to bring a season of great harvest in your life. Ask for abundance in your career, business, finances, relationships. In asking for these things, you must remain open to receiving them.

9.  Optimism


Sunshine is a source of warmth and light, attributes that espouse positivity and optimism. Unlike clouds, fog, and rain, sunshine actually raises our spirits and vibrations.

No matter how much you love snow or the rain, nothing beats the optimistic and joyous feeling of the sun on your skin.

Sunshine will elevate your mood and reset your spirits. Just being in the sun for a few minutes can erase the sadness and even inspire creativity.

Unsurprisingly, many people report coming up with brilliant ideas while seated at the beach or busking in the park.

The sun’s glowing rays, warmth, and brightness inspire creativity and innovation. People in warmer places also tend to be more caring, empathetic, and friendly. The sun puts them in a good mood, offers them a lighter perspective toward life, and gives them a sense of oneness with all there is.

10.  Self-confidence

The sun is the center of the universe, literally and figuratively. It espouses confidence and domination.

Those affiliated more to the sun than to other elements such as rain, snow, or fog tend to be more confident in themselves.

They can overcome any obstacle planted on their way. They trust in their ability to keep shinning regardless of the circumstances in their life.

Self-confidence also comes with knowing when and how to ask for help. With the sun as your Source of power, call onto it when you feel your self-confidence fading and your light dimming.

Just be sure to use your attributes to enrich others and grow in your spiritual journey.

11.  New beginnings

The sun’s rising and setting without fail holds great symbolism. This concept represents life cycles; there is a beginning and an end to everything. No situation, no matter how glorious or gory, is permanent.

When the sun sets at dusk, the skies are painted in glorious, beautiful colors, which eventually fade away and give into the darkness.

The cycle begins again with beautiful and awe-inspiring colored skies at dawn, which can give into blue or grey skies depending on the weather.

In this case, the sun symbolizes ever-new beginnings, which is good news if you want to break away from the past.

If you desire new beginnings in your life, the sun’s power can help you on your journey of exploring new things and openness to new possibilities.

Summary: Sun Symbolism

The sun is the giver of life. It holds a special place in how it connects our material world with the spiritual world.

Used widely in astrology, the sun is a messenger of optimism and joy. She symbolizes female fierceness and male influence all at once.

The sun connects humanity as nothing else does. The good news is that you can call onto the sun’s spiritual power whenever you require divine support, want to espouse leadership attributes, or need to be guided in the right direction.

11 Spiritual Meanings of Sun


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