Everyone seems to know a person who has a natural knack for communing with nature, especially when it comes to getting animals to like them. It’s almost as if they have a secret identity as a Disney princess, isn’t it?

People who have animals naturally flock to them are truly gifted in a spiritual sense. But, what does it actually mean to have this happen? It’s time to take a look at why some people are able to naturally attract wildlife and pets alike.

Spiritual Meanings To Explain Why Animals Are Drawn To You

Spiritual Meanings To Explain Why Animals Are Drawn To You

1. It Could Be Your Scent

Before we get into the spiritual side of things, it’s best to remember the more functional. Animals tend to decide who they want to be around by the scents they smell. If you have a pet that’s a similar breed as the animal in question, they could like you solely for the smell.

Animals usually have a strong sense of smell. That sniffer is there to determine if your hormones show you to be a friend or foe. Obviously, this means that you might have just smelled like a buddy that animal had.

Do you notice rabbits sniffing you around? Maybe puppies or kittens? If you’ve been spending time with lots of pets, then they may be literally sniffing you out as a pet owner. Most animals will assume that pet owners are not going to harm them, so they’ll gravitate to you.

Of course, if you have a snack bar in your pocket, they may be smelling that too. It’s hard to find any animal that doesn’t love the smell of food on a person. If you recently dined on beef jerky, that’s probably why your friend’s dog curled up on your lap.

2.  You’re Sending Out Great Energy

Animals, if nothing else, are amazing at being able to pick up on a person’s energy. If you have lots of animals sniffing around you, chances are that you have a deep spiritual bond with nature that most others don’t.

Every animal, from chickens to housecats, has the ability to feel your energy and observe your behavior. They are repelled by aggression and often may pre-emptively bite if they feel seriously threatened.

Signs of nervousness, such as having sweaty palms or even shaking, can easily put off animals. The same can be said about loud noises, like the squeals kids make when they see puppies or guinea pigs. A soothing voice and happy demeanor can comfort most animals.

Most animals naturally gravitate towards people who have a calm nature. They like to be around people who look like they’ll treat them well. Take it as a compliment. You’re clearly doing well as far as your energy goes.

3. You Have A Special Bond With Nature

You Have A Special Bond With Nature

Animals act as our ambassadors from mother earth. The way humans treat animals often tells us volumes about their reverence for nature as well as their ability to show empathy towards all living beings. That gives you a special relationship with nature.

When animals detect a person who has a high level of appreciation for nature, they will gravitate toward them. They trust them innately because having that capability to love nature in all its form is extremely rare.

4. Animals Notice That You’re A Natural Healer

We all hear about the health benefits that pet owners get from hanging out with their furry friends, but did you know that the benefits are mutual? We often talk about animals’ healing energy, but let’s be honest. People can put out healing energy, too.

People don’t realize this, but lots of members of the animal kingdom tend to need healing, too. Whether it’s hurt from an injured paw or feeling loss of a former owner doesn’t matter. Animals seek out people who they feel healing energy from.

Speaking Tree explains that people who are less egoistic tend to attract more animals. This is simply because they are so adept at healing. If you are a good person who tends to look outside of yourself, it’s quite likely that you will have animal fans.

5. Sometimes, Animals Just See Something In You That You Might Not

Animals Just See Something In You That You Might Not

Animals are not dumb, and they are exceptionally observant. If you had a good interaction with a specific animal in the past, they may not even need to sniff you to decide that they like you. Animals remember positive moments with people and negative ones too.

On a similar note, animals also tend to have instincts related to who they want to be around and who they dislike. Sometimes, they just know they like someone—much like how we tend to gravitate to people who look a certain way or have certain traits.

Believe it or not, animals can be attracted to certain features and behaviors people have. It’s just like how we find certain people magnetic due to a sense of style or voice. It could be that your tone of voice sounds warm and soothing to the animals around you.

If pets like you because of your personality, consider it a major honor. They’re often more perceptive than regular people!

6. You May Be An Empath

Did anyone ever tell you that you have an unusually deep understanding of people and pets? Have people suggested that your ability to empathize or sympathize with others is a bit…uncanny? This might be a clue that you have a spiritual gift others don’t.

Animals have a keen sense for people who are imbued with kindness and empathy. If you possess an unusually high level of empathy, it could be that you’re an empath. This is a great gift that allows you to pick up on other peoples’ (and animals’) emotions in a way others can’t.

Empaths often struggle with anxiety or worry, simply because this gift is such a double-edged sword. Even so, you can use that empathy to help heal others and make the world a better place. The key here is to learn how to handle those emotions you feel.

Animals tend to click with empaths because they’re empaths, too. It’s the whole, “Birds of a feather” aspect of being part of life.

7. It Could Also Be A Special Sign That You Should Take A Deeper Look Into

It Could Also Be A Special Sign That You Should Take A Deeper Look Into

Sometimes, people don’t attract all animals, but rather one specific type of animal. For example, you might notice a strange number of crows cawing outside your home on a regular basis. Or maybe rats just tend to follow you everywhere. Or maybe you see dogs a ton.

When you start to attract a specific type of animal, you may have a special message that pertains to that specific type of animal. In this case, you might not get the answers in an article like this one, since it focuses on being able to attract animals of all kinds.

Take a look at the specific spiritual meanings of the animals that flock to you. It could be that you have an omen of good luck coming your way, or a warning message from the spirit world. It all depends on the animal that picks you.

Anecdotally speaking, this is an incident that often happens when you’re at a crossroads in life, or when you’re going from one phase of life to the next. If you’ve been plagued by moral decisions or worries about the future, it may be time to let nature guide you.

8. Finally, You May Be Sensitive To The Spiritual World

It’s no secret that empaths tend to attract animals quite a bit, but don’t forget that there are other types of sensitivities that can happen, too. One of the other reasons animals may be attracted to you deals with your spiritual strength.

Animals gravitate to people who are deeply spiritual. This also happens to be true when it comes to people who have a very active psychic side to them. Do you have a tendency to see what others can’t? Do you meditate a lot, or practice spiritual routines?

If you have a deep respect for all things spiritual, chances are that animals are picking up on the serenity and sensitivity that comes with a high level of spirituality in your life. Much like with good vibrations, animals love seeing a spiritual, caring human!

No matter who you ask, having the gift of attracting animals is a major blessing and should not be ignored. It’s a fairly rare thing and (to a point) a bit of a spiritual bragging right. Who knows? It could mean you’re psychically gifted.

Final Words

Did you notice an uptick in animals paying attention to you? Tell us what your thoughts are on its spiritual meaning or what happened when you first noticed it in the comments below.

You May Be Sensitive To The Spiritual World

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