Between the sky, the sea, and the oceans, blue is probably the most common color in the world. Only green rivals it and that may be why blue is such a popular choice when you ask about favorite colours. But it has a deeper significance too, one that speaks directly to our higher selves. So let’s swim into 14 blue spiritual meanings and see how they can help us out.

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Blue Spiritual Meanings

1. Focus on Your Spirit

As we mentioned above, blue is the color of the heavens as well as large bodies of water. And many religions believe heaven – the dwelling of their deity – is up in the sky. Meanwhile, water is seen as a portal between planes, often connecting paradise to earthly dimensions.

So if you’re seeing a lot of blue – whether it’s an item of clothing, a new set of dishes, or even photos and paintings depicting the sky, it could be a spiritual reminder to look up. Not in the physical sense … internally. Step aside from material things and attend to your soul for a bit.

2. Something is Trying to Harm You

In nature, edible plants and flowers have red, blue, yellow, or orange tones. Usually, blue in food is a sign that something has gone bad. Similarly, in the medical world, we use the blue blood of horseshoe crabs to show whether substances or equipment have any toxic bacteria.

In that sense, if you’re seeing lots of blue items in your environment, your higher helpers might be warning you about some bad vibes. Maybe somebody around you has ill intent or is trying to sabotage you in some way. You may have a rival or a negative influence around you.

3. Your Nuptials Could Be Foretold

At the other end of the spectrum, the phrase blue-blooded meant someone (usually from Europe) has a royal lineage. It was very important since political marriages remained within the monarchy so people kept a close eye on their family lines and wedded fellow aristocrats.

It’s also true that blue eyes are considered quite attractive. You’ll often hear people say they want a partner who can give their child those gorgeous inherited genes. Also, remember the wedding trick of something blue. In these contexts, blue could be a good sign for marriage.

4. You’re Defended by the Universe

You’re Defended by the Universe

When you’re on earth, the blue sky seems to protect us from the hazards out there. And in a way, it does, because the ozone layer keeps us safe from potentially lethal solar radiation. It filters the sun and gives us the good parts, blocking out most of the UVB. Tuaregs use it too.

They dye their clothes and skin indigo as a natural form of sunscreen. To them, the color is also a symbol of divinity in the dessert. Combine this concept with the blue blood of crabs we mentioned earlier and you can see the color blue as a massive signifier of spiritual shields.

5. You Have Unseen Spiritual Injuries

You’ve probably heard of the Monday Blues, or singing the blues. And sometimes, you notice yourself ‘feeling blue’. The difference is the first two have a distinct reason while the third is unclear. You just feel off and you’re not sure why. In this scenario, you might be surrounded.

You’ll suddenly notice blue items everywhere. A poster, a piece of clothing, a passing car, or a product on a shelf. In this context, blue is a healing color. Your guardian angels see hidden wounds you may be unaware of so they’re sending you calming, soothing, healing vibrations.

6. You Need to Share Your Thoughts and Feelings

Your throat chakra is represented by a light blue tone. In Pranic Healing – a practice that uses colored energy – you draw on your throat chakra for cleansing and cooling vibes. But this chakra, sometimes called Vishuddha – is linked to communication and self-expression.

So if you’re seeing a lot of light blue, you may need to speak up in that context. Maybe you’re hiding your talents at work and it’s costing you a promotion. Or maybe you’re not being open with your partner about your needs. As Kenyans like to say, fungua roho. Speak your truth.

7. It’s Time to Stop Lying to Yourself

While light blue could mean you’re too closed off, darker shades invite you to go deeper. The kids these days say ‘delulu is the solulu’ which translates as ‘delusion is the solution’. They’re all about that fake it ‘til you make it mentality. That’s a dangerous path in the spiritual realm.

Some people say it’s the same as faith, but the tone is different. Faith is trust in your higher powers. ‘Acting as if’ is closer to imposter syndrome. Indigo and dark blue tones invite you to shatter illusions and go with intuition. Don’t follow the Joneses. Find your inner lighthouse.

8. You’re Seeking Clarity and Comfort

You’re Seeking Clarity and Comfort

Earlier, we mentioned blue spiritual meanings in relationships. We said seeing a lot of blue in intimate settings may mean you need to communicate better with your partner. But what if you’re seeing a lot of hot people with blue? What if friends and family suddenly wear it?

Think about what these people mean to you. It turns out you’re attracted to the color, or to people who align themselves with that hue. It’s almost like blue is your type! This shows your values in those you keep close. You prioritize honesty, true nurturing, and cozy conversation.

9. You’re a Giver … But Pace Yourself

We’ve just noted that people with blue auras and affinities are calm and comforting. They’re soothing to be around. So if you see a lot of blue around yourself – both inside and outside – you’re probably an open, giving person who often puts others first. It makes people love you.

But this could also be a low-battery warning from your higher self. You might be offering so much that you’re left depleted and … well … blue. Think about how all that blue makes you feel. Are you tired, drained, or sub-par when you spot it? You might soon need downtime…

10. You Have a Rich Sense of Imagination and Creativity

People often ask what your favorite color is. But take this a step further and visualize yourself on a paint pallet or color wheel. Don’t overthink it – just close your eyes, take a few deep breaths, and let the color come to mind. The first answer is often right, so listen close!

If the hue you came up with is blue, you probably have a deeply creative and imaginative spirit. You intuitively think outside the box and come up with unexpected effective solutions to life’s challenges. Your cool, collected exterior might hide a deep mind that’s always busy.

11. Your Beloved Feels Unheard

In the waking world, being attracted to people in blue could mean you feel exposed so you want someone who will protect your heart and pamper you. But what if someone in your life shows up in your dreams and they’re always wearing blue? Maybe they’re in a blue room/car.

Since you already know this person, they may be communicating to you subliminally in the spiritual plane. They’re saying they sense a block in your interactions. They feel like you’re not hearing them and they need you to listen better. It could totally shift the relationship.

12. Your Artistic Side is Feeling Neglected

Your Artistic Side is Feeling Neglected

The world loves to put us into little boxes. At school, they may have told you were a science type, or a talker, or an athlete. But even the most stem-oriented folk can have some creative streaks. If you’re feeling blue, you might need to let your inner artists out to play. It’s time!

Since blue belongs to the throat chakra, do something light and stress-free. You could sign up for a singing lesson or a writing class. You could open a notebook or typing app and do some journaling or freewriting. Or simply jump in the shower and sing your favorite tune.

13. You Need to Move On

Blue could mean you’re holding on to something that no longer serves you. It could be a job you lost, someone who passed away, or a partner who left you. It may even be a business idea that went bust or a friendship that faded away. You feel blue because you can’t accept things.

In this case, make the blue work for you. Get a blue crystal or gemstone like topaz, turquoise, agate, or lapis lazuli, and touch it gently when you feel particularly vulnerable. Light a blue candle or sit by a blue river, lake, or ocean and gently breathe in the vibes of the universe.

14. You’re Feeling Trapped

The blue sky can be comforting because no matter where you are on the planet, you look up and there it is! Meanwhile, a blue lake, ocean, or river can represent opportunities because they invoke travel. If you can get safely on that water body, you can experience new worlds!

But while blue is usually calming, you may notice it makes you anxious. Maybe you spot a blue case on a smartphone or a blue flower on someone’s shirt and you start to sweat. This could mean you’re secretly yearning for freedom. Build more autonomy into your routine.

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