Human beings have always pierced and modified their body parts since the dawn of civilization, usually for socio-cultural or religious reasons. People all around the world have been known to pierce, tattoo, and modify various body parts, especially the nose, ears, belly, lips, and eyebrows.

Over time, these cultural practices have become a popular method of self-expression and personal style. Nose piercings, in particular, have become even more popular in the mainstream and are worn by people of all ages and walks of life.

Are you considering getting a nose piercing on the right side? Even if it is simply an aesthetic choice, it’s a good idea to set out some time to reflect on the intentions behind it and the myriad spiritual meanings it holds. This article will explore all the possible meanings of a nose piercing on the right side. Curious to know what they could be? Keep reading!

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9 Spiritual Meanings of Nose Piercings on the Right Side 

Here, we’ll analyze 9 spiritual meanings of nose piercings on the right side so you can have more clarity and understanding about your piercing.

1. Activating energy centers

Like every other part of your body, the nose serves a specific purpose. As one of the vessels that help you breathe and stay alive, it is considered a vital energetic center in various practices such as yoga and reiki. In these practices and techniques, activating the nose and its breathing sustains your life force, balances the flow of energy to your body and mind, and connects you to divine energy.

Have you ever had a stuffy nose where one nostril is blocked, and the other is clear? Unless you’re sick, it may be hard to notice it on a regular basis, but there is always a subtle difference in how you breathe through your left and right nostrils. Of course, both nostrils work in tandem when you’re healthy, but the difference is always there.

You can even try it now: Use one finger to hold down one nostril and breathe, then do the same to the other nostril. You will notice that one side takes in more air than the other.

By putting a piercing on the right side of the nose, you will activate its energy, which in turn helps balance the energy of the other nostrils. This increases your spiritual harmony and promotes well-being.

2. Marriage status and eligibility

Marriage status and eligibility

In some regions of Asia, Africa, and older civilizations, wearing a nose ring on the right side wasn’t just merely decorative. As a girl grows and starts to become a woman, wearing a nose ring on the right signifies the rite of passage from puberty to womanhood. Young women would wear these beautifully crafted nose rings to signify their readiness and level of eligibility for marriage. It was believed that this piercing made a young woman more alluring and fertile, inevitably drawing more suitors for her to pick from.

Additionally, in some regions, a piercing on the right was almost like wearing a wedding ring and showing that you are already married, and, according to the design, it could also showcase whether one had any kids or was yet to bear children.

3. Spiritual protection and fortification

Some ancient cultures believed that piercings, specifically on the right side of the nose, served as a powerful talisman. The ring to be used may be decorated in precise patterns or with symbols of various deities that offer strength, protection, and the warding off of negative energies. In a way, these nose rings served as spiritual armor, allowing one to be courageous and safe from any spiritual attacks.

Depending on the region and culture, these nose piercings naturally deepened the connection to the deity involved and gave access to heightened awareness, intuition, and psychic abilities.

4. Connecting to ancestors and deities

Many cultures hold deep feelings of reverence for their family and ancestral lineage. One of the ways to revere and honor family members who have passed away is by wearing a nose ring on the right side. This tradition may vary from family to family through the style, design, and placement of the ring on the nose.

Many people love to connect to their ancestors. Without our predecessors, none of us would be alive. It is a form of appreciation and a reminder also to love and respect the family members who are still alive.

Additionally, a piercing on the right nose could deepen your spiritual relationship with those ancestors, allowing you to ask them questions, explore the history of your lineage, receive wisdom, and gain clarity on past or present situations.

They may also connect you to specific tribal or family deities who can help to give you additional protection, strength, and guidance.

5. Honoring ancient symbols

Honoring ancient symbols

Every civilization in the world has used various symbols to express meanings and ideas and convey secret information.

Even in this modern day and age, people still use symbols as a simple way to express an idea, categorize things, and share knowledge. Nowadays, brands do this by using logos as a symbol of their product, and it immediately registers in our brains. For instance, looking at designer brands and logos may give you the sensation of luxury, wealth, and a high status in society.

In the same way, nose piercings were made in various shapes, sizes, and designs to represent all kinds of things. A particular tribe would associate certain designs or styles with their specific animal totems, sacred landmarks, rites of passage, or other things of value.

6. Ethnic identity and culture

Early humans have long since used piercings, tattoos, and body modification to identify each other. Identifying yourself within a tribe was often a way to keep you safe within the collective and help you thrive. This is because when people lived in villages, they all knew each other and so made it their duty to protect one another and preserve the strength, finances, and integrity of the tribe.

These body modifications also represented other things such as socioeconomic status, age, social class, royalty, and any other affiliations that may have been important.

In recent times, nose piercings on the right side may also symbolize one’s association with various lifestyles, such as the queer community or other musical and aesthetic subcultures.

7. Feminine energy

In some yogic traditions, everyone is believed to be made up of two opposing energies, the feminine and masculine. These polarized energies must be balanced in order to achieve enlightenment, inner peace, and harmony.

According to certain traditions, the right side of the body is representative of feminine energy. Of course, this feminine energy does not refer to gender but somewhat to various traits of polarity. Some aspects or traits of feminine energy include:

  • Creativity
  • Intuition
  • Flow
  • Receiving
  • Manifestation
  • Yin
  • Non-linearity
  • The Moon
  • Emotions
  • Water element
  • Earth element
  • Tenderness
  • Affection
  • Celebration
  • Appreciation
  • Warmth
  • Empathy
  • Sensuality
  • Surrender

Placing a nose ring on the right side of the nose would enhance and activate the flow of these various energies. This serves as a way to right the scales if one has too much masculine energy, creating spiritual balance, inner peace, and unity.

8. Masculine energy

Masculine energy

While some cultures perceive the right side of the body to be the feminine polarity, other traditions, and cultures believe it actually to be the masculine polarity.

Masculine energy is often associated with the following traits:

  • Structure
  • Awareness
  • Regimen
  • Giving
  • Building
  • Yang
  • Linearity
  • The sun
  • Logic
  • Air element
  • Fire element
  • Discipline
  • Stability
  • Goals
  • Coldness
  • Distance
  • Sexuality
  • Freedom

By utilizing a nose ring on the right side, the masculine energies can be increased and activated. This serves as a way to bring balance to someone who has too much feminine energy, creating equilibrium and harmony.

9. Promotes physical health and longevity

Many traditions believe that piercing the right side of the nose doesn’t just have spiritual benefits but physical health benefits as well. Some cultures prefer to use gold or silver for the nose ring to promote physical health and invite the additional properties of the precious metal.

Aside from general health and well-being, for women in particular, these piercings are said to reduce the pain of menstrual cramps, ease labor pains, and also relieve headaches and bodily discomfort.


Nose piercings are a beautiful way to enhance one’s natural beauty, make a fashion statement, express individuality and unique style, and show allegiance to a tribe or community. These numerous aesthetic reasons are a good choice for people who desire to stand out or try something new.

Aside from its obvious physical beauty, there are numerous spiritual and metaphysical benefits to a nose piercing on the right side, which is why it is a tradition that has lasted for so long and continues to grow in popularity. Its uncanny ability to promote inner peace, balance, and healing provides a special pathway for whoever is on a spiritual path.

If you have been thinking of where to get a nose piercing, you now have a clearer understanding of what it means and some of the things you stand to gain from it.

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