Purple is a special color that has been held in high regard since antiquity, and it’s a color that has certain unique powers and significations.

To help you learn more about this most interesting and intriguing of colors, in this post, we go into detail on the topic of seeing purple spiritual meaning.

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Seeing Purple Spiritual Meaning

1. Wealth and luxury

Purple is a color that is relatively uncommon in nature. Although it does occur – for example in flowers such as lavender or lilac – it was once notoriously difficult and expensive to prepare purple dyes, which meant it became closely connected to wealth.

From around 1200 BCE, the city of Tyre in ancient Phoenicia became the center of the production of a rare purple dye.

There, it was discovered that purple could be obtained by crushing the shells of a certain type of local sea snail, and this dye was then sold for exorbitant prices.

Indeed, so expensive was this exotic and unusual color that only the extremely rich could afford it, and this association with extravagant wealth has endured ever since.

This means if you see the color purple, either repeatedly during your waking life or in your dreams, it could also be connected to the idea of money and riches – although you will have to interpret the precise meaning for yourself.

For example, it could be an omen telling you that you are about to receive an unexpected windfall of cash, or it could be a premonition telling you that a business venture you are currently entering into is likely to be extremely successful and highly profitable.

On the other hand, it could also be a message telling you that you are too focused on amassing wealth and that you need to reassess your values.

2. Royalty

As a consequence of its connection with wealth, purple eventually became most closely associated with royalty – since kings and queens were often the only ones who could afford the expensive Tyrian purple dye.

Purple was the color of Roman emperors, and even in modern times, royalty often displays its status through the use of purple robes.

This means seeing purple in your life could also be an omen connected to royalty.

Perhaps you are about to meet a member of the royalty – or maybe you even have royal blood yourself, so it could be interesting to do a little genealogical research.

Alternatively, the message could be telling you that you need to carry yourself in a more dignified and regal way and show some leadership in a situation where other people are not displaying admirable behavior.

3. Power


Great wealth and royalty are inextricably linked with power, and this is another meaning of the color purple.

If you start seeing lots of purple, the interpretation could be a reflection of your confidence in your position. Perhaps you are a high-ranking manager or director responsible for lots of people who work for you, and the color represents your feeling of power and status.

Alternatively, it could mean that this is the kind of power and status you aspire to, and that if you keep working hard, this will be the reward for all your efforts.

On the other hand, depending on the context, it could also be a sign that somebody with great power has entered or is about to enter your orbit, and you need to show them the due amount of deference and respect.

4. Creativity

Purple is not only related to wealth and power, and another of its connotations is creativity, so if you start seeing purple, the interpretation could be related to this.

Are you a creative person like a writer or a musician who is currently experiencing a creative block? Then the appearance of purple could tell you that the block is about to be lifted – or that you need to change your routine to help release your creative energies again.

Another possibility is that even if you are not usually such a creative person, you have creative energies building up inside you, so you should try to find an outlet for them.

Perhaps if you have always wanted to try painting, playing an instrument or writing poetry but have never found the time, now is the moment to give it a go because your creativity is now clamoring to be released.

5. Wisdom

Wisdom can sometimes also be represented by the color purple, and the appearance of this color in your life can be an indication that you need to use your wisdom to solve a problem you are facing rather than making rash decisions.

Take the time to think things through carefully and consider all the possibilities in a calm and logical way. This will then enable you to come to the correct decision rather than acting spontaneously and doing things you might later regret.

6. Deep thought

Deep thought

As well as wisdom, purple is connected to deep thought and reflection, so seeing purple in your life could represent a message telling you to take more time just for thinking.

The modern world we inhabit is fast-paced and hectic, and many people barely have time to reflect.

Furthermore, we are now bombarded with a constant stream of information in the form of online content that fills our minds whenever we have a moment to ourselves.

However, it’s important sometimes to seek out moments of downtime when we can simply let our thoughts flow, and if purple starts showing up more frequently in our lives, it could be a spiritual message that this is what we need to do.

Switch off your screens and simply let your mind go idle for a change – because it will benefit you emotionally, mentally and spiritually.

7. Intuition

Purple is a color that’s related to intuition, and learning how to trust and rely on your intuition can be an important step in your spiritual journey.

If you are facing a particular challenge and can’t seem to find the answer, the color purple may tell you that you need to spend time in deep thought and reflection and then listen to what your gut is telling you.

For example, if you have an important decision to make – perhaps about accepting a new job or moving away to somewhere unfamiliar – purple tells you to spend time thinking things through carefully and then listening to what your intuition advises.

8. Rarity

Although purple is now much easier to produce and is seen far more commonly, it still carries the aura of rarity, and seeing purple in your life or your dreams may also be connected to this.

For example, if you have recently been given an opportunity but are not sure whether to accept it, the color purple may appear to you to remind you of how rare this kind of opportunity is and that it might not come around a second time.

Depending on the context of where you see the color purple, the interpretation could be different.

If you see somebody close to you dressed in purple in a dream, this could be a message from your subconscious mind telling you that you have a rare and special relationship with this person, so you should value the relationship and never take it for granted.

9. Mystery


Among many other things, purple is also a mysterious color, and seeing it more often than usual or in striking or unusual contexts may be related to something mysterious or difficult to understand.

This means if you see purple in certain contexts, it could be a message that you should just accept something as it is rather than seeking to understand it because it is not a mystery that you will ultimately be able to solve.

10. Femininity

Sometimes, the color purple may appear to you as a representation of femininity, and the message may be that you should use traditional feminine powers rather than masculine ones to resolve a problem.

This means looking for ways to discuss, to compromise and to seek reconciliation rather than to act assertively or even aggressively.

11. Spirituality and enlightenment

Finally, purple is a color of deep spirituality and has peaceful even hypnotic properties.

If you see purple in your life or your dreams, it can sometimes be a message that you need to devote more of your time to spiritual pursuits since you are neglecting the spiritual side of your life in favor of your existence merely in the physical world.

When you sit down to meditate or simply to be calm and still, you should also consider including purple objects in your surroundings to help you achieve a state of spiritual connectedness more quickly and more deeply.

An powerful and enigmatic color

As we’ve seen, due to its rarity in the ancient world, purple is a color that came to be associated with wealth, royalty and power – but it also has several other deeply spiritual meanings, so seeing purple can have an important spiritual meaning.

To understand what it means if you start seeing more purple in your life or your dreams, spend time thinking about how it might apply to any challenges you are currently facing. Then, by following your intuition, you will be led to the correct interpretation of what this color means.

11 Spiritual Meanings of Seeing Purple pin

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