Although it is relatively inexpensive and easy to obtain, unakite is a highly attractive stone that makes it a popular choice for producing many types of jewelry as well as sculpted decorative objects.

However, unakite also has spiritual significance that goes beyond mere aesthetics, and to help you understand what unakite can do and how to use it, in this post, we look at the details of unakite spiritual meaning.

11 Spiritual Meanings of Unakite pin

Unakite Spiritual Meanings

1. Balance and equilibrium

Unakite usually contains a blend of pink and green colors, and as such, it represents balance and equilibrium.

Finding the right work-life balance is a well-known ingredient for leading a happy existence, but we also need to make space for the spiritual too, and unakite is a stone that can help remind us of this – and it can even help us achieve it.

If you’re the kind of person who tends to focus too much on your job without leaving enough time to enjoy your life, wearing a piece of unakite jewelry can help remind you that you need to clock out and let your hair down sometimes too.

At the same time, unakite can help focus our minds on spiritual matters, ensuring we don’t neglect this part of our life either.

Unakite can also help bring emotional or mental balance, and if you know someone who needs help in this area, a beautiful piece of unakite jewelry or a unakite carved object could also make an excellent choice of gift.

2. Harmony

Closely related to balance is the concept of harmony, and unakite can also help in this area.

Harmony can mean balancing the different areas of your life, but it can also mean living harmoniously with your environment or those around you, and unakite can promote this kind of harmonious living.

For example, if you live in a shared house, placing a unakite ornament somewhere in one of the common areas can help bring more harmony to the accommodation and the people living there, making the shared living experience much easier and more enjoyable.

Placing unakite in your own home that you share with your family can also bring similar harmony to your life, and it can be a good choice to help return peace and unity to your household if you have been arguing with your partner a lot recently.

3. Grounding


Unakite is a stone of grounding, and it can help people remember their roots, however successful they become or however far away from home they move.

This means if someone you know is moving away, a piece of unakite jewelry will help them remember you and also the place they are leaving behind – and they will always know they are welcome back whenever they have the opportunity to return.

At the same time, unakite can be a good gift for someone who has had great success in life.

The unakite you give them will be accepted as a gift of congratulations, but it will also serve as a subtle reminder never to become too big for their boots, however much wealth or power they accumulate.

4. Regulation of feelings and emotions

If you are the kind of person who easily loses control of your emotions or you often find yourself becoming excessively angry or sad with very little reason, wearing a piece of unakite jewelry can be a useful way of keeping your emotions in check.

There’s nothing wrong with being emotional or passionate, but losing one’s temper too easily or being overly sensitive can be a disadvantage, so unakite can be used to help you keep things on a more even keel.

Similarly, if you know someone who suffers from these types of problems, a piece of unakite as a gift can be a great way to help them rein in their excessively emotional nature.

5. Purity

Unakite is a symbol of purity and can be used during rituals of spiritual purification to help increase the power of the ritual.

An example of this could be if you feel you have been spiritually polluted by negative energy or emotions – you might then wear a piece of unakite jewelry or hold a piece in your hand while you focus on where those negative emotions came from and try to expel them.

This might happen if you have been wronged by someone and you harbor ill will against them.

You know that these negative feelings are making you spiritually impure, but you still can’t bring yourself to forgive the person and let go of the negativity.

However, at such a time, the unakite can be used to give you the spiritual power to find it within yourself to forgive, releasing the negative energy and returning you to a state of spiritual purity and balance.

6. Affection


If you want to express your affection for someone, unakite is always an excellent choice.

It’s a highly attractive stone, so it will always be well received, but it also represents affection and strong bonds of friendship due to the mingling of the pink and green colors inside, so it will also help to strengthen your friendship bonds with the recipient.

This is another reason why unakite makes an excellent going away present since it lets the person know they will always remain in your thoughts and your heart, even if you live far apart.

7. Empathy

Unakite can also be used to improve your empathy, so if you feel you have trouble understanding other people or perhaps making strong connections, unakite could be a stone you can turn to.

The positive energy and vibrations given off by unakite can make you more receptive to the energy given off by others, and this will give you more insight into their thoughts and feelings.

This way, you will become a better listener, and you will find people trust you more, making it easier to form new and stronger friendships.

8. Vitality

If you have been feeling apathetic of late or perhaps suffering from a lack of energy or motivation, unakite is a stone that can help bring some much-needed vitality back to your life.

By sucking up some of the negative energy that might be floating around you, the unakite can give you a boost of the kind of positive energy that can help you get things done.

It’s also a great stone to use against procrastination, so if you know you’re the kind of person who suffers from this issue, placing a piece of unakite near where you work will improve your working efficiency.

Unakite is also an excellent stone for people who are becoming more advanced in age.

It can help give them the energy to remain active rather than convincing themselves that their bodies and minds are slowing down.

Of course, as we age, we can never return to the full exuberance and energy of youth, but having the energy and motivation to do things is also largely a function of your state of mind, and unakite is the kind of stone that can help you remain a youthful outlook as you grow older.

9. A soothing influence

A soothing influence

When you need to relax and let out all the stresses and strains of the day, unakite can be a useful aid, however you choose to unwind.

Perhaps you enjoy reading a book in the evening, and setting up some relaxing lighting, maybe with some candles, and placing a unakite ornament near your reading chair will help soothe your mind and allow you to experience the moment more fully.

Or perhaps you just prefer a long soak in a bathtub – in which case placing some unakite next to your bath while you listen to some relaxing music can also greatly enhance the experience.

Unakite is excellent for helping to relax and soothe both your mind and body, especially at times when you are under lots of pressure, so keeping unakite around your house will allow you to remain internally calm, even in the face of great stress.

10. Healing and detoxification

In a similar way, unakite can be used for healing and detoxification purposes.

If you have been living unhealthily of late but have now decided to make a change in your lifestyle, placing unakite around your home or wearing unakite jewelry can provide the positive energy that will encourage your body to detoxify itself.

The same positive energy can also help your body to heal after injury or illness – the stone is no substitute for proper medical treatment, but when used alongside conventional treatment, it can boost your body’s natural ability to heal.

11. Spiritual awareness

Finally, unakite can also be used to raise your levels of spiritual awareness, allowing you to tap into the energies given off by the spirit world and helping you achieve more profound spiritual understanding.

This means when you take the time for meditation or other spiritual practices, wearing unakite jewelry or holding a piece of unakite in your hand will give you extra spiritual power, making it more likely that you will achieve the spiritual breakthrough that you seek.

Many different spiritual uses

As we’ve seen, unakite is a powerful stone that has many different spiritual meanings and uses.

It can help bring balance and harmony to your life, it can help calm the mind, it can increase vitality and vigor and it can even help open your mind to higher levels of spiritual awareness, all of which makes it a great stone to wear as jewelry or simply to keep around your home.

11 Spiritual Meanings of Unakite pin

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