To many people, an attack of the hiccups is a minor annoyance and something to be cured as soon as possible – yet often, it can also have a deeper significance, and to help you understand the message it brings, in this post, we look at the details of the spiritual meaning of hiccups.

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Hiccups Spiritual Meanings

1. Reconsider a choice you have made

If you suddenly and inexplicably start hiccupping and are unable to stop, it could be a strong and important message from the universe that you need to reconsider a decision you have made or a course of action you have chosen.

This could be related to a whole range of things. For example, if you have just decided to split up with your partner, the message could be that you should give things one more chance because the two of you are meant to stay together.

Alternatively, it could be that you have decided to pass up on a new job opportunity because you are afraid of the future – in which case the attack of hiccups is trying to tell you that you’ve made the wrong choice, and you should accept the job instead.

This means when you are struck by hiccups, consider any decisions that you have made recently, especially ones where you weren’t sure which way to go – because it could be that if you don’t reconsider what you’ve chosen, you could be about to make a mistake.

2. You need to cleanse yourself of negative energy

Sometimes hiccups can occur when you are carrying too much negative energy within you.

This might happen if somebody has tricked you, upset you or otherwise wronged you, and you can’t let go of the anger and resentment their actions have caused.

It could also be brought on by jealousy, either through being jealously possessive of your partner or through being envious of somebody else’s possessions or achievements.

If you have negative feelings or emotions such as these inside you, the negative energy can cause spiritual pollution – and this may manifest itself as an attack of the hiccups.

If you think this might be the reason for your hiccups, you should undergo spiritual purification, either through meditation or a cleansing ritual, to help you rid yourself of this latent negativity and return yourself to a more positive spiritual state.

Somebody has cursed you

3. Somebody has cursed you

More rarely, hiccups can strike when somebody has actively cursed you, and the negative energy this sends your way provokes the hiccups as a reaction.

If you think this might be the case, the best protection is to wear an amulet that contains a protective stone such as red jasper or aquamarine to keep you safe from the harmful effects of the spell.

4. You want to express your feelings

If you feel your voice isn’t being heard or people aren’t noticing you, this may also manifest itself as hiccups.

Perhaps you feel that people are ignoring your opinion or your wishes, and it could be that somebody is acting on your behalf before consulting you first.

If people close to you are ignoring you and it causes you to start hiccupping, it means that it’s more than a minor irritation to you – rather, this is a serious issue, so you need to talk to the people concerned and let them know how you feel.

On the other hand, if it relates to a situation at work and you feel that people aren’t listening to your ideas or opinions, you need to try to be more assertive or find other ways to make your voice heard since the situation is affecting your spiritual and emotional equilibrium.

5. Pay attention to your spiritual well-being

Aside from the feeling of not being listened to, hiccups can also be a sign of spiritual imbalance in other areas, so if you have a sudden bout of hiccups, this is also something to consider.

Is something upsetting your spiritual state that could be causing your hiccups? Or is it because you have been too caught up in your daily life recently to dedicate enough time to spiritual matters?

Spend time in meditation and deep reflection to see where this disturbance could be coming from and then take the necessary steps – and if you have been neglecting your spiritual development recently, this could be a sign to find more time for spiritual endeavors.

6. Somebody is thinking about you

Hiccupping can sometimes occur when somebody is thinking about you or has their eye on you – and this could be in a negative sense as well as in a positive one.

It could be that someone close to you is thinking about you and looking out for you, but it could also be that somebody bears a secret grudge against you or is even scheming against you.

Pay attention to how you feel when the hiccups strike to help you determine whether the experience reflects positive or negative aims – and then if you think somebody might have ill intentions towards you, make sure you watch your step.

Your soulmate is near

7. Your soulmate is near

A similar interpretation is that the hiccups are being caused by the presence or imminent arrival of your soulmate, and in such a case, the hiccups won’t bother you but rather will seem somehow happy or positive.

If you experience this, make sure you pay attention to any strangers you meet, especially if there seems to be some kind of inexplicable connection between you or if you have the feeling you’ve met them before.

Make sure you stay open and receptive to letting new relationships flourish because when your soulmate appears, it’s important to make a connection and let it develop.

8. Listen to your intuition

Hiccups can be a message that you need to trust your intuition more in some area of your life.

This could be related to a decision you have to make, in which case you should follow your gut and go with what seems right.

This doesn’t mean acting spontaneously or rashly. Rather, it means considering your options carefully and then listening to what your intuition is telling you about which way to jump.

On the other hand, hiccups can also occur suddenly when your intuition is trying to alert you to something that’s wrong.

If you are feeling a general sense of unease and are then hit with a bout of hiccups, it means that something is off, and you could be in imminent danger.

At such a time, the best course of action is to remove yourself from the place or situation since there’s a good chance something bad is about to happen.

One example might be if you’re about to book a trip and then you are hit by a sense of foreboding and uncontrollable hiccups just as you are about to reserve the flight.

This could mean something untoward is going to happen on the trip, so you might think about reconsidering your travel plans.

9. A guardian angel is trying to contact you

Our guardian angels and guiding spirits are constantly sending us subtle messages and gentle nudges to push us in the right direction, but when we don’t hear what they are trying to tell us, they can resort to other means of grabbing our attention.

Hiccups are one way they can do this, and if you suddenly start hiccupping for no reason, it might be that an angel is trying to tell you something, so pay attention to any other messages such as angel numbers that you might be missing to try to work out what they are trying to say.

You are growing and developing spiritually

10. You are growing and developing spiritually

Hiccups can sometimes be caused as you grow and develop spiritually, especially when you are about to make a spiritual breakthrough.

As spiritual and psychic energy grows within you, sometimes it needs to find an outlet.

When this happens, you may notice things like candles flickering or burning higher than you’d expect – and another side effect is a brief bout of hiccups.

When this happens, you should take it as a good sign that you are on the right spiritual path – and that you should continue with your spiritual practices because you are about to achieve a deeper level of insight and reach a higher state of consciousness.

11. Good luck is on the way

Finally, one of the simplest ways to interpret a bout of hiccups is that it is an omen of good luck.

Sometimes, it can be difficult to know when this is the case, but rather than being disagreeable or annoying, the hiccups may seem funny and make people around you laugh.

When this happens, the omen is likely to be a positive one that foretells good fortune coming your way in the near future.

Several different ways to interpret hiccups

As we’ve seen, hiccups can have several meanings, and although it is usually a positive sign, sometimes it can have a more negative, even sinister meaning.

To work out what the hiccups mean to you, consider your mood and the situation when they occurred and how it might relate to your current life. Then, by following your intuition, you will be led to the correct interpretation of what the hiccups are telling you.

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