Red candles are among the most powerful of candles, and they can be used when you want to increase energy, power and passion. However, due to their potency, they shouldn’t be used lightly, and you should be aware of what you are doing before you burn one.

For these reasons, understanding what red candles symbolize and when to light them is of vital importance – so in this post, we deal with red candle spiritual meaning to help you use red candles correctly.

14 Spiritual Meanings of Red Candle

Spiritual meanings of red candle – The symbolism of the color red

Before we talk about red candles, what they mean and the power they contain, we need to start by thinking about the color red and its symbolism because this is inextricably linked with what makes red candles what they are.

Red is the color of passion. It’s a hot color, and it’s the color of intense love – it’s not by accident that this is the color we associate with Valentine’s Day. And not only that – it’s also the color of burning lust, desire and sexual appetite.

Blood is red, and red is also the color of war. It’s the color of anger – which is why we say somebody “sees red” when they lose their temper – and it’s also the color of danger.

Red is the color of fire, something that’s also associated with passion, anger and danger – as well as destruction.

Vitality, power, energy, movement and action are all also connected to the color red – it’s the color of life and potency, and it’s a strong color of action and decisiveness.

However, contrary to many of the other associations we have with this color, in some countries – especially China – it is also seen as a color of good fortune and happiness.

Spiritual meanings of red candle and when should you burn one?

Having looked at the symbolism of the color red, now we can look at the meaning of red candles as well as when to light them.

  1. Passion

Red candles represent passion and passionate love. This is not the kind of slow, romantic love that endures but rather the kind that burns quickly and intensely, a passion that might not last for a long time but one that will never be forgotten.

If you have these kinds of feelings for someone – or you want them to experience these feelings for you – burning a red candle will help things move quickly in the desired direction.

However, be warned: once unleashed, such passion can be hard to control.

  1. Lust and desire

Similarly, red candles are related to lust and desire, so if you are interested in somebody sexually, burning a red candle may help manifest your desire.

If they are in your presence, lighting a red candle is a not-so-subtle way to advertise your intentions, but even burning one when you are alone will help release your pent-up sexual energy and bring your desires closer to fruition.

  1. Potency and sexual prowess

If you are at the start of a relationship, and you don’t want to disappoint when it comes to the intimate side of things, a red candle is the one that will help you the most.

At the same time, to ensure that your partner has the power and stamina to match, burning a red candle, especially when you are together, will make certain that both of you are able to attain the same levels of performance.

  1. Attraction


As well as lust and desire, red candles can help light a burning sense of attraction in somebody. So if you have your eye on somebody and are hoping to make them notice you too, burning a red candle will help create the kind of energy that will bring you powerful results.

  1. Fertility

Red candles can also help with fertility, so if you are not only concerned with pleasure but also with procreation, red candles may help create the conditions that will bring you the hoped-for joy.

  1. Physical strength

If you are feeling weak and inadequate physically, red candles can help improve your inner strength. In doing so, you will also increase your outer physical strength by channeling power to your body.

  1. Powerful emotions

Red is the color of uncontrollable emotions, so lighting a red candle will help you focus and direct the emotions you are experiencing.

If your mind is in chaos due to passionate love or lust, a red candle will help you focus these emotions and use them to benefit you. This, in turn, will bring the object of your desire within your reach, allowing you to make the connection.

However, if the emotion you are experiencing is anger, a red candle will allow you to harness it and use it. At the same time, you should be wary of doing this, because unleashing burning anger can be harmful and destructive to everyone involved.

  1. Confidence


For those suffering from a lack of confidence, burning red candles can help since they are connected to confidence and self-belief.

This means, if you have something you have to do that is making you nervous, burning a red candle be part of the solution. For example, burning a red candle before a job interview or an important presentation will ensure you perform confidently and to the best of your abilities.

  1. Determination and will-power

If you are faltering in one of your goals, burning a red candle can help reignite your determination and willpower because they are related to perseverance and the desire to succeed.

For example, if you have started a business but you feel it is failing, red candles can help you regain the belief that you are on the right track and that through hard work and tenacity, you will make your venture a success.

  1. Dynamism

When you feel lethargic or apathetic, red candles can be the perfect antidote since they represent dynamism and action.

Sometimes, we can lose our motivation to strive to be better or pursue our goals with the enthusiasm we once had, and when this happens, red candles can help rekindle the fire within us.

  1. Good fortune

Red is seen by some as representing luck and good fortune, so if you are feeling down on your luck, burning a red candle can help turn things around.

Occasionally, we all experience periods when everything seems to go against us, but if you keep your positivity and optimism, you’ll find that suddenly the opposite seems to be true.

Unfortunately, when nothing seems to be going right, it can be hard to find the positive energy to change things, in which case, lighting a red candle can provide the spark to get things moving in the right direction.

  1. Anger and rage

Anger and rage

If you are experiencing anger or rage, a red candle can help.

If you are hoping to dissipate these strong feelings, lighting a red candle can help allow the feelings to flow from your being, leaving you purged and cleansed of all negativity.

However, if you are determined to hang on to your rage, lighting a red candle can strengthen your emotions, so you should be extremely careful when you do this – or you may find your anger becomes too enflamed to contain.

  1. War

Red candles can represent war, so if you are planning to go to war with someone metaphorically, ritually lighting a red candle would be a good way to symbolize your intention.

However, it’s never advisable to follow such negative or aggressive paths as this, so if this is the route you choose, you should think carefully about what you are about to do and your objectives – and perhaps consider other alternatives instead.

  1. Revenge

Like war, red candles can symbolize revenge. However, what we just said about war also holds true for revenge.

Seeking revenge is unlikely to rectify whatever it was that somebody did to wrong you, and although you think it will make you feel better, the satisfaction gained from revenge will be short-lived and hollow.

So before you light a red candle and set out for revenge, think about more positive ways to rectify the problem and bring about healing and resolution for everyone involved.

Tips for burning red candles

If you plan to light a red candle for any of the reasons above, here are some extra tips to bear in mind.

Red is the day of Mars, the Roman god of war, and since Mars’ day is Tuesday, the power of a red candle is most potent on that day.

Light red candles when you want swift, powerful results. However, be aware that the effects will not be subtle, and red candles are only for use when you aren’t interested in half measures. If you light a red candle, don’t be surprised by the power you unleash.

Finally, don’t overuse red candles since they create spiritual turbulence and turmoil. Instead, use them sparingly, or you will upset your balance, peace and ability to be at rest.

A powerful candle to use when you want powerful results

As we have seen, red candles represent strong emotions, passion and action, and lighting one is a clear indication of your intentions.

When used correctly, they can help summon powerful energy to be harnessed and directed to achieve your goals. However, using red candles carelessly can bring danger – something their very color warns you against.

Tips for burning red candles

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