You are walking your pet dog in the street or the park and you suddenly step on dog poop. At first, you will be disgusted and will try to find a way to get rid of it.

After having your shoes cleaned, you would walk again as if nothing happened. But, did you know that there are crazy superstitions and omens about dog poop?

In this article, we will tackle whether this encounter is a sign of good luck or bad luck.

7 Spiritual Messages When You Accidentally Step On A Dog Poop

Spiritual Meanings Of Stepping On Dog Poop

In Asian countries, the meaning of dreaming about dog poop or any other animal poop is a sign of fortune. Personally, when such dreams occur, I play the lottery, hoping that I will win!

But, when we step on dog poop in real life, is the belief the same?

1. You are about to experience financial gain

In France, when your left foot steps on dog poop, take this as a sign of good luck. This encounter is a message for you that you are about to experience financial gain, especially if the dog you cross paths with is a Dalmatian.

Additionally, when you step on dog poop and encounter 3 white dogs after, this is also a message of prosperity. 

Generally, the color white symbolizes good luck, and although it is rare to see 3 white dogs, having such an encounter is a message for you that you are on the way to finding the abundance you have been searching for. 

What you should do is keep working harder, persevere more, and do your best in all the things you do. Do not simply rely on this good luck without doing your part.

2. Certain life situations make it hard to do what is better for you

If you step on dog feces, this might represent your troubles in deciding whether you should continue doing things that are no longer healthy for you.

For example, you are having a hard time deciding whether you should stay in a toxic relationship or move forward so that you can heal yourself.

Certain life situations make it hard to do what is better for you

We cannot deny it, but there are some people who are in a relationship where their partners are forcing them to do bad things. Because of love, they become so blind to do the good ones.

If you are one of these people, you are encouraged to let go of the toxic life you have. Always remember that you will meet people who will not make doing things hard for you and people who will only push you to be a better person.

Just like how you clean your shoe after you step on a dog waste or how you easily purchase a new shoe, you should not be afraid to fill your life with positivity, and if required, you should start anew without bringing with you the situations and people who make doing right hard for you.

3. Do not let poor decisions trouble you

When your right shoe steps on a dog’s poop, this is a sign of misfortune or bad luck. 

Usually, this encounter is a result of your carelessness and irresponsibility. Eventually, these behaviors of yours lead you to deal with such a mess in life.

What you should do is make healthy decisions in all areas of your life. You are encouraged to plan and take things step-by-step to avoid being in a situation that can make your life miserable and heavy.

For teens, having your right foot step on a dog poop is also a message for you to be cautious. You can party all day and all night but you should be aware of the consequences of such life choices.

Always remember that poor decision-making can result in an increased risk of death. Of course, you wouldn’t want to experience this, would you?

4. Try to be less arrogant

If your dog steps in its own poop while you are strolling around, this is a message for you to be less arrogant. Always remember that there will be days when you will encounter challenges in your life no matter how prepared you are.

Like your dog, you will always need someone who will help you fix the mess you made. So, do not try to push away people who want to help you just because you think that you can already manage things on your own.

Based on personal experience, because of hate, I used to say the words “I will never ask a favor from these people”. 

One time, I got into an argument with some of my family members because they blamed me for something I did not do.

Try to be less arrogant

While we are lost in communication, I even heard from other people about them saying things that I will never succeed nor will get the chance to get back up again.

Unfortunately, these words ate me because at the end of the day, after we all got reunited, I still needed their help. 

5. Learn to live with endurance, consistency, and grace

Stepping on dog poop means different messages when you wear a shoe. For example, when you step on dog poop while wearing boots, this is a message for you to live your life with more endurance.

Like boots, you have to master the ability to live your life with strength, courage, positivity, and boldness. 

Additionally, like boots, you have to be consistent in life. No matter how rough the road may be or how much dog poops life may give, you have to be consistent in fulfilling your goals and ambitions.

On the other hand, if you step on dog poop while wearing heeled shoes, this is a message for you to continue living your life with grace.

Like a dog poop that may contain bacteria, parasites, pathogens, worms, and diseases transmissible to humans such as salmonella, roundworms, tapeworms, hookworms, and whipworms, you are encouraged to stay graceful towards others no matter how dejected you feel inside.

6. Get rid of useless things in life

In the previous interpretation or meaning of poop being stepped on is a message for you to gather people who can help you achieve your goals and fix the mess you cannot do alone.

But, sometimes, stepping on dog poop also means getting rid of things, bad vibes, and people that are not useful to you.

These things may be the habits that only exhaust you and consume your resources, and people who use you for their own sake.

On a positive note, such an encounter is also a reminder for you to make turn those useless into productive and useful ones.

Get rid of useless things in life

Although an adult dog or puppy poop can cause infection, there is this myth that it can be fertilizer or a source of nutrients in plants. This means that, when you know you are used to doing useless things, try to find ways to make them functional.

For example, you are used to playing games instead of studying. Because gaming is your passion, use this habit, with discipline, to make money, meet new people, and improve your skills.

7. Let go of the hatred you have in your heart

When problems arise, it is continuous, especially when you have hatred in your heart. Do you know why? This unpleasant fact is because you are attracting all the negativity in life.

So, when you step on dog poop, this is a message for you to let go of your rage and idea of revenge. Instead, allow karma to work for you.

It is true that most of us have past experiences that caused us trauma and damage. Eventually, these events still hunt and make us feel bad. 

But, we do not really need to forget these events. Instead, we should learn how to move forward with them.

When you experience such an encounter, use it as a sign to stop the negativity in your life. As you clean your feet or shoes, clean as well your soul, and try to live back in purity and love.

Final Thoughts

Indeed, stepping on dog poop may be a stomach-turning experience, especially for social individuals.

But, what is interesting is that such an event offers many messages and meanings in life that not only help improve not just our behavior but increase our chances of achieving success.

If you ever step on dog poop, use this as a sign for you to pursue your goals in life by cleaning the messes you have made, accepting help from other people, and living with determination and consistency.

Final Thoughts

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