Few things happen for no reason, and if you notice a candle burning with an extra-large flame, it’s possible that it represents a message from the other side.

However, it’s not always easy to interpret what such a message might be telling you – so in this post, we look at candle flame too high spiritual meaning to help you make sense of what you saw.

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Candle Flame Too High Spiritual Meanings

1. Good news is on the way

There are several ways to interpret a candle flame that’s too high or higher than you would normally expect, but one of the simplest ways to understand it is that it means good luck is on its way to you or that your luck is about to change for the better.

This could mean that you are about to come into some money unexpectedly or it could be related to another area of your life not connected to financial matters.

Sometimes with such omens, it can be difficult to understand precisely what the premonition is referring to. However, once it happens and you experience some unexpected good luck, you will be able to look back and remember the candle and realize the premonition has come true.

2. You are about to experience success

As well as pure luck, high-burning candles can also foretell success in the near future.

For example, if you are about to attend an important business meeting, the candle could be telling you that the meeting will go well.

It might mean that you are about to close a deal that you’ve been working on for some time, something that will turn out to be extremely profitable for your company and may even lead to you receiving a promotion.

This kind of premonition can be easier to decipher than one simply announcing good luck since it is likely to be related to something that has been on your mind of late.

In this example, you would probably have been thinking a lot about how things were going to turn out in the meeting, and it would be quite obvious that the candle was bringing you good news about the outcome.

3. A bad period in your life is coming to an end

If you are currently experiencing a difficult period in your life, the candle burning high could be telling you that there is light at the end of the tunnel and that things are likely to start looking up soon.

Perhaps you have been in financial difficulty, and it has been causing you lots of stress and anxiety for a long time. If you then see a candle with a flame burning too high, it could be a message that you will soon be able to pay off your debts.

Alternatively, it could be that you don’t get on with your boss, and the relationship you have with them is making your life miserable. Then, when you see your candle burning high, it could mean your boss is about to leave the company or be replaced by someone else.

There are many other aspects of your life this could be related to – for example, you could be in a difficult relationship, you might not be in good health, or you might be out of work.

However, the message is that you shouldn’t lose heart since your situation will improve soon, so hang in there for just a little while longer.

4. Your dreams are about to come true

Your dreams are about to come true

Another possibility is that the high-burning candle is announcing that a long-term ambition or lifelong dream of yours is about to come true.

It could be something that you have been working towards for a long time like a trip around the world – or it could be a one-off experience such as skydiving that you are about to be given the opportunity to try.

However, whatever it is, you are finally going to have the chance to live your dreams and make memories that will last for the rest of your life.

5. Now is the time to manifest your desires

If you have unfulfilled goals or desires in your life, the candle could be telling you that now is the time to manifest them into reality.

It means that now is the right moment in your life for you to achieve these goals, and the candle is also telling you that the energies around you at the moment are conducive to successful manifestation.

Spend time meditating and focusing your thoughts on whatever it is you want to bring into reality.

Commit yourself to doing everything you can to manifest the desired outcome – and then, through the combination of your determination, your will and your psychic power, you will find you can make your wishes come true.

6. Your soulmate is near

Your soulmate is near

When your soulmate draws near, it can create perceptible changes in the energies that surround you, and one effect this can have is making a candle burn much higher than usual.

As a result, if you notice such a phenomenon, you should pay attention to the people around you and all the new people you meet.

Above all, be receptive to making new connections and don’t push people away.

Sometimes, your soulmate can come into your orbit and then leave again without you ever being aware of it because you weren’t ready to meet them.

So to make sure this doesn’t happen, take the message from the candle and pursue any new connections to see where they might lead you.

7. Your psychic powers are growing

Sometimes, when you are in a phase of spiritual growth and development, the psychic energy around you can become more powerful and more intense, and this may affect a candle by making it flicker even with no wind or burn higher than usual.

If this happens at a time when you have been devoting yourself to spiritual practices, you can take it as a positive sign that your dedication is paying off – and you should continue with what you are doing since a spiritual breakthrough is within sight.

8. Your prayers are being heard

A flickering or high burning candle can sometimes be taken as a sign that your prayers are being heard – and this could be in terms of your prayers to God or prayers more figuratively if you consider yourself spiritual rather than a follower of a particular religion.

It means that whatever it is you have been asking for is going to be granted, so continue your devotions and prayers – and then make sure you express your gratitude to whatever power you believe it was that answered your prayers when they finally come to pass.

9. Take a risk

Take a risk

If you are faced with a big decision but don’t know what to do, a high-burning candle may be there to encourage you to choose the bolder course of action.

Maybe you have been offered a new job, but it will mean moving to a new area, and you will also be given lots of extra responsibility.

Understandably, you might be worried about what will happen if you fail, even though the rewards for success will be great.

In situations like this or anything similar, the high candle can be taken as a message to take the risk and accept the opportunity – since if you approach the future with confidence and optimism, the risk you take is destined to pay off.

10. Find an outlet for your creative urges

When your creative energies are flowing most freely, it can also affect the way a candle burns, so if you are feeling a creative urge and you notice a candle burning higher than normal, it could be a sign that you need to find an outlet for your pent-up creativity.

If you are not usually a creative person, it could be a message that you should take up some kind of creative activity such as painting, drawing or playing a musical instrument.

On the other hand, if you are naturally a creative person, the message could be that you should make time to express yourself since you are currently experiencing a moment when your creative powers are at their greatest and you are capable of producing your best work.

11. An angel or spirit guide is trying to contact you

Finally, a high-burning flame could be a sign that your guardian angel or a guiding spirit is trying to make contact with you.

Throughout our daily lives, we constantly receive messages from the other side as angels and spirits attempt to guide us.

However, they can’t simply appear to us, so they have to adopt more subtle methods of communication – but if we don’t pick up on these messages, the spirits might try other methods to try to catch our attention.

A high-burning flame could be an example of one such method, so if you notice an unusually large flame on your candle, try to pay attention to other messages such as angel numbers that you might have missed to try to understand what your guardians are trying to tell you.

An important message you should take the time to decipher

As we’ve seen, a candle flame burning too high can have a range of spiritual meanings, so it’s important to try to work out what it means.

To do this, think about how it could relate to your life, your preoccupations and your desires – and then, by allowing your intuition to be your guide, you will come to understand what the message is trying to tell you.

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