Many people, whether followers of major religions such as Judaism, Christianity or Islam – or whether spiritual in a more general way – believe in the existence of angels who watch over us and have the power to intervene in our lives to help or guide us when necessary.

Among the angels, one of the best known is the archangel Michael, a being of great power who fulfils a range of different roles. And to help you learn more about everything he stands for, in this post, we look in detail at archangel Michael spiritual meaning.

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Archangel Michael Spiritual meanings

1. The leader of God’s armies against evil

The archangel Michael is a key figure in Judaism, Christianity and Islam, and in these three religions, he fulfils several important roles.

However, one of his most important is as the leader of God’s armies against Satan and the forces of evil, and this is why he is often seen depicted in armor or carrying a sword and a shield.

One popular image of Michael sees him represented as a warrior saint clad in battle gear, holding and sword and slaying a dragon, and in Easter Orthodox tradition, he is given the title “Supreme Commander of the Heavenly Hosts”.

For these reasons, many people invoke Michael when they are in need of his strength in their own personal battle with evil or temptation, helping them remain on the path of goodness and righteousness.

2. The angel of death

In Catholicism especially, Michael is known as the angel of death, and his task in this role is that of carrying the souls of the departed up to Heaven.

It is believed that before people die, he descends to Earth to visit the departing soul, giving the soul the chance to redeem itself before death.

However, in Islamic tradition, Michael – or Mika’il/Mikal as he is known – does not fulfil this role. Rather, it is the archangel Azrael.

3. The weigher of souls

The weigher of souls

Another of Michael’s traditional roles, especially in Christian tradition, is as the weigher of souls.

It is his job to evaluate the souls of the departed to determine whether they are worthy of being allowed to pass through the gates of Heaven, and it is for this reason that he is also often depicted in Christian art carrying a set of scales.

The scales that Michael uses to weigh souls are said to be perfectly balanced, so establishing the worthiness of a soul is seen as a fair and just process.

However, Michael is also said to be an angel of mercy, allowing souls to pass who have sinned but who have repented and given themselves to God.

4. Guardian of Israel and advocate of Israel

The archangel Michael is a prominent figure in Judaism, and in the earliest texts, he is described as the guardian of Israel.

He is also seen as the advocate of Israel, and on occasion, he had to fight with the rulers of other nations, echoing his role as a warrior and leader of God’s armies.

He is also closely associated with Samael, sometimes known as the Destroying Angel, who served as Israel’s accuser – in some traditions, Michael is seen as having fought against Samael to protect Israel.

5. Other roles in Judaism and Christianity

Michael is also assumed to appear in several other episodes in the Old Testament, although he is not mentioned by name.

For example, it is thought that it was the archangel Michael who appeared at the last moment to save Isaac from being sacrificed by his father Abraham on the orders of God by placing a ram on the sacrificial altar instead.

Michael also protected Jacob from Samael before Jacob had even been born and may have been the angel involved in several other events related to saving or protecting Abraham.

Some believe it was also Michael who took over the role of Satan after Satan’s fall from the position of angel.

6. Brought revelations to the Prophet Mohammed

Brought revelations to the Prophet Mohammed

The place of Michael in Islamic tradition is different from how he is seen according to Jewish or Christian beliefs.

Michael, usually referred to as Mika’il or Mikal, is thought to be responsible for natural phenomena such as rain and is said to effectuate God’s providence.

In Islam, Mikal, along with Jibril (Gabriel), was responsible for purifying the Prophet Mohammed’s heart before his night journey from Mecca to Jerusalem.

He also appears in an episode where the Jews of Medina asked the Prophet about his revelations and were told that the revelations were brought by Jibril.

The Jews are said to have replied that Jibril/Gabriel was an enemy and bringer of war and that Mikal/Michael would have been a better choice, which was essentially saying that they disbelieved the Prophet’s account of the revelation.

7. Healing

Michael has also long been associated with healing.

For example, in Phrygia, an ancient kingdom that was located in west-central Anatolia, Michael was venerated for his healing powers.

Furthermore, the Michaelion, a renowned early sanctuary dedicated to Michael in Chalcedon (also in Anatolia) was associated with healing waters.

The building was constructed in the 4th century by the Roman emperor Constantine I after he had a vision of the archangel Michael. It was later converted into a church and became the model for many later churches in Eastern Christianity.

As a result of this association with healing, some people may invoke Michael, asking him to help heal them or those close to them when they are ill.

8. Help during difficult times

More generally, Michael is seen as an angel who can help during difficult times, and people may invoke him or hope for the strength of his spirit when facing challenging periods in their lives.

Michael is seen as a protector, so believers see him as being capable of making spiritual interventions to protect them from danger or hardship.

Just as his sword and shield were used to fight against Satan and the forces of evil, he can also use them to protect people in their time of need.

Although according to Judaism, Christianity and Islam, you shouldn’t pray to the angels in the same way you should pray to God, many still hope for Michael’s protection and can even feel his presence when he is close by offering protection and support.

9. Courage and determination

Courage and determination

Similarly, many people believe that Michael is capable of bringing them courage when they feel afraid and that the thought of Michael being by their side when they confront challenges can make them strong and brave enough to face their fears.

At the same time, Michael is thought to embody great determination, and he can help support you when you are wavering in your tasks or responsibilities and thinking of giving up.

In moments such as these, you may feel the presence of Michael, helping to reinforce your resolve to see things through to the end, however difficult it may seem to carry on.

10. Spiritual guidance

Michael is a guiding spirit and can provide direction when you feel you might be losing your way.

At times when you may question your faith or spiritual devotion, you may feel the presence of Michael near to you, helping you find the inner strength to push away doubts and keep your faith in moments of uncertainty.

Even if you don’t follow a formal, organized religion but consider yourself a spiritual person, you can still communicate with Michael and receive his guidance in spiritual matters.

Belief in angels is not restricted solely to those who follow one of the Abrahamic religions, and many spiritual people believe Michael to be the embodiment of what he represents in those religions, even for those with differing spiritual convictions.

11. Reducing negative energy

Finally, whether you believe in the version of Michael from organized religion or as some kind of other spirit being, he has the power to help reduce negative energy, bringing more positivity and positive emotions to your life.

His presence is like a light of shining positivity that drives away darkness and negativity before it.

When he comes to you, you may feel it as the sensation of negative thoughts and emotions suddenly lifting and being replaced by feelings of positivity and joy.

Sometimes, if you have fallen into negative thought patterns, it can be hard to shake them off.

However, Michael may then visit you to help rid you of negativity, leaving you feeling refreshed and full of optimism, ready to face whatever challenges lie ahead in a much more positive frame of mind.

A central character in major religions and a being you can turn to for support

As we’ve seen, the archangel Michael is a central character in Judaism, Christianity and Islam and plays an important role in all three religions – although his exact role differs according to the traditions of each of these religions.

However, whatever your beliefs, this powerful being is there to support you, to bring you courage, to offer you spiritual guidance, to help you heal and to help you during difficult moments in your life whenever you need him most.

11 Spiritual Meanings of Archangel Michael pin

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