Do you feel connected to rain in an unexplained way? If yes, you sure are desperate to understand what rain symbolizes spiritually and in literature and movies, aren’t you? Luckily, in this post, we’ve covered it all!

Read on to find out 5 spiritual meanings of rain, 5 rain meanings in literature and movies, followed by rain symbolism in various religions as well as rain dream interpretations. What are we waiting for? Let’s begin!

Rain Spiritual Meanings

Rain Spiritual Meanings

1.     Sadness and Destitute:

While the sun and its warmth do accompany rain at times, the rain often pours down along with its terrifying companions: thunder and lightning. The environment turns dark and gloomy, and surprisingly, our motivation and energy batteries drain away.

Even psychologists approve that rainy surrounding negatively affects our emotions. They often advise people to go out for a short walk or exercise to lift their mood up during rain. In fact, light is known to boost a hormone named serotonin, which helps boost our mood.

Therefore, in the gloominess of rain, it is only human to feel low and lonely. You might have even noticed in movies how rain and thunder add to the melancholy of the scene, haven’t you?

2.     Growth and rebirth:

Without water, life on Earth isn’t possible. Rain is essential for flowers to bloom, crops to grow, and basically, everything to grow and survive.

Similarly, rain is also symbolized for rebirth and renewal. Often, a stunning rainbow and the warmth of the sun follow a gloomy hour of heavy rain. It is a sign of new beginnings, betterment, and hope.

Rain conveys a spiritual meaning that no matter how hard are things right now, the sun will shine in your life again. Good things will come your way, and you’ll be able to enjoy your life once again. Rain tells you not to lose hope and strive for new happy beginnings.

3.     Transformation and unpredictability:

When rain is expected, the surrounding often takes a quick turn into dark and dreary. And, often, rain appears unannounced without any forewarning. So, rain is also believed to symbolize change and uncertainty spiritually.

Just like rain, our lives are also random and unpredictable. You might be greeted with some welcomed and unwelcomed changes along the way. However, you must learn that changes are inevitable, and rather than trying to escape them, you must learn to embrace them.

4.     Obstacles:

With those of us with lesser determination, rain acts as an obstacle. We might be planning an important short trip to somewhere near, but the pouring rain advises us to stay in bed and binge on our favorite Netflix shows instead.

Therefore, rain is symbolized for obstacles. It is believed to preclude us from achieving whatever it is that our hearts desire.


5.     Fertility:

In ancient times, before the times of irrigation, farmers heavily relied on rain. In fact, in many Hindu and Egyptian cultures, the rain was and is still seen as a good omen, a sign of fertility and prosperous times ahead.

It is mentioned in their legends that these people used to pray to their respective diety of rain in the hope that they would be blessed with rain and fertile lands.

Typical Rain Spiritual Meanings in Literature and Movies:

1.     Romance:

Let’s discuss a few common scenes in many movies featuring a romantic plot. The actress realizes how much she loves the male counterpart and how dumb she had been until now, not acknowledging her feelings.

Or, let’s imagine both protagonists realizing that they have fallen for each other in the middle of the road. There are probably hundreds of computations of these scenarios, and we’re almost certain that almost all of them would feature rain.

Rain in movies pours down the lovers to symbolize romance and the spark between them. We don’t need to look any further, The Notebook’s famous kissing in the rain scene is enough evidence of this symbolism.

2.     A forewarning:

In movies, rain is also used to foreshadow destitution and melancholy. Whenever the story is about to take a negative turn or a traumatic scene is appearing soon, the filmmakers prefer setting a gloomy scene featuring heavy clouds and rain to set the mood of the viewers.

3.     Cleansing:

There are probably uncountable scenes in movies that depict the evil scenes of characters washing away in the pouring rain. Maybe they killed somebody, and you can witness the bloodstains on their outfits washing away.

Rain is also responsible for cleansing our environment. Have you ever noticed how you are able to appreciate the beauty of miles away after heavy rain? Rain is also spiritually believed to cleanse one’s soul of all the negativity and toxicity.

4.     The protagonist’s determination to fight through adversities:

In movies, whenever a character trains for their big day or goes to save their dear ones, rain is often used by filmmakers to dramatize the event. They do so in order to emphasize the characters determination, that no matter what, their eyes are set on the prize, and they will stop at no cost.

The protagonist’s determination to fight through adversities

5.     Calmness:

Lastly, rain is also used to set a calm mood in a movie. You’ll probably see characters chatting over a cup of tea or a bowl of soup, reflecting on their actions and introspecting. Or, the protagonist is tucked in their bed along with their thoughts and emotions.

Rain often induces a sense of calmness in us, doesn’t it? No wonder its sound is famous as background music while concentrating, meditating, relaxing, and even studying.

Rain Spiritual Meanings in the Bible:

The biblical meaning of rain is associated with God’s compassion, and many believe that the rain showers are a gift from God himself.

Not every region of this Earth was created equal, and many lack water resources to sustain their living. So, rain is a form of a gift from God to help us survive and grow.

On the other hand, in the story of Noah and the Ark, a flood can be seen cleansing sinners and those with unpure intentions. In this story, the rain is associated with the powerful cleaning of negativity, restoring peace and harmony among those who survived the deluge.

Rain Spiritual Meanings in Hinduism:

In Hinduism, Lord Indra, the king of Heaven or Swarga, is associated with rain, thunder, and storm. Lord Indra is believed to be angry and dissatisfied with us whenever the crop yield is low due to the absence of rainfall or if there is uncontrollable heavy rain resulting in floods and calamities.

In ancient days, farmers were known to perform rituals to please Lord Indra yearly and request that he pours them with just the right amount of rain.

Lord Varun is also celebrated as the ruler of the sky and the deity of water, rain, and oceans in Hindu mythologies. Overall, rain in Hinduism is associated with fertile lands, growth, and the compassion of Lords towards the living.

Rain Spiritual Meanings in Hinduism

Rain Spiritual Meanings in Ancient Greek and Egyptian cultures:

Egypt praises Goddess Tefnut as the deity of moisture, water, and fertility. She is believed to be responsible for sustaining the living on this Earth and was symbolized as the water Goddess of dessert civilizations.

On the other hand, Ancient Greek mythologies talk about Lord Zeus, the king of all the gods and the protector of the livings, as the rain deity. He is believed to be responsible for rain, thunder, and lightning.

Rain Dream Spiritual Meanings

Light rain or drizzle in the dream is a sign that your love life will be smooth and peaceful. Likewise, if you dreamt of heavy pouring rain, it is an extremely good omen. It suggests that you will be blessed with unexpected fortune and prosperity for a long time.

On the other hand, heavy rain can also represent the feeling of sadness and depression. Storms and thunders accompanying the rain in your dream are a sign that you have pent-up anger and sadness issues in your waking life.

You are probably overwhelmed by your work obligations and loved ones’ expectations. Your love life isn’t great either, and lately, you’re feeling demotivated and stressed. Remember that expressing your feelings to somebody trustworthy always helps you sort through your emotions.

Running in the rain in the dream tells you to listen to your heart and chase your passion. You needn’t listen to others’ opinions and slander. Just go at your own pace and pursue what your heart desires. It is one of the most important ingredients of success.


Rain is, in general, associated with fertility and growth. Spiritually, it can also symbolize sadness, and in movies, it is famous as a romantic emblem.

We hope this post helped answer all your queries regarding rain. If you dreamt of a rain dream, was it heavy or light? Or was the plot something different than what we have discussed above?

If you’d like to know more about your rain dream, share your dream scenario with us, we’d love to decode the dream together!

5 Spiritual Meanings Of Rainning


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