Lavender is an undeniably beautiful plant, and it has a pleasant, unmistakable aroma – and these alone are good enough reasons for wanting to place some around your house in the form of flowers or essential oils.

However, it also has deeper spiritual significance, so to help you understand more about its power and uses, in this post, we go into the details of lavender spiritual meaning.

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Lavender Spiritual Meanings

1. Purity

In spiritual terms, one of the most important associations lavender has is with purity since it is closely connected to spiritual purity and the purity of the soul.

Its unmistakable aroma can help clear your mind and body of spiritual impurities, and placing lavender around your home can help promote feelings of spiritual well-being.

Having lavender close to you can also be beneficial during rituals of spiritual purification, helping you dispel negative energies that may be polluting your being and causing you to have negative thoughts or engage in negative actions.

2. Cleanliness

As well as spiritual purity, lavender has long been associated with physical cleanliness – even its name comes from the Latin word lavare, which means “to wash” since the ancient Romans used it to perfume their baths.

Using lavender-infused products for washing can help you achieve deep levels of physical cleanliness, which is also an important part of keeping yourself spiritually clean.

The feeling of physical cleanliness that lavender can bring will boost your feeling of spiritual and mental well-being, a balance that will engender deeper levels of spiritual enrichment in your life.

However, to experience these benefits, you should use products that contain authentic lavender extract rather than synthetic reproductions of lavender scent. This is because copies of lavender scent don’t have the same properties despite often smelling superficially similar.

3. Silence and calm

Silence and calm

Lavender is also known to promote inner calm, so it can be used to help you attain deeper states of relaxation whenever you have a moment of downtime to unwind.

In the modern world, it can be extremely difficult to find time for relaxation and recuperation, so we need to make the most of any time we have.

This means when taking time for meditation or simply sitting peacefully and emptying your mind, lavender can help you achieve a deep state of relaxation more quickly and can help you maximize the time you spend in such a state.

At the same time, if your mind is filled with different stresses and preoccupations from your daily life that you are trying to deal with, leaving you feeling like you barely have a moment to collect your thoughts, lavender can also help quieten this internal noise.

That way, you will be able to order your thoughts more effectively, concentrating on the things that are truly important and letting go of things that you don’t really need.

4. Devotion

Lavender is a symbol of devotion, and for this reason, it can be used in several different ways.

For example, you can place lavender in your home to represent marital devotion, and this will help deepen the bonds between you and your partner, making it less likely that either of you will be led astray.

At the same time, lavender can foster spiritual or religious devotion, so placing lavender in your home or in your meditation room will infuse the space with the scent of lavender, increasing your devotion to spiritual practices.

5. Knowledge

If you are the kind of person who has an insatiable curiosity about the world we live in and the deeper meaning of life, lavender is also a flower that is well suited to your disposition.

Lavender is connected to knowledge, and the scent of lavender can help you maintain your thirst to always find out more.

It can help improve your concentration levels and your attention span, which will allow you to focus more fully when reading or researching, and it will also help you gain a fuller and deeper understanding of the things you learn.

For these reasons, lavender is also a great flower to include in your environment if you are a student since it will help you study harder and more effectively while retaining more of what you learn.

6. Royalty, wealth and luxury

Royalty, wealth and luxury

With its stunning purple color, lavender is a striking flower, and it’s also a special species since purple is not a color that’s commonly found in nature.

Indeed, in the past, purple dye was incredibly expensive to make. At one time, from around 1200 BCE, most purple dye came from the Phoenician city of Tyre where the shells of a certain type of local sea snail were crushed to produce rare dyes of this color.

This dye was then sold for exorbitant prices, which meant that only the very richest in society – in effect, largely only royalty – could afford it.

As a result, the color purple became inextricably linked with royalty, wealth, power and luxury, and it retains these connotations to this day.

As a relatively rare purple flower, lavender also carries a similar spiritual meaning, so a piece of lavender in your home can serve as a propitious token that may help bring increased riches to you too.

It can also help bring you more spiritual power that you can then direct towards your goals of achieving higher levels of spiritual development and awareness.

7. Spiritual stillness and peace

We’ve seen how lavender can help bring mental stillness and calm, but it can also do this on a spiritual level, further fostering spiritual development and evolution.

When our mind is at rest, we become much more aware of ourselves and of the universe around us, and placing lavender close to you when you take the time for meditation or self-exploration can help your mind enter the right state for spiritual exploration.

8. Spiritual connectivity and awakening

For similar reasons, lavender is also a powerful plant for increasing spiritual connectivity.

It is closely connected to the crown chakra, and its calming properties as well as its strong spiritual aura mean it can help you become more attuned to the spirit world, receiving messages from the other side more clearly and more easily.

So, for example, if you have been noticing the appearance of angel numbers or other spiritual messages that you are having trouble deciphering, placing a piece of lavender next to you when you meditate can help you understand what the messages could mean.

Similarly, when engaging in meditation or other spiritual rituals, placing lavender nearby can enhance the experience, making it easier to attain a spiritual breakthrough or the spiritual enlightenment and awakening that you seek.

9. Positive energy

Positive energy

Even when you are not actively engaging in spiritual practices or rituals, having lavender near you can enhance positive energies and dispel negative vibrations, leaving you in a healthier spiritual state.

If you have been experiencing negative emotions recently, lavender can be used to help return more spiritual balance to your life by cancelling out the negativity that has been creeping into your being, leaving you feeling happier, more positive and more refreshed.

If you share an office with negative people, placing some lavender on your desk can also help protect you from their negative auras – and it may even bring some positivity to them too, making your office a happier and healthier place to work.

10. Medicinal and therapeutical uses

The healing properties of lavender have long been recognized by ancient traditions such as ayurvedic medicine, and again, this is related to the calming and soothing effects lavender has on the body and the mind.

For example, lavender in various forms can be used to treat headaches, gastritis and sore throats among many other conditions, and it is also known to have antiseptic properties.

11. Promotion and enhancement of deep sleep

Finally, since it is such a powerfully soothing and calming flower, it should come as no surprise that lavender can also be a great help to people suffering from insomnia.

Lavender can be included in foods or made into teas and then consumed in the evening before bedtime, and it will then help ensure you fall quickly into a deep and refreshing sleep.

Alternatively, you can place lavender in your bedroom to allow the scent to diffuse throughout the room.

Then, when it’s time to sleep, the aroma will have a similar effect, relaxing and soothing your mind and allowing you to relax, dispelling all the worries of your waking life and enabling you to fall asleep much more quickly.

You will then awake the next day feeling refreshed and energized, ready to face all the challenges that the new day might have in store.

A soothing and calming flower for your body, mind and spirit

As we’ve seen, the power of lavender lies mostly in its soothing and calming properties, and it can be used to help bring you deeper relaxation, whether that means physically, emotionally or spiritually.

For these reasons, it is also an extremely useful flower to turn to if you are seeking to enhance your spiritual well-being, attain higher levels of spiritual development or reach deeper levels of spiritual understanding.

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