Amazonite is a gemstone that got its name from the Amazon River. People thought the stone originated from there, but there’s no proof. Instead, samples have popped up in places like Australia, Madagascar, Virginia, and elsewhere in Brazil. The blue-green color of this stone has earned it nicknames like Colorado Jade. Let’s learn the spiritual meanings of Amazonite.

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Amazonite Spiritual Meanings

1. It Has Healing Powers

Historically, the so-called Amazon stone played an important role in Egyptian mythology. The famous Amazon warriors are said to have used it too. Both cultures used amazonite to heal wounds in battle and during medicinal rituals. It was worn as a talisman and a jewel to protect people from illness and negative energies as they went through their daily routines.

Because the stone had the ability to heal, Egyptian shamans would carve sacred texts on the stone as part of their healing spells. The most common form of amazonite is a greenish-blue like jade, but you can also find it in pale yellow and off-white. It’s sometimes known as Pike’s Peak Jade because that’s where you’ll spot it in Colorado. It’s much lighter than jade though.

2. It’s a Protective Stone

As we said, Amazon warriors often wore amazonite, both decoratively and defensively. This tribe of all-female warriors was widely featured in Greek mythology. They had superior skill and strength in fighting and their shields had amazonite to protect them in battle. Closer to the factual realm, conquistadors – who were Spanish and Portuguese invaders – wore it too.

The conquistadors sailed around the world trading, exploring, and conquering foreign lands to extend their empires back home. Just like the Amazons, the conquistadors used the stone to embellish their weapons and enhance their accessories. The stone was thought to defend them against the machinations of the resentful tribes and communities they overpowered.

3. It Has Power in the Afterlife

It Has Power in the Afterlife

In Ancient Egyptian mythology, Osiris was the god of death. While he was living, he ruled over the land and taught them how to cultivate this fertile place. He married his sister Isis who was also a powerful deity. But their brother Seth killed Osiris and chopped him up, scattering the pieces to make it harder to find him. Seth then married his sister Nephthys.

But the two sisters helped each other to find Osiris’ body, put it back together, and resurrect him temporarily so he and Isis could have a baby. Osiris then went back to the world of the dead to rule the underworld. Chapter 7 of the Book of Osiris was inscribed on Amazonite, and pharaohs like Tutankhamun were buried with their Amazonite treasures for the afterlife.

4. It Can Heighten and Deepen Love

The story of Isis and Osiris is one of power and passion. Back then, it was common among the monarchy to marry siblings to keep the royal lineage pure. Hence Osiris married Isis and Seth married Nephthys. But Osiris and Isis were said to be especially attached to each other and were allegedly in love even before they were born. Their bond was stronger than death.

Since amazonite was an important artifact in the magic of Isis, it’s sometimes seen as a love stone. Egyptian mythology typically replaces the heart of a dead royal with a scarab, so the scarab rings found in Tutankhamun’s tomb reinforced the idea of amazonite as a totem of love. This is because the heart is the metaphorical center of love in lots of different cultures.

5. It Attracts and Celebrates Truth

When someone is sincere, we say they have a good heart. And in ancient lore, the throat chakra is associated with communication because that’s how we sing and speak. Amazonite is often worn as a necklace with a pendant that keeps it close to these two body parts. In this sense, the stone encourages people to always have pure thoughts and speak truthful words.

Because words have creative power, amazonite can therefore turn every phrase into a healing spell. It reminds the wearer to be honest and maintain integrity because the stone around the throat and chest can amplify and manifest anything they say. It’s also said to soothe anxiety and spread positive vibrations, both to the wearer and to the others who hear them talking.

6. It Brings Good Luck and Calms Anxiety

It Brings Good Luck and Calms Anxiety

Many people refer to amazonite as the gambler’s stone because it brings good fortune. And lots of speculators carry the stone as a good luck charm during their ventures. It makes a good gift for poker players and other casino regulars. They can rub the stone every time they make a bet to improve their chances, so you may find it in pockets at the race track as well.

Since it’s known to be a calming stone, it can give the gambler a clear head and slower heart rate during their high-pressure stakes. But even if you’re not relying on the odds, amazonite is said to attract wealth, money, and success in financial projects. In cultures where gift exchange is ceremonial, amazonite is a good option, particularly for big business dealings.

7. It Revives Your Energy and Cleanses Your Aura

In metaphysical practice, exhaustion and illness aren’t restricted to sore muscles. Healing practitioners believe fatigue and infection can be caused by dirty energy, trauma, and bad juju. Amazonite is an important tool in this space because it can counteract those negative vibes. It attacks anything that saps your energy and dilutes sources of anxiety and trauma.

Since it’s used around your throat and heart, it can also resolve issues like thyroid problems, alcohol abuse, and infected glands. Both the thyroid and excess alcohol can affect weight so some people use amazonite as part of their healthy diet regime. It promotes detox activities and it looks good too! The stone encourages self-love, which is a big part of fat management.

8. It Promotes Balance and Tranquillity

We’ve explained that amazonite can soothe an anxious soul and de-escalate excited nerves. But the appearance of the stone has psychological effects that can translate into powerful spiritual results. As we said, the stone is blue-green so it’s often mistaken for turquoise or jadeite. But it also has milky streaks you can see through its smooth semi-opaque surface.

These features are evocative of calm ocean waves with their aqua-colored waters and white foamy tips. In this sense, the sea-like hues and frothy clouds in amazonite can invoke a calm meditative state. They recall the mood and aura of a relaxing day at the beach, and they can create these feelings even when you’re in a stressful business meeting or a hectic traffic jam.

9. It uses the Power of Colour and Nature

It uses the Power of Colour and Nature

In color psychology, green represents wealth, health, and growth while blue symbolizes the truth, stability, and calmness. Similarly, in nature, green plants support life by feeding all our ecosystems from micro-organisms to mammals. Even fish eat seaweed. Meanwhile, water is the key sustainer of life, and large water bodies are practical habitats and spiritual portals.

This all contributes to the significance of amazonite, with its hues of green and blue. These colors combine to manifest massive energies in multiple dimensions. Wearing, touching, and meditating on the stone can transport you to higher realms, physically and spiritually. It can alter your mental state and broaden your zen, which allows you to magnify good vibes.

10. It’s a Superior Weapon for Energy Rituals

Crystals are crucial to healing spells and energy work because their endless facets reflect the rays and multiply their effects in the process. Amazonite is a soft stone with few sharp edges so it’s mostly shaped into cabochon cuts with rounded surfaces. But the streaks and clouds in the stone serve as a medium for energy transmission and the mild texture is ideal for carving.

When words are written on this stone, their power is magnified by the intrinsic properties and abilities of the stone. Energy workers can wear amazonite on their own heart and throat to imbue additional potency to their rituals. They can also infuse the stone with incantations that will then transfer to the wearer. This gives extra benefits when you offer it as a present.

11. It Promotes Peace and Camaraderie

While the history of European explorers and Native Americans wasn’t positive in later years, things didn’t start out that way. Westerners first learned about amazonite when the locals in South America gifted it to them. Since energy work and ritual prayer were a big part of their culture, these stones offered protection and goodwill on treacherous sea journeys back home.

The initial role of this stone continues to date. Giving someone amazonite as a present can heal any potential conflict in your relationship and interaction. As someone inclined toward peace and harmony, try praying over amazonite or carrying some in your pocket and rubbing it with your fingers when someone is hostile towards you. It might turn them into kittens…

12. It Boosts Internal Harmony and Self Love

We all have masculine and feminine energy within ourselves. Usually, one side expresses itself louder and dominates our identity, but we need the other side too. When these forces clash internally, it can cause unease, erratic behavior, and discomfort that makes us feel unlike ourselves. Amazonite is super helpful here because it’s good at unifying the two sides.

Using the green element of land and the blue element of water, it brings balance to our inner masculine and feminine aura. It can also help you make important life decisions. It does this by blending your heart and throat chakras to ensure mental clarity. Amazonite will wisely proportion your logical, analytical, and emotional aspects to guide you toward inner peace.

12 Spiritual Meanings of Amazonite pin

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