Although it’s an undeniably beautiful stone, labradorite has more significance than just its aesthetic appeal – and to help you learn more, in this post, we look at 11 labradorite spiritual meanings to give you an idea of how to harness the power of this mysterious mineral.

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Labradorite Spiritual Meaning

1. Spiritual, emotional and physical healing

One of the primary uses of labradorite is as a stone of healing, whether that means spiritually, mentally, emotionally or physically.

If you have been going through difficult times recently leaving you emotionally vulnerable, wearing a piece of labradorite jewelry or keeping a piece of labradorite nearby can help restore you and repair the damage.

Similarly, if you are feeling spiritually drained, labradorite can help return some of your spiritual vigor and balance.

On the other hand, labradorite can also help people who are recovering from illness or injury.

Of course, labradorite is no substitute for proper professional medical care, but when used in conjunction with more conventional treatments, labradorite can help reduce negative energy, boosting your body’s natural ability to heal itself.

As a result of these properties, labradorite jewelry or crystals can also make an excellent choice of gift for someone you know who is feeling low and in need of something that will help return them to a healthier state of positivity.

2. Regeneration and regaining energy

For similar reasons, labradorite can also be used to help return energy and vigor to those who are feeling run down and physically or emotionally spent.

When we go through challenging periods in our lives, it can take a lot out of us, and afterwards, we can feel listless and apathetic, and we can struggle to find the enthusiasm to do anything.

At such times, labradorite can provide a much-needed boost of positive energy while also helping to absorb any residual negative energy, leaving us feeling buoyed and optimistic again.

This is why labradorite can be a useful stone to place near you when you experience such periods of emotional flatness – and it can also be an excellent gift for anyone you think could benefit from a similar boost.

3. Protection against negativity

Protection against negativity

Labradorite is well-known for its ability to absorb negativity, and it also creates a protective aura that can prevent negative energy from reaching you.

This means placing labradorite near you or wearing labradorite jewelry can help improve your positive outlook – and it can also be worn as a charm to protect you against negativity given off by others when it isn’t possible to avoid them.

For example, if you have a particularly negative co-worker, you might consider placing a piece of labradorite on your desk in your office.

This way, even if your colleague brings negativity with them each day, the labradorite will help protect you, causing the negativity to bounce off you rather than permeating your being.

4. Transformation and change

Labradorite is famous for its so-called “labradorescence”, a kind of iridescent luminosity that sees its change color and seemingly glow depending on the angle from which it is observed.

This is representative of change, and the power of labradorite can also be harnessed at times when we are experiencing periods of change in our lives.

Sometimes, when our lives enter new phases, it can leave us feeling anxious or disconcerted since we might not know what the future holds.

However, change is a universal constant, and it does no good to fight against it.

If you are going through a period of upheaval in your life, wearing labradorite jewelry or keeping a piece of it near you can help you accept change more optimistically.

When change comes, it usually brings with it new opportunities for growth and development, so instead of resisting change, labradorite can help you welcome it with confidence, leaving you in a much better position to take advantage of the opportunities it presents.

5. Creativity

The enigmatic glow of labradorescence deep within the stone can also help to fire the imagination, shaking your mind out of its usual thought patterns and boosting creativity.

This is why labradorite can be an ally of creative people, especially those suffering from temporary creative blocks.

If you are a writer, an artist, a musician or anyone else who relies on their creativity, wearing labradorite jewelry or keeping a piece of this beautiful mineral in your studio or working area can free your creativity, helping you to produce your very best work.

Similarly, if you want to choose a gift for a creative person you know, something made with labradorite will always be a welcome choice and will help that person find the inspiration they seek.

6. Different perspectives

Different perspectives

The ability of labradorite to change color and appearance when viewed from different angles also represents being able to see things from different perspectives, and meditating while wearing labradorite jewelry or holding a piece in your hand can help you find new answers.

Perhaps you are faced with a particular problem and can’t find a way out. At such a time, labradorite can allow you to take a step back and see the broader picture, which may then help you find solutions to your problem that previously eluded you.

Labradorite is a gem that can help you “think outside the box”, so when you can’t find a solution to your problems through more conventional thinking, labradorite may give you new insights into how to proceed in more unusual or unexpected ways.

7. Reduction of anxiety

We all live with different worries and responsibilities, and sometimes, they can build up and get on top of us without us fully realizing how much stress or pressure we are under.

This can lead to us living in a constant state of anxiety or unease without being fully aware of what is causing it or how much it is weighing us down.

Due to its ability to absorb and reduce negativity, labradorite can also help us with such issues.

Placing a piece of labradorite under your pillow when you sleep can help reduce your general levels of anxiety, allowing you to wake up feeling more fully refreshed and ready to take on the challenges of the new day.

At the same time, wearing labradorite or meditating while close to a piece of it can help you identify the issues that are weighing on your mind and isolate them.

Then, once you become more fully aware of the weight you are carrying on your shoulders, you can work out the best ways to carry that weight, whether that means sharing your burden with others or simply letting go of responsibilities or concerns you don’t need.

8. Boosting self-confidence

When we are exposed to too much negative energy, it can affect our self-confidence and our feeling of self-worth, reducing our ability to achieve our goals.

If you don’t believe in yourself, it can cause you to underachieve, and such a lack of self-confidence can mean you never realize your full potential.

However, labradorite can help reduce such negativity, allowing you to regain your confidence, which can greatly improve your chances of achieving the successes your skills merit.

If you know somebody who is about to start a new job, go off to college or move to a new area to start a new life, giving a gift of labradorite can be an inspired choice.

At such times, self-confidence is of the utmost importance if we want to make a success of our new situation while meeting new people and making new connections – and these are all things labradorite can help immensely with.

9. Courage


As well as boosting self-confidence, labradorite can also help boost courage when we feel afraid.

For example, if you have to deliver an important presentation or speech, wearing a piece of labradorite jewelry can help you overcome your fear, enabling you to perform at your best.

Again, labradorite would also be a great gift for anybody who needs a little extra bravery when attempting to do something that causes them to be afraid.

10. Self-discovery

During meditation or self-exploration, labradorite can help you gain a deeper understanding of your innermost being, bringing more profound insights into your thought processes, your motivations and your desires.

For this reason, labradorite is a useful stone for those engaged in journeys of self-discovery and can be helpful when attending spiritual retreats or even just taking time out to be alone and at peace.

11. Spiritual awakening

Finally, labradorite can help people who are searching for deeper meaning through spiritual practices, encouraging spiritual development, growth and evolution.

This means if you are a particularly spiritual person, wearing labradorite jewelry can help you take your spirituality to the next level, increasing your chances of attaining deeper spiritual awareness and spiritual awakening.

Many powerful spiritual applications

As we’ve seen, labradorite has many powerful spiritual applications, so whether you need to boost your positive energy, overcome your fears, heal from past wounds or simply find a little extra self-confidence, labradorite is a material that can provide the help you need.

11 Spiritual Meanings of Labradorite pin

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